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Bali tourism can be either super budget-friendly or highly expensive depending on your expenditure of money on your expenses. If you love spending your money freely, this Bali tourism can cost you around 1-2 lakhs(INR) for one week.

Now planning a trip to Bali must budget-friendly and let’s dig deep into this question “Bali tourism on a low budget?” and look for some hacks to save your money. We are assuming that you reside in India and planning to travel Bali from India.

A quick recap of the hacks:

  1. Indonesia Bali flights
  2. Best Bali hotels
  3. Balinese food
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

Indonesia Bali flights


According to stats and data, one should fly to Bali in April as it is the cheapest month and the most expensive is December. From April to October, the island experiences dry season, and flying in between these months will also enhance your vacation.

From India, there are many flights available which offer flying to Bali(Denpasar). Few of them are :

  • AirAsia
  • Emirate
  • Spicejet
  • Vistara

The average time is 24 hours almost and 16hrs at least with 1+ stops. A flight from IG Airport to DPS will take around 9 hours. The 2+ stops airlines are the cheapest airways to travel, which costs nearly $600(₹45,000/-), and the most expensive premium first-class flight costs $8000 (₹6,00,00/-). There are many more cheap flights to board on, but the experience will always be a little less exuberance.

Best Bali hotels

To make Bali vacation super-memorable, you should also try on budget best Bali hotels. Here’s the list goes on:

In Ubud:

Suly Vegetarian Resort & Spa: 

Suly Vegetarian Resort & Spa

This relaxing resort is 3.4km away from the centre of Ubud. It serves complimentary breakfast with free and secure parking. 

The cost of each room starts from 320 IDR(₹1.64) up to 720 IDR(₹ 3.24)  

 Pondok Massa Ubud:

Pondok Massa Ubud

Pondok Massa Ubud is 1.4 km away from Ubud monkey forest. It has the facilities of a rental bicycle, offside water park, a minibar and a pool for the guests. All these only in ₹1000.

In Nusa Dua:

Amnaya resort Benoa:

Amnaya resort benoa

Amnaya resort benoa compliments free bikes, free high-speed internet service, an outdoor swimming pool, also a fitness centre and all these facilities just for ₹ 11,500. Amnaya resort benoa is an A-grade resort with a fair convenient price.


600Pic: IG@ellieshotel

Ellie’s is a good price hotel offering free parking, free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Pool, Free breakfast, Airport transportation, Rooftop terrace on the price of ₹1000.

In Seminyak:

Seminyak Garden:

Photo: IG @seminyakgarden

The Seminyak Garden is the cheapest and most electrifying resort in the area of Umalas surrounded by a lot of posh restaurants and souvenir shops. 

Facilities such as secure parking, Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Outdoor pool, Coffee shop. Bicycle rental, Billiards, Car hire, Baggage storage are also allowed. The overall price is ₹1700.

Hotel Vila Lumbung:

Hotel Vila Lumbung
Photo IG@hotelvilalumbung

Hotel Vila Lumbung is a 4 star rated hotel with all luxuries one desires.

Just 10-15 mins drive or walk is required to reach the shopping square near the hotel.

 The hotel has 36 superior rooms and 34 deluxe bungalow, with a pool, Fitness Centre with Gym / Workout Room, Bar/lounge, Airport transportation, Business Centre with Internet Access and a banquet room.

Balinese food

Bali tourism without Balinese food is incomplete. After residing in a hotel, then the next thing is to decide where to have an excellent meal. There are 100+ local restaurants in Bali, and street food is also a good option. 

The cost of a meal in Bali can take up to ₹100-300. Warungs are the local family-owned restaurants in Bali which serves cheap and yummy snacks.

street food

Here’s a list of Bali street food you should try:

  • Satay
  • Lawar
  • Nasi Campur
  • JaJa Bali
  • Tahu and tempeh
  • Jimbaran Seafood

Check out our blog on Balinese food to get some more insights.


Now after getting acknowledged with all these pieces of information about Bali it is sure that you will definitely have a super-budget friendly Bali vacation with your dear ones. 

Among all these places mentioned above Denpasar is the cheapest and the most exuberant place for the tourists as well as it is the capital of the country. We would recommend you to visit it once.

It will surely make you beg to visit Bali once again and now as it is also clear that it is possible to have a Bali tourism on a low budget. Hope you’ll enjoy your Bali tour. Book now

Planning for Bali tour for honeymoon? Don’t forget to check our blog on scams which you should be aware of.


Q1.Where to exchange money in Bali?

Ans: Bali is a safe place still one should always exchange their money from authentic central money exchange centre as many shops offers smart fraud exchanges.

Q2. What are things needed to keep in mind before exchanging currencies?

Ans: Exchanging money in USD is mostly preferred as it is much easier to exchange and clean, brand new, unscrambled notes should be used as an exchange to get a favourable rate.

Q3.How safe is the street food in Bali?

Ans: The street food is very safe to eat, but the problem starts with the mobile vendors, the food is at the defined temperature and not well preserved.

Q4. How safe is Bali?

Ans: Bali is very safe as the rate of lethal crime is extremely low since guns are banned

Q5. What activities can one enjoy in a low budget?

Ans: With a low budget, you can hire a local driver and visit places like Mt. Batur, You can learn surfing, cooking and don’t forget to do some souvenir shopping from Ubud market.

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