Are you looking forward to visiting the famous Indonesian paradise with the cheapest Bali water sports packages possible? Well, you have just landed to the right page, keep on reading to know-how.

  1. Introduction
  2. Silver package 
  3. Gold Package 
  4. Platinum Package 
  5. Diamond Package 
  6. Premium Package 
  7. BaliChalo Special Package
  8. Conclusion
  9. Frequently Asked Question

1. Introduction

Bali is the dream destination for every traveller out there, owing to its breath taking picturesque and amazing recreation. Also, when it comes to water sports, Bali doesn’t disappoint at all. Bali stands out in every watersports activity ever made. 

From leisure swimming, kayaking and luxury boating to extreme sports like kitesurfing, scuba diving, sub winging and many more, Bali water sports has it all. 

Bali experiences two kinds of seasons, Rainy and Dry season. In the Dry season, most tourist crowds are found. And it starts from April and lasts till October.

With the latest activities readily available, it is a paradise for all water sport’s lovers all around the globe. The Indonesian Island attracts adventurous tourists from everywhere. 

The best spot on Bali for water sports is at Tanjung Benoa, Sanur Beach and Nusa Dua. They attract a lot of visitors. Hence this place is always crowded. 

It is highly advisable to book your ride offline, that is, during your visit to the islands, you can easily book your rides. However, online booking is also available, providing you services right from the day you reach Bali. Plan your day nicely before visiting Bali so that you can lay your eyes on all the main attractions as well as hidden gems. 

 Here’s a small to-do list for visiting the famous Sanur Beach in Bali.

Don’t miss the beautiful morning sunrise and the morning walk on Broadway. Your day time should be devoted to trying all sorts of watersports at Sanur Beach. It includes kitesurfing, diving, skiing and many more along with having seaside delicacies. Nightlife at Sanur Beach is another amazing experience to look forward to.

Although reaching this place is no big deal, finding the correct Bali water sports packages which don’t hurt your pockets is quite difficult. In order to cut off the expenses, people tend to compromise with marine fun they will be getting. 

To resolve this problem of yours, we have come up with 6 cheapest Bali water sports packages which you can’t say no to. 


2. Silver Package 

This Bali water sports packages includes three main water sports, namely, Parasailing, Banana Boat along with Jet Skiing. These three water activities are highly in demand. Jet skiing is one of the most tried water sports ever. This package also includes free lunch for their customers.


3. Gold Package

This package includes Parasailing, Banana boat, jet skiing and diving. It is very economical as you get the popular watersports under a very low price category. Customers booking this package are also entitled to free refreshments.


4. Platinum Package

Snorkelling, Glass bottom boat and jet skiing are the main attractions of this package.

You can easily get a glimpse of the underwater world of Bali in this package. And glass bottom boat and jet skiing are also worth going for. This package again includes free food for their customers.


5. Diamond Package

Therefore, This Bali water sports packages include Glass Bottle boat, Snorkelling, Turtle Island tour and scuba diving and This package has the perfect mixture of underwater and over the water activities.

So, it also enables you to discover the Turtle island in Bali. Along with all these low paid activities, customers are also entitled to free beverages.


6. Premium Package

So, the fifth Bali water sports packages include Parasailing, Banana Boat, Jet Skiing, Glass Bottom boat, fly fish.

And it also gives you the sea walking experience. This is a complete package in itself, providing you with almost all the water sport activity with free lunch in the end.


7. BaliChalo Special Package

Therefore, this package includes the most water sport activity on the list. Parasailing, Banana boating and jet skiing are the main attractions in this one.

So, along with Glass bottom boating, Turtle Island tour, Snorkelling and Scuba diving awaiting for you. Thus, this package is slightly expensive as compared to other packages in the list, as it includes the most activity. And free refreshments are also provided in this package. 

8. Conclusion

These are the six Bali water sports packages which enable you to have more fun in less spending.

So, the package should be chosen wisely and The approach of different water sports should be kept in mind. However, all water sports are not suitable for pregnant women, people with heart, respiratory problems should consult the instructor before performing a sport. People having health issues like Sinus, Ear infection, and claustrophobic should avoid such sport. 

9. Frequently Asked Questions

Que. 1) Can Bali be visited with family?

Ans 1.) Yes, Bali can be visited with family and friends or whoever you want. Bali water sports packages perfectly fit the water sport activity for every age group. Therefore you can come to Bali either alone or in a group.

Que. 2) Do you need to have any prior experience or skill for water sports here?

Ans. 2) No, it is not necessary to have any experience in doing water sports. If you have it, it’s for your own good and for those who do not have it, proper guidance and training (if needed) is given.

Que. 3) Are Instructors or trainers qualified, professionals?

Ans. 3) Yes, the one who will be guiding you in the watersport is strictly professional in his/her field. Besides that their welcoming and friendly nature will make your expedition more memorable.

Que. 4) What are the safety measures taken?

Ans. 4) All sorts of best safety instructions and measures are taken for providing you 100% safe and secure water sport activity. All the rides mechanisms are well checked and are replaced on timely intervals.

Que. 5) Does any of the watersports require health checkups or health reports of the customers?

Ans. 5) There is no need for any health checkups or reports for most of the watersports. However, some extreme watersports are not suitable for people having heart or respiratory issues.

Que. 6) Does the package include tourist accommodation?

Ans. 6) These are exclusively Bali water sports packages with free refreshment/food as a complimentary service. Hence it doesn’t include any kind of accommodation.

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