Bali Honeymoon- Things Which Makes your Honeymoon Special

Bali is a paradise on earth. So, the Bali honeymoon is the best option. It is a very beautiful island with forests. So, here, you can enjoy the beach and also in the greenery. 

Bali is famous for its natural treasure, temples, Volcano, Rice fields, and luxurious resorts. You can live here like a King and Queen. These resorts provide all the facilities and privacy.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Catch the Site of Romantic Sunrise and Sunset
  2. Enjoy the Romantic Spa
  3. Explore Underwater World in Submarine
  4. Savor Romantic Dinner at Various beaches and Places
  5. Water Sports
  6. Romantic Helicopter Ride
  7. Wave with Bali Swing
  8. Capture DDLJ moment in Marie Gold Field
  9. Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride
  10. Trekking to See Sunrise or Sunset from Mount Batur
  11. The Nature Trip
  12. Biking
  13. Horse Riding
  14. Waterfalls
  15. Photoshoot
  16. Volcano Trip
  17. Museums
  18. Ancient Temples
  19. Shopping
  20. Luxurious Resorts
  21. Nightlife
  22. Traditional Festivals and Cultures, Dance
  23. Food
  24. Some Unique things about Bali
  25. Conclusion
  26. Frequently Asked Question

When I have done research on this topic then I got a list of interesting things which make your honeymoon special. So, here is a list of things to do in Bali.

Catch the Site of Romantic Sunrise and Sunset


Catch the epic sunset and sunrise on the Seminyak beach which is very beautiful, long. 

So, where can you see the beautiful sunset? 

  • Mount Agung – Warung
  • from pura Lempuyang Luhur
  • On cruise
  • On Munduk Moding Plantation
  • Sunrise at sanur beach

Enjoy the Romantic Spa


You can relax by doing Spa. And enjoy it with your life partner. There are various luxurious spas. There is one special ‘Spa On the river by Sungai Spa’

Explore Underwater World in Submarine



Experience marine life with your better half by surfing through submarines under the sea.

Savour Romantic Dinner at Various beaches and Places



  • Romantic Dinner at Sanur beach
  • Delightful dinner with your other half at the riverside
  • Romantic dinner at the gorgeous view of rice fields and valley
  • Couple dinner with your better half at the private beach
  • Have a delightful dinner at Canggu beach
  • Spend your precious romantic time while dinner in marvelous villas
  • Pretty dinner at Kuta beach
  • Romantic dinner between the greenery
  • Beautiful dinner at the cave
  • Romantic dinner at Ubud
  • Lovely dinner on the cruise
  • Romantic dinner at sea view
  • Delightful dinner at a confidential place
  • Dinner date at Nusa Dua

Water Sports


There are diverse types of water sports in Bali which you will love. There are some water sports that you should try for sure:

  • Scuba diving
  • Kitesurfing
  • Flying fish
  • Parasailing
  • Snorkeling 
  • Surfing
  • Boating
  • Canyon tubing
  • Scuba diving with scooter
  • Sea walking
  • Rafting
  • Water skiing

Romantic Helicopter Ride


Take a romantic helicopter ride with your love half over the island. Experience the top view of the island and sink in love.

Wave with Bali Swing


Get fantastic experience with Bali swing. Spy the stunning forests while swinging by rope. Stow this wonderful feeling in your heart.

Capture DDLJ moment in Marie Gold Field



Most of people have a dream to live the DDLJ moment. So, grab this moment in Marie Gold Field and live your DDLJ moment with your beloved.

Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride


So, this is the most romantic ride. You can arrange any small lovey-dovey surprise for your soulmate like romantic breakfast in sky, very lovely proposal,etc. Enjoy this lovely ride.

Trekking to See Sunrise or Sunset from Mount Batur

Many couples want to do adventures so this is best for them. You can enjoy hiking finally with a dazzling spot. Really Mount Batur is stunning. 

There are many spots, so you can enjoy a lot there. The best experience is viewing sunrise and sunset from Mount Batur and feel the romance at this place.

The Nature Trip


The tour to Bali is a completely natural trip. Feel the romance in nature. Bali has forests, white beaches, waterfalls. So, you will love moments in nature.




For adventurous couples, who want to do something more here is another option: biking with your partner in bali.

