Exploring North Bali – One of the best Bali tourism places

The good thing about North Bali is that it is the most unexplored area than East Bali. If you wish to travel along in Bali with fewer tourists & crowds, then North Bali is one of the perfect tourism places for you. It is an ideal place that is more cultural, quieter, and cheaper, too.

You must have heard about the traditional places like Ubud, Uluwatu, Kuta, etc. All these places reside in East Bali. However, you should also plan your journey to stroll through the Northside. Most spots in this area are still undiscovered but splendid at the same time. 

In this guide, you will get to know about the charming beauty of North Bali. As well as, you will learn every detail if you wish to plan a trip in here.

So, let’s dive into the guide:

  1. Places to visit
  2. Sports & fun activities to do in North Bali
  3. How to get to North Bali tourism places
  4. How long to stay
  5. Best time to visit
  6. Vehicle to be used to roam around
  7. Shopping stops at Bali tourism places
  8. About Precautions & Travel Insurance
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs

  So, let’s uncover the hidden secrets of North Bali tourism places.

1. Places to visit

Waterfalls in North Bali

Gitgit waterfall

Image of gitgit waterfall

Situated at a 15-min walk distance from the main road, Gitgit waterfall is known as the highlight of trekking adventures. It’s a relatively easy trek that one can quickly go through.

Furthermore, the fall is often referred by locals as ‘twin falls’ because it often gets split into two parallel streams. The waterfall flows all year round so you can enjoy its beauty at any time. Lastly, the entrance fees for the fall is 20000 IDR.

Sekumpul waterfall

Image of Sekumpul fall in North Bali

It is the tallest fall in the Northern side of Bali. After stepping down a thousand steps, you will get to enjoy the pleasing charm of these hidden falls. The road to get to the location is quite slow, steady, and slippery. But the view you see here is just marvellous.

To be precise, water falls from 80m above at a rapid rate which covers up the entire area with a thick and rain-like mist. You must not miss visiting this place if you choose Bali tourism places on your travel bucket list.

Fiji falls

The top 9 waterfalls that you can visit in Fiji are Tavoro, Savusavu, Biausevu, Waitavala, Nakawaga, Wainibau, Savu-i-one, Vereni, & Uru’s waterfalls.

Every waterfall here is situated in the dense jungle environment. Each one has unique characteristics and is just minutes away from Sekumpul falls

Aling Aling fall

Image of Aling Aling waterfall - one of the best Bali tourism places

It’s a massive fall falling from a height of approximately 90 feet. To get there, you need to walk through vines & walls. You will get the feel of real jungle adventure while heading towards it.

If you wish to swim or jump, then you must hire a guide with you. Lastly, the entrance fees to see the fantastic view of falls is just 10000 rupiah. However, the fees for jumping or swimming are charged differently from you.

Munduk waterfall

Image of Munduk waterfall

Located in the range of Munduk mountains, you will enjoy the short trip to get there. Amidst the mighty mountains & fall, you can have a good time with your loved ones as this place is not so crowded by tourists.

Although it is not good for swimming, it is still worthy to stop here for a few hours & enjoy the peaceful falls.

Banyumala waterfall

Image of Banyumala waterfall

The next northern Bali tourism places you can head out for is Banyumala waterfalls. After spending a good time at Munduk falls, you can go ahead to visit these waterfalls. It’s a hidden gem located in the dense mountaineer ranges of Munduk.

The trek to reach the location is a little difficult one. However, all your stress will soothe away once you will reach in the mesmerising beauty of falls.

Volcanic Mountains

Mount Batur

 Image of Mount Batur - one of the best Bali tourism places

It’s a 1717 m high volcanic mountain situated in the northern areas of Bali. If you like hiking, then you must enjoy the pleasing sunrise at Mount Batur. It’s 2-hour hiking and if you are quite active then you will not find the trek much difficult.

To experience the mesmeric sunrise, you should begin climbing the mountains at around 2 am in the night. Once you reach the top, you will be amazed seeing the stunning beauty of the rising sun. 

Mount Agung

 Image of Mount Agung

This mountain is approximately 3031 m high and has an active volcano. Consequently, the trek here is really difficult. And only if you are an experienced hiker & have a good level of fitness, then you can plan climbing these hills.

Before you start with the hiking, make sure that you carry water bottles with you as the physical efforts required to climb the hills can be dreadful.

Dolphin spotting

Image of dolphin spotting at Lovina beach - One of the best Bali tourism places

Another attraction in North Bali is watching the dolphins at Lovina beach. So, to reach the spot, you can hire a private or guest boat whichever seems best to you. You must depart at 6-6.30 am to enjoy watching the sunrise and dolphins at ease.

