9 Reasons why you should visit Bali Safari and marine park in 2021

Bali Safari and Marine Park is wildlife conservation in Indonesia. This place makes you feel the true essence of wildlife.

This safari and marine park give you nightmares when you watch king of the jungle and other predators wandering around you in the night safari. 

This place does not stop with just animals but also serves you with the taste of cultural heritage through its cuisines, seafood, and stage performances.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Tsavo Lion Restaurant 
  2. Safari bus 
  3. Night Safari
  4. Agung Show 
  5. Animal shows
  6. Funzone water park 
  7. wildlife park
  8. Mara River Safari Lodge
  9. Petting zoo 
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQ

1. Dine with lions in Tsavo Lion Restaurant main residents

Tsavo Lion Restaurant main residents in bali safari and marine park
Image credit balisafarimarinepark

Ever you wonder you can eat food just near to the king of the jungle. Tsavo Lion Restaurant provides such an opportunity in which visitors can take lunch or dinner to watch lions. 

So There is a secure glass partition between you and beasts. Tsavo Lion Restaurant gives variety in food options where you can taste very delicious food if you want a vegetarian menu then you should not have to worry Tsavo Lion Restaurant also provides pure vegetarian food

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2. Gives a chance to connect to nature with Safari bus 

Safari bus on bali safari

Safari bus gives you the opportunity to get closer to wild animals. In Safari bus visitors can watch animals walking, running, eating in their natural habitats. 

Animals like mule deer, blue wild beasts, African hippo, zebras and many more are waiting for you. So You do not have to get worried about your safety these safari buses are very safe and equipped with all necessary protective gear. 

3. A heartstopping experience with a Night Safari

Night Safari in bus
Image credit packist

The night safari is one of the most popular tourists attraction in Bali safari and marine park. It is an open-air zoo where you are in a tram providing you a breathe taking experience. 

In night safari you can also see nocturnal animals and some most fearsome animals like the king of the jungle, tigers, and many more.

Night safari shows you the natural behavior of nocturnal animals which you only watched in animal tv shows and documentaries. So This is a never forgetting experience.

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4. To watch Bali Agung Show

Image credit balisafarimarinepark

Bali Agung Show is an immense stage performance that includes traditional dance, puppetry, and animal parades. This show is teamwork of more than 150 great dancers, musicians, actors, costume makers, stage directors, and animals with their trainer. 

These shows give you a glimpse of what hard work and teamwork truly are. These shows are performed in a mega theatre which is having a huge capacity of the audience, approximately 1200 persons accommodate within this theatre. This is a must visiting place to experience cultural heritage, human art.

5. Get a chance to make animal friends at animal shows

Image credit scmp

Bali has plenty of animals. So Bali safari has various heart-melting animal shows which strengthen the relationships between humans and animals. These are educating shows which teach many interesting facts about animals to visitors. 

So You can get closer to the animals, you can touch them, hold them, and feed them. You can make memories by taking pictures with them. At weekends you can get a chance to watch the elephant parade. 

6. Bali Safari Funzone water park gives you long-lasting memories

Bali Safari Funzone water park
Image credit baliritualtours

There are not just animals and forests but there is also fun experience with water. Visitors can enjoy a non-stop streaming water pool and you can take exiting water slides that splash you into the water, and there are boat ride and spinning roller coaster ride which is so exciting that it gives you never forgetting memory there is no doubt in that.

7. Learn about Nature in the wildlife parks 

elephant in lake wildlife parks
Image credit whatsnewindonesia

Wildlife parks have more than 100 species including rare species as well as endangered species like the Komodo Dragon, Orangutan, and the Bali Starling bird. So These are the places where animals are living peacefully in there natural habitats.

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8. To Stay at Bali Safari Park at (Mara River Safari Lodge)

Mara River Safari Lodge
Image credit booking

Safari lodge is a wildlife-themed resort that gives you the immense experience of living around animals and greenery. The rooms here are very exotic rooms with excellent facilities and an exceptional reputation with very caring staff. Mara River Safari Lodge also provides a variety of food options, these food varieties are for everyone from children to adults. 

9. A place for your kids to make friends at a petting zoo 

girl playing with rabit in petting zoo
Image credit balisafarimarinepark

Petting zoo gives your kids to experience of petting an animal and to learn their behavior and makes your kids an animal lover. Your kids can grab these gentle baby animals and feed them. The baby animal here includes rabbits, Muntjac Muntiacus, Sitatunga, and Timor Deer.

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10. Conclusion

Bali safari and marine park give your family an unforgettable experience. This safari and marine give joy to the whole family from adults to kids.

It also gives to chance to get closer to wild carnivores and to feel the nature With nature experience, you can also enjoy exciting water rides.

Bali Aung show gives you experience about the cultural heritage with stage drama performed in a mega theatre of capacity more than 1200 audience.

11. FAQ

Que. 1) Is staying in Bali safari and a marine park hotel a good option?

Ans. 1) it’s a very good option to stay in Bali safari and a marine park hotel where you get a unique holiday experience.

Ques. 2) How far is Bali safari and marine park from Kuta?

Ans. 2) It takes 45 minutes to reach Safari Park from Kuta. The road distance between Kuta and Bali Safari and Marine Park is 30.9 km.

Ques. 3) At what time does Bali safari and marine park open?

Ans. 3) Day Safari timing is  9.00 am – 5.30 pm and the Night Safari timing is  6.00 pm – 9.00 pm.

Ques. 4) How far are Bali safari and marine park from Seminyak?

Ans. 4) It takes 52 minutes to reach Safari Park from Seminyak. The road distance between Kuta and Bali Safari and Marine Park is 28.4 km.

Ques. 5) Is Bali safari and marine park ethical?

Ans. 5) Yes, it is ethical. There is staff assigned to take care of all the animals.

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