There are so many things people collect in their bucket lists. Stuff related to professional and personal life. One thing which comes common across the lists globally is travelling. Either with family or friends or solo. But it’s not just the travel part, basically it’s the stuff you do while travelling. And the one thing which has overcome boundaries in a lot of recent days as compared to earlier past is Adventure sports in Bali

Exactly right, adventure sports have come very much upfront in the priority list of public choice in shortlisting the places as their destination for honeymoon or just vacation to exit the metro life. It has also been very much displayed by movies where Tom Cruise comes out of a plane diving with a parachute to solve an impossible mission. All these visuals plant a seed of curiosity in people and they do want to experience the same adventure.



Here lies the problem with travelling for adventure sports or just travelling in general, it’s expensive. At least it is in many first world countries. So where to go if you have the same desires but a small budget ? Here is a list ranking out top 5 countries where you can go for a vacation, with feels of hills and beaches and also adventure sports in a cheapest budget category.

#5 –  Australia

You might have heard about the coral reef in Australia known as The Great Barrier reef. You can have a look at that for adventure sports. Also, the country capital consists of stations having a plethora of activities best recognised for Skydiving. It is the cheapest of the expensive destinations. That’s why it comes on #5 in our list.

#4 – Thailand 

We can accept that people go to bangkok for their pleasure experience. Considering the other factors in line, places like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur are way better than LA and California to get loose with adventure sports. Thailand comes #4 in our list.

#3 –  Sri Lanka 

This is the first III world country in our list. Best thing about these countries is that they present you with the best quality service at very cheap prices. Rather they present you with an even better experience. Being III world becomes a blessing in disguise. It is at #3 in our list.

#2 – India

It’s a dare for you to name a type of adventure sport that does not reside here. And the best bit is everything is extremely cheap. Paragliding here is possible in as low as $50. The Goa beaches, the himalayas, the lakes, the dams, the Andaman & Nicobar islands. It is a gist of the entire world. It’s not just sports. You get the blend of cultural diversity, the flavour bombing food, the heritage, the Taj Mahal. You name it, you’ve got it right here. It’s basically a summary of the world tour. We place it at #2 in our list

#1 – Bali

They say good things come in small packages. Well it’s definitely true for this place. Small budget package can give you a bagful of memories which you would cherish throughout your life. Cheapest place for solo trip. Best place for all kinds of water sports, adventure sports, hikes, etc. You get hills and lakes side by side. National Park, island, beaches, and the waterfalls. Talking of sports, here you get scuba diving, snorkeling, amazing rafting experiences, skydiving, paragliding and countless others. This comes at 1st place in our list.

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We very easily get inspired by the movies and the parties and the luxuries displayed in the movies that we watch, but seldom do we realize that a reality is hidden behind those scenes. Not each and every person has the pocket to allow us for world travel. 

But we don’t see that most of us do have the pocket to at least go to some places where you can have all those fun experiences we’ve dreamed forever but never knew about. BALI is one such place along with India which don’t rip off your pockets to allow you to have fun experiences. As we say, why should the rich have all the fun.

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Ques 1. Which sports are adventure sports ?

Ans 1. The sports which are inherently non conventional and are not experienced with toys and other tools in courses, or pitches, or grounds are called adventure sports. They have an element of risk involved in them. For eg – Skydiving, scuba diving, parasailing, etc.

Ques 2. Are water sports safe ?

Ans 2. Every sport has to be played with safety measures, but adventure sports inherently carry an element of risk involved in them so you have to take an extra step towards safety measures and obeying rules.

Ques 3. How many types of adventure sports are there ?

Ans 3. There are broadly 3 categories of adventure sports. These are water sports like scuba diving, aerial sports like skydiving, and land sports like rock climbing.

Ques 4. Is rafting and kayaking the same ?

Ans 4. Raft is basically made of very strong synthetic fabric which is pumped with air in it and carries 6-9 people. Kayak is made of hard plastic and is not flexible, and it is made for individual people or maximum two people. Both of them have different paddles.

Ques 5. Does Bali have skydiving ?

Ans 5. Bali is very famous for water sports. It has paragliding but skydiving is not what Bali is basically known for. It is not recommended to go skydiving in Bali but there are a whole lot of other aerial sports in Bali.

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