Blangsinga waterfall – Overview of Bali Travel. How much does it cost you?

Blangsinga waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world. It is located in Bali, Indonesia. You can feel your inner self in Bali travel. The impressive falls cascade about 25 meters into the Petanu River. 

You will fall in love with Bali and its natural heritage on your Bali travel. Let us see what we have in this Blangsinga, Bali travel guide.

What’s in it for me?

  1. The expectation at Blangsinga waterfall
  2. Things To at Blansinga waterfall, Bali
  3. Travelling to the Blangsinga waterfall
  4. Cost of Blangsinga, Bali travel
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

The expectation at Blangsinga waterfall

I know you must have a question. Why visit Bali? 

Blangsinga waterfall, Bali travel is perfect for people who are exhausted from urban life. People who don’t want to see the Bali city rush. If you want a treat of paradise, it is a perfect place for you. It is calm and entirely natural.

Both your mind and soul will feel the relaxation deep inside.

The water tumbles over black stone cliffs into a quiet pool, that is perfect for swimming, soaking and relaxing.

Travelers can also lounge on the rocks, and they can get an epic view from the top of Blingsinga.

Travelers lounging on the rocks, Bali Travel


Blangsianga Waterfall is the best place to escape. This tourist place does not have so many tourists so you can also get an escape from the city as well as the hecticness of the tourist rush in every tourist attraction.

When you visit here, you will get to know what it is like living without any pollution. You get fresh air as well as there is no such thing called sound pollution.

Compared to other waterfalls, Blangsinga Waterfall is categorized as a small-sized waterfall. The water fell from around 25 meters high.

Things To at Blansinga waterfall, Bali

There a some of the things you can do here :

Bathing: The beauty of the waterfall could be viewed after stepping down over 150 broad stairs. Since the people come in, there’ll be some bathing areas in the waterfall’s environment. 

The bathing areas are split in an open space with the new water directed from the waterfall. Not just the visitors, the natives around the waterfall also use the bathing area most often.

Blangsinga waterfall, Bali Travel

Swimming: Even though the water release runs quite quickly, many people still come to swim in the pond. The depth of the pond is not deep, thus swimming in the region has to be fun and secure at the same time.

The people even can go to the edge of the cliff, getting wet close to the falling water. Not into another increase, the people are also able to float on the side of the pond.

Couples enjoying Blangsinga waterfall, Bali Travel


Photography: As the place provides a panoramic view of nature, a lot of men and women come to the location to shoot pictures. 

There are a few favourite spots to take pictures, such as the piling stones. Aim the camera in the piling stone provides a broad background of Tegenungan waterfall behind. Go early shortly after sunrise and score the best picture before any crowd.

Travelling to the Blangsinga waterfall

Blangsinga waterfall is very accessible. You can reach here from any part of Bali very easily. You have to reach  Bali international airport

There you can book a taxi, and you can easily reach the Blangsinga waterfall. 

It is preferred to stay in Ubud. Ubud is a great place to visit itself, and it is straightforward to get to the Blangsinga waterfall from Ubud. It’s just a 15-25 minutes ride from central Ubud. 

It takes 60 to 120 minutes from Kuta/Legian or Seminyak depending upon the traffic condition.

The conditions of the roads are right and if you visit early in the morning traffic won’t be a problem for you.

couple photoshoot, Bali Travel


Cost of Blangsinga, Bali travel

You have to pay money for the ticket from your destination to Bali. The ticket price can differ from area to area. Then the charges for the hotel will be there. You can get a variety of offers from us (

Entrance fees at Blangsinga waterfall: 

There is an entrance fee of 1000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) and a parking fee for your vehicles is 5000 IDR.



I recommend you to visit this beautiful place in Bali. Your Bali travel will not be complete without this famous destination. And if you are a couple and you are on your honeymoon, I will say that this is the perfect place for the photo-shoot.

Bali has also many waterfalls. Gitgit waterfall is also very famous.

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Que.1) How to travel bali?

Ans.1)Tourist shuttle bus services make it possible for visitors to travel from point to point with the least amount of hassle and expense. 
Perama Shuttle is among the most recognized on the island, with bus and ferry services that reach across Bali from Kuta to Ubud to the North and East and beyond. 

Que.2) How to travel to Bali from india?

Ans.2) The distance between India and Bali is 5829 km, and it takes around 9 hours to reach Bali from India. 
There are no direct flights to Bali from India. All of the flights usually stop at Kualalumpur from where one gets a connecting flight to Bali.

Que.3) Can you travel to Bali alone?

Ans.3) Yes, you can travel to Bali alone. If you are exploring the world and you have no one. You can visit and make new friends.

Que.4) How to take a trip to bali?

Ans.4) Pack your backpack. Have your passport buy a ticket from your location to Bali and get yourself some enthusiasm and here you go. Your trip to Bali will be wonderful.

Que.5) What are some tips for the first timers in Bali?

Ans.5) Some of the tips are :
– Drink loads of water since it gets scalding in Bali and takes insect repellent for the evenings and jungle adventures.
Hand sanitizer: It’s good as an additional precaution before eating.
– Please do not say you have not been here before. It leaves you open to being ripped off.
– Always use your right hand for gesturing rather than your left hand or feet because it’s considered very rude.

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