People know Indonesia for its tourism, adventure sports and the attractiveness it holds within. Bali is one of the 17508 islands of Indonesia. In fact it is the most famous one and is very rich with culture and diversity.

But the most pleasing and attractive activities here are the adventure sports and mostly water sports. And here comes the best part, it’s cheap. Doesn’t matter whether you are with friends, family or travelling solo, you are going to have the best of your time.


  1. Bali Swing
  2. Fly Boarding
  3. Sea Walk
  4. Snorkeling
  5. Parasailing
  6. Canyon
  7. Rafting
  8. Jet Skiing
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ


These are the list of adventure sports in Bali you can experience. They are not listed rank-wise.

1. Bali Swing

Now we know what you are thinking. How come swinging is counted under adventure sports. But guess what, this is not a normal swing. The person is tied to the swing and given a good push. Half the way covered by swing is on the land. But the next half course is in the sky off the cliff. You hang on the swing with absolutely no land beneath you. You can feel the adrenaline rush.

2. Fly boarding

Remember this ? These types of adventure sports are usually flashed in many Hollywood movies. You are tied to the fly board along with the person who is the driver of the board. The packages start with as low as USD35 for 10 mins and goes up-to USD100 for as long as 30 mins.

3. Sea Walk

No, this is not scuba diving, although it feels the same. There is a special suit to wear. You go on the spot by the boat and you dive into the sea and walk on the bottom bed of the sea. It’s technically swimming obviously but here it’s more like walking. The entire arena is covered with exotic fishes all around you. You can feel and sense every second of your breath with calmness and consume the beauty of this world.

4. Snorkeling

Another water sport where you dive into the sea but instead of swimming deep or walking in the bottom, you swim on the surface with a mask on. Since you are on the surface you don’t get or need the oxygen cylinder. You get a clear top view of the sea world.

5. Parasailing

This is done mostly solo around the world but here you have the option of going in pairs. You tie yourself to a parachute and a motorboat pulls you from the back. As the boat takes speed, you rise high above in the air. This is a high adrenaline rush capsule for all the junkies out there.

6. Canyon

This is strange and new for a lot of people. This is like rock climbing but in reverse. Instead of climbing up the rock, you climb down a canyon. You tie to a harnesses. It also involves some of the free falls and you try to cross the canyon. It may sound easy but it has a lot of adventure spike to it.

7. Rafting

Rafting in the Ayung river is one of the most popular adventure sports in Bali. No wonder people go for the waiting line in the up season. There is an air pumped Raft and 8-9 people sit on it with their paddles. Every single person contributes to the movement of the raft. Excitement occurs when the raft crosses through the rapids of the river jerking raft in up & down motion with the movements of as high as 10 feets.

8. Jet skiing

We kept this last on purpose. This is more of a relaxing sport than all of the adventure sports. After all day of roaming on the road, it’s time to go for jet skiing in the evening. Sunset is the best time for it. Take that jet ski to the shore with all your friends and just have fun. No rules and no hesitation, but always safety first.

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Bali is one of the must visit places for your vacations if you like beaches. Indonesia has over 17500+ islands and Bali is one of them and probably the most beautiful one. But here is that cherry which is bigger than the cake.

Bali offers numerous types of adventure sports and that too at cheap prices. There is hardly any water sport missing from Bali. Many of the aerial sports are available and also that adrenaline junkies love, the climbing sports like canyon, rock climbing, trekking, etc. It is not just a vacation in Bali, it’s an experience.

You can have the cheapest packages to Bali and book for all the adventure sports you want.

10. FAQ

Ques 1. What is the difference between sea walk and scuba diving?

Ans 1. Sea walk is basically you go in the sea with the suit and the cylinder but you are technically walking at the bottom bed of the sea rather than swimming. Whereas in scuba diving you go with all the equipment but you swim in the middle of the sea and experience the world down there.

Ques 2. Is scuba diving similar to snorkeling?

Ans 2. They both are similar and a lot different at the same time. In snorkeling you swim on the surface of water with a mask on and there is no suit. While in scuba diving, you get a suit, oxygen cylinder and all the other equipment.

Ques 3. Is parasailing different from paragliding ?

Ans 3. In both you are tied to a parachute and fly in the sky with the uplift of the chute. But in paragliding, you glide down the hill and land on the plains. While in parasailing, your parachute is attached to a speed running motor boat which sails fast to make you fly high.

Ques 4. Are all adventure sports expensive ?

Ans 4. Not all sports are expensive. It depends on the type of sports and the place where you are doing it. Bali and India offer a variety of adventure sports at very cheap prices.

Ques 5. Are all adventure sports dangerous ?

Ans 5. All adventure sports are risk involved that is why they are called adventure sports. But it is necessary to obey the important rules and keep the safety measures in mind. Every sport and experience comes second, safety first.

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