Money that you need for one week in Bali ( Bali Trip Cost )
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Whenever we publish a blog on Bali, in the comment section we have found some comments like How much money do you need for one week in Bali? How much is the average cash to travel to Bali? How much is dinner in Bali? What does Bali trip cost? How much is a vacation in Bali? How much does a trip to Bali cost? And lots more about the cost of Bali. 

With the purpose of answering the questions, we are creating a blog that I will answer all of your questions related to Bali trip cost. 

In this blog, you will find all charges you may have to pay in Bali to stay. You will get costing of different areas like, what are the dinner charges, food charges, local transportation, entertainment, tips and Hangouts, alcohol, lunch, coffee, and more.

Please note, We will consider US Dollar currency as a base for getting understand and find all the area of charges.

Check out this index for in-depth detail. 


  1. Average cost
  2. Dinner charge
  3. Food charges
  4. Local transportations
  5. Entertainment
  6. Tips and hangouts
  7. Lunch Charge
  8. Coffee Charge

Average cost

average cost of Bali

To stay in Bali for a week, you have to pay around for $440 to $450. You can calculate it around you have to pay $60 to 65$ a day as Bali trip cost. This calculation is the cost estimation of a person. You can calculate as per your visit of a person. 

Dinner charge

Dinner charge of Bali

Dinner cost of Bali is not so high compared to other countries. Hotels will be charged around $5 to $6 per person. If you are in the couple, then you may have to pay $10 to $12 for a single dinner.

Food charge

Food Charge of Bali

Visitors usually get confused about the food where they can fulfil their requirement. In this case, food charges in Bali are maybe high in compared to others. Visitors spending money $16 to $20 for the meal for one day. This charge is for a single person.

Local Transport

Local Transportation charge of Bali

Sometimes visitors do not plan their trip or some visitors are not good at the plan of a trip and can not plan their Bali trip cost. In this case, they may have to use local transport to go to one place to other. They have to use taxes, local buses, and subways for local transportation. In this scenario, they may have to pay $7 to $9 for a person.


entertainment charge of bali

If you ever plan to visit in Bali then you can see that there are lots of shows, where you can visit. But to attend a show, you may have to pay for some ticket charge.

It may be an entrance ticket for a show ticket. Usually, this trip cost around $9 to $11 per head. But in it and you will get a fantastic experience of entertainment.

Tips and hangouts

tips and hangout charge of bali

If you ever go to an unknown place, then you must have to ask someone who can guide you. Same as in Bali, you may need to have a guide who can guide you for your journey and a trip.

Guest can pay the amount to the service provider for tips and Hangouts. They may have charged up to $5 to $6.

Lunch Charge

lunch charge of bali

According to our experience, you may have to charge around $15 a time for two-person. Usually, it includes your hotel charges. But if it is not included in your hotel or restaurant charges, then you must have to pay for this. There are lots of good dishes available that you can test in Bali.

You may have two charged around $7 to $8 for a person for medium to low rated food. Please note all these letters are calculated in Ubud and Canggu of Bali.

Coffee Charge

coffee charge of bali

Usually, people asking to the hotel or restaurant for a coffee on Bali trip. And believe me, you will never forget this fantastic experience to have a coffee in Bali. And they will not overcharge you. You can get an amazing experience of having a coffee by just paying $1 to $1.5 for a person.

There are Lots more areas where you may have to charges for various activities like spices alcohol charges, adventure charges, water bottle charges, phone call charges, motorbike rental fees, and more.

We do not specify them all because they are various depends on area, season, availability and many more reasons. you can get in-depth detail of the pricing and quotation from bali holiday packages. and you can find more activities that you can do in Bali from here.


Usually, our readers ask questions about Bali pricing. So we have decided to give answers to the questions in a single blog so that you also can decide the best choice to trip to Bali. Here are the question and answers from our side. 


How much is the average money to travel in Bali?

You should have to plan a spend around $60 to $65 per day to stay in Bali that is an average cost.

How much is dinner in Bali?

You may have to pay $5 to $6 to have good dinner in Bali.

How much a vacation in Bali? 

Guest should have to plan to spend around $440 to $450  per person for a week. Trip for two-person costs around $880 to $900 for a week in Bali. 

How much money do I need per day in Bali?

Vacation in Bali for a day usually cost around $60 to $65 per head. So if you have a plan for two people, then you may have to pay about $120 to $130 per day. 

How expensive is Bali?

Bali is an affordable option you can choose to plan a trip. You may have to pay around $60 to $65 a day for a person.

Is Bali expensive?

No, Bali is not an expansive place where you can visit.

1 week in bali cost?

To stay in Bali for a week, you have to pay around for $440 to $450. You can calculate it around you have to pay $60 to 65$ a day as Bali trip cost

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