About Us

Bali Chalo

Bali Chalo is a part of Lapaas Network. We provide customized travel packages ideal for family & couple vacation to Bali from India.  Our travel packages are completely customizable and reliable. We operate from all major cities in India to Bali. We will be taking care of you throughout your vacation to Bali from India. All are bookings & packages are done directly with the service providers in Bali. So, no extra cost and third party charges are included in our packages which make us a perfect choice for a budget-friendly vacation to Bali. 

Founder Story

Hi, I’m Sahil Khanna founder of Bali Chalo. The main idea to start Bali Chalo is that there are approximately 3 lakhs people who pay thousands of rupees to book a package of Bali but they don’t get the quality and services that they have paid for and it is very difficult to deal with such issues when you are in a foreign country.

In 2019, the same happened to me when I visited Bali for my honeymoon and I booked my trip through a travel company and paid a huge amount to that company because I want quality service and don’t want any difficulties but I faced a lot of difficulties such as huge waiting or room cleaning etc in my trip. As a marketer, I talked with some local operators and shocked that the actual price is very low as compared to what I have paid to my travel company in India.

So to combat this issue I launched this website with my team where we will guide you everything about Bali and you can book your Bali Packages according to the places you want to visit at a very affordable price as compare to industry standard.