However, if you depart at 7 am, you will be able to see the dolphins with less tourists. The advantage is there will be fewer tourist boats at 7 am. Although you will miss the sunrise if you head out at 7 am. 

Black sand beaches

Image of Lovina beach - one of the best Bali tourism places

The black sand you will see at beaches is said to have originated from Mount Agung. Lovina is the most popular beach that must be on your list of Bali tourism places.

So, once you arrive at the beach, you can enjoy boat rides, scuba diving, snorkelling and other watersports. Besides this, you can also visit Tulamben, Amed, and Keramas beaches.

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Hot Springs

Image of Banjar hot springs - one of the best bali tourism places

Banjar hot spring is a natural hot spring in Northern side of Bali that one must not miss upon. You will get to enjoy a spa-like environment in the hot waters of springs.

Moreover, water temperatures with sulphuric properties are said to be good for skin & health. So, whenever you visit northern bali tourism places, you must take a moment to enjoy Banjar hot springs surrounded by enriched Balinese nature. 

Brahma Vihara Arama Monastery

Image of Brahma Vihara Arama Monastery

It’s the biggest Buddhist monastery on the island. As it is located on the hillside of Banjar, you can plan your hot springs visit & monastery visit accordingly.

Furthermore, you can visit this place on the way to Ubud as well. On visiting this tourist destination, you will get to see an amazing view of entire northern Bali.

Ulun Danu water temple

Image of Ulun Danu water temple

If you are planning to visit the temple, make sure you head out in the early morning. Doing so, you will be able to feel the peaceful & positive vibes of the temple. It’s a temple situated in the waters. It was constructed in the honour of Dewi Danu around 30000 years ago.

Wanagiri hidden hills

This location will provide you with a lot of selfie spots to click. It has different tourist attractions that will blow your mind. You will see a human-sized bird nest, wooden teacups, wooden stars, tree houses, and many things over here.

Also, the entire place is covered by lakes & shady forests. So, it is worth to spend a few hours here in the scenic beauty of nature.

2. Sports & fun activities to do in North Bali

What thrilling adventures you can do in Bali are mainly Scuba diving and snorkelling. The best spots for sports & fun activities are Menjangan island & Tulamben beach.

3. How to get to North Bali tourism places

So, to get to North Bali, you will need to rent a scooter, car or taxi as there is no public transport to travel along. Also, while hiring a vehicle, be cautious about how much you pay for transport.

Because many local transport companies tend to charge higher rates knowingly. So, it is better to travel with a group than alone.

4. How long to stay

If you want to explore the entire North Bali, then you can stay here for a week. Go through our Blog on Stays at North Bali to select the best stay. However, you will be able to cover the main destinations within 2-3 days. So, on an approximate basis, you can stay here for a period of 4-5 days as it will be sufficient to cover all northern Bali tourism places. 

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5. Best Time to Visit

Generally, time from April to October is best to visit Bali tourism places.

6. Vehicle to be used to roam around

There are various ways you can choose to travel in Bali. However, you can hire a car, minibus or scooter to roam around the places as it is the most convenient option for many people.

7. Shopping stops at Bali tourism places

 Shopping spot at North Bali

You can buy everything from jewellery, chocolates, coffee, handicrafts, and clothing in Bali. However, Silverware jewellery is one of the best things to buy in Bali. After shopping, you must not forget to taste the mouthwatering Balinese dishes in Bali.

8. About Precautions & Travel Insurance

Last but not the least, It is always good to have your travel insurance while you are travelling. It can prove to be a really good way to save your money in unknown situations. 

9. Conclusion

So, if you visit Bali, then Bali’s northern side is such a tourist place that you must not ignore. Otherwise, you will be losing to experience the wonderful side of Bali tourism places.

Nevertheless, if you are looking forward to getting the best deals, then you can always contact Balichalo.com. This site will help you to plan a fascinating tour.

10. FAQs  

1) Is it safe to hike Mount Batur?

Answer: Yes, it is safe to hike Mount Batur. One can easily climb to the top of a mountain within 2 hours. However, you must carry first aid, enough water bottles, and other trekking essentials with you.

2) Is it worth visiting North Bali?

Answer: Surely Yes. If you want to avoid crowded tourist places, then there is no place better than North Bali. Also, it is the most undiscovered part of Bali, and so, you will be able to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.

3) What is the best time to visit North Bali?

Answer: April to October is the best period to explore the Northern side of Bali. At this period, there is little rain, low humidity, and lots of sun which lets you enjoy Bali’s itineraries. 

4) What can I shop in Bali?

Answer: You can buy Bali ceramics, Balinese silver jewelry, and organic beauty products from Bali.

5) Is Bali cheap for an Indian?

Answer: Yes, visiting Bali is cheaper for an Indian. One can enjoy at fullest with affordable rates. Also, Bali is a visa-free country for Indians.

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