There are lots of options where you can do biking. So grab this chance soon and go biking to any place in Bali like Ubud, Mount Batur, Canggu, Sideman village, Putung village and many more…

Horse Riding


Do you want to live in a different moment in the valleys of Bali? Then Horse riding is the best option for you. 

There are trainers who will guide you for horse riding. You can do ravishing horse riding with your better half in rice fields, on beaches, in villages.



There are many astonishing waterfalls in Bali. So, explore these places allying with forests. And sink in love with your partner in this nature.



To make the honeymoon memorable forever there must be a photoshoot. There are lots of places for all the photogenic couples. Cheer this moment and capture as many as romantic pictures that you will love to watch again and again. 

There are many spectacular places like at Ulud, Seminayak beach, Waterfalls, Rice fields, Mangrove forests, Mount Batur, Balangan Beach, etc.

Volcano Trip


Trekking to Mount Batur Volcano is so adventurous. It is a very unique experience. It gives breathtaking experiences. You can also watch sunrise or sunset after climbing Mount Batur.




People who love to explore new things in different areas here are some museums where you can see many traditional arts and cultural things, etc. There are many museums like Bali museum, Agung RaiMuseum of Art, Le Mayeur, Setia Darma, Neka Art Museum, etc.

Ancient Temples


Bali is famous for its ancient temples. There are many Hindu Temples which are very carving designed temples. And there are also many photoshoot points around some temples. Some temples: Uluwatu Temple, Underwater Temple, Tanah Lot Temple.



Wherever we go, we must do shopping to collect some things which will become memories. Kuta is well known for shopping in Bali. Must visit Kuta wherever you go.

Luxurious Resorts



There are various types of luxurious resorts located at various places. You can spend your pretty intimate time with your love half in resort. There are private resorts also where you can enjoy your privacy, romantic dinner. 

These resorts are located at places from where the nate view is amazing. It will feel like you are in the heaven of earth. Spend these romantic moments with your soulmate in very gorgeous villas and enjoy your time.




Night out in Bali is just amazing. Either you can enjoy the nightlife at sea or there are many restaurants, cafes, bars, Cocktail bars to reveal your honeymoon. Experience the night view at the beach with your halfmate. Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner at the beach and sink deep in love.

Traditional Festivals and Cultures, Dance


Explore traditional festivals and culture in Bali. Enjoy their folk dance. You will find this culture very joyful with your soulmate. 



There are various dishes available that we haven’t tasted before. So, enjoy the different cuisines in Bali. You must taste some foods like Nasi Goreng, Pisang Goreng, Mie Goreng, Sate, Nasi Campur.

Some Unique things about Bali



Volcano mountains, Rice fields, Black sand, Kopi Luwak (world’s expensive coffee), Dolphins at sunrise, Bamboo Chocolate Factory, Temples, Balangan beach surfing.

These are things which you see only in Bali.


Bali is a heavenly destination for honeymoon. There are lots of spots to relish with your love life. You can relax and enjoy every moment in this nature with your life partner. You can also do many adventures. So, you can enjoy your honeymoon here in the best way.

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Frequently Asked Question

Que.1)…Which is the best month to visit Bali?

Ans.1)…You can visit Bali in any month between the April to October. As this season is very romantic. The weather is also good. Other months have a rainy season in Bali, so avoid that season.

Que.2)…Are there any adventures in Bali honeymoon?

Ans.2)…Yes, there are many adventures that you can do with your better half in Bali. For example trekking to Mount Batur, various types of water sports.

Que.3)…What are the activities for a couple of honeymoon in Bali?

Ans.3)…There are many activities you can enjoy in Bali with your soulmate. You can have a romantic helicopter ride, Bali swing, romantic dinner at the beach, an epic sunrise and sunset view at various places, water sports,etc.

Que.4)…Which is the best honeymoon among Bali and Maldives?

Ans.4)…According to me, Bali is better than Maldives. Because, Bali has many new things to do and enjoy them with your partner. Bali has a beach and also amazing forests, so you can relax as well and can do various adventures also.

Que.5)…Can we have various options for romantic dinner in Bali?

Ans.5)…If you want a romantic dinner then you have many options here. You can have a delightful dinner at the beach or riverside. You can also go for a private romantic dinner. There are many luxurious resorts, where you can arrange your romantic dinner date with your better half.

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