Bali is well known for its intertwining of mass tourism with traditional customs and cultures. More than 6 million travelers go for Bali trips every year for vacations and adventure sports. If you are going for the first time, we have some points you need to cram through in your heart to make a hassle free successful trip.

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  1. Technological Ideas
  2. Local Communication and Culture of Bali
  3. International Affairs of Bali
  4. The weather of Bali
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ


These points are categorized on the basis of their area of implementation. Do remember them accordingly which you need to calibrate your trip according to them.


Electricity in Bali runs at 220V. Outlets there accommodate plug type C and G. You must carry an adaptor for any other kind of plugs.

The Internet in Bali is very strong. WiFi is present in every bar, hotels, and even shops. If you want 24/7 network data connection, you can get local sim at very cheap rates.

You need to have a few apps pre downloaded in your phone for the Bali trip. GRAB & GO JEK work in place of uber and lyft. GOOGLE TRANSLATE & GOOGLE MAPS for local communication and navigation support. AirBnB & AGODA for hotel and stay services.

If you otherwise want a hassle free roaming inside Bali and book a cab for comfort, you can easily ask for it on Balichalo trustworthy guides to avoid all these apps hassle altogether.


Pick up some local language words for your Bali trips like “Halo” for hello, “Terima Kasih” for thank you, “lezat” for delicious. Local common greeting is to join your hands and enunciate “Selamat”. They appreciate that you make an effort to learn their language.

Bali has an interesting mix of strong traditional culture and clash of tourism. Offerings lie anywhere near the roads called “CANANA SARI” which you are supposed to respect and not touch. They symbolize appreciation for the peace given to the world.

Another thing you might see is the statues are covered in checkered sarongs which symbolize the balance between the good and evil. Don’t touch them either.

Here is a travel guide to Bali


There are 170 countries which are visa exempt for 30 days. Do not get trapped by agents or trouts trying to lure you in the deals.

Be careful with the cash exchangers. Banks are the most reliable sources but they are having huge lines. If you go to any private exchanger, observe through its authenticity.


Best time to visit is June to August but simultaneously you will experience high crowds and price surges on everything. April/May and Sept/Oct is a good bargain for Bali trips.

Do proper research about the weather at your time and area of visit and pack accordingly. You might need a t-shirt & shorts and a jacket & jeans on the same day. Don’t forget bug repellent and suns cream.

Be patient during transportation. There is a lot of traffic. Motorbike is the most popular way of transport. Grab and GoJek comes in handy here.

Drink only bottled water and drink as much as you can due to the humidity.


To say that you will have a great time in Bali is an understatement. With such a rich culture and so much to experience, you might have a trip of your lifetime that is never forgettable. It is always hard to immediately adjust in a new environment. Having such tips in memory ease through a lot of problems and makes sure you enjoy every moment of your vacation hassle free.

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6. FAQ

Ques 1. Do Uber and Lyft work in Bali ?

Ans 1. NO, but there are two other local apps that work just as fine. Make sure you download Grab and Go Jek apps beforehand. If you want a taxi service, balichalo.com helps book them with ease.

Ques 2. Is there any tradition to follow in Bali ?

Ans 2. People in Bali are very much inclined towards their spiritual roots. It’s recommended you take sarongs with you before entering any temple if you don’t want to rent one.

Ques 3. Do girls need to follow any specific rule in Bali Temples ?

Ans 3. Girls are advised to make tie bands handy. Girls need to mandatorily tie their hair back. It is specified outside many temples through notices.

Ques 4. Is the internet good in Bali ?

Ans 4. Yes. The Internet is very strong in bali. Every hotels, restaurant, bar, etc is equipped with wifi.

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