The Bali waterfall GitGit seems very interesting by its name only, not only the name the waterfall is equally beautiful and one of the top spots of tourists visiting Bali. 

The Land offers more than 35 waterfalls.  It can be tough to travel all of them, but one can try some of the best. 

With over 18000 islands, this south Asian country is no short of fantastic places breathtaking views in its rooted history and many happening places. Bali has so much to offer apart from its beaches. 

Here you’re going to know

  1. GitGit waterfall the captivating Bali Waterfall
  2. How to reach GitGit Waterfall
  3. Things to do at GitGit Waterfall
  4. Things to do around GitGit Waterfall
  5. Places to stay near GitGit Waterfall
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

1. GitGit waterfall the captivating Bali waterfall

The GitGit waterfall look aways appealing and never fails to impress the visitors. 

Not only loved by tourists but even the locals are not over with this. 

GitGit Waterfall

This Bali waterfall is not that tall, but it is above the sea level of about 300 meters. 

GitGit waterfall has its local name and is also known as ‘Air Terjun Kembar GitGit’. 

It is known for it’s height and beautiful surrounding source

2. How to reach GitGit Waterfall 

Bali is well connected with roads, and one can reach by taxi, rented vehicle or a bus to the waterfall.

It takes around 10km away from the main Singaraja town, a district in north Bali surrounded by a lot of greenery will make you feel the true nature.  

Two hours drive from Seminyak. 1hour and 45 minutes from Ubud and is 70km away from the city of Denpasar. 

You can hire a taxi for your convenience from anywhere and can plan your day accordingly. 

Renting a taxi can be useful while communicating with the locals. 

3. Things to do at GitGit waterfall

The waterfalls open at 7 in the early morning and is open throughout the year for visitors. 

The best time to visit is still the early morning depending on how much time you wish to spend here if you don’t want a crowd around you. 

Taking tickets from the entrance and the entrance fee cost somewhere between 10000-20000 IDR. 

  1. Swimming

 After walking for 15 minutes taking tickets, the waterfall offers you to swim and make yourself fresh and happy after diving into it. 

  1. Photographs 

You can take amazing pictures for an Instagram post or can even make videos like slow motion, maybe a time-lapse for your friends telling them what they missed out. 

  1. Shopping 

If you wish to take souvenirs for your lovelies, you will get a lot of option on the way as there are lots of shops and stalls on the way to waterfall. 

4. Things to do around GitGit waterfall

  1. Sekumpul waterfall, 7 Air Terjun sambangan waterfall, Pucak Manik waterfall, Sambangan waterfall, Kroya waterfall are some of the Bali waterfalls that you can visit apart from GitGit waterfall and are located within 5km.
Sekumpul Waterfall
  1. Two museums named Gedong and Buleleng are located around 10km from gitigit waterfall just in case you like to know the history of the place.
  1. Visiting Handara Iconic gate to take some beautiful picture is a must which is around 6km from the GitGit waterfall and temple Intan within 2km. 
Handara Iconic gate

5. Places to stay near GitGit waterfall

If you wish you spend some proper time near this Bali waterfall, then there are quite a few good options where you can stay during your trip to the northern part of  Bali. You can book your GitGit waterfall trip and Bali package.

  1. Pondok Kunang Kunang Inn
Pondok Kunang Kunang Inn

With just at a distance of only 4 km from the Gitgit waterfall this place offers you. 

Excellent decent accommodation with tidy rooms and necessary amendments to provide. 

  1. Lafyu Bali 
Lafyu Bali

If you are looking for cosy places, then this place is the right stop with just 4.5 km from the waterfall. 

This resort offers pool, terrace for view, garden and restaurants that will take care of the Asian dishes you desire.

  1.  Shanti Natural Hotel
 Shanti Natural Hotel

The hotel is at Sambangan hill, which is around 4.5 km away from this Bali waterfall. 

The rooms are styled in Balinese style to gives you complete vibes. 

  1. ESA di kubu Homestay 
ESA di kubu Homestay

If you desire to have a morning view of the mountain, then this homestay is a perfect place to stay with around 5km away from gitgit waterfall.

There are some places like Pesar Senggol, Rock bar Bali and Knee Zeen Restaurant for people who wish to enjoy nightlife with great music, Dj with cocktails and mocktails to offer. 

6. Conclusion 

That’s been said now you know how this Bali offers you much around its amazing GitGit waterfall.

We offer you all kinds of packages if you wish to travel to GitGit waterfall with all customisation depending on you how you want to visit, from where you want to visit.

And also provide a local guide so that you don’t have the language issue while travelling. 

We take care of necessary tickets of waterfall included in package food and shopping we want you to decide if you wish. Coming to Bali, this should be your must-visit place. 

Worth your time money and energy.  

7. FAQs

Que.1 Easily accessible waterfalls in Bali?

Ans.1 Reaching to the waterfalls requires hiking and walking through uneven roads and stairs. Things can get worse in rainy seasons as a condition of forest gets worse with rain but it is equally adventurous.

Que.2 How to get to waterfalls in Bali?

Ans2 All major waterfalls are well connected with roads, and one can easily travel by renting a taxi, a rented vehicle. One can go from any part of the city to the waterfall they wish to visit.

Que.3 Where are waterfalls in Bali?

Ans.3 Waterfalls are present all around Bali there are around 35 waterfalls with many small waterfalls.

Que.4. Waterfalls in Bali near Seminyak?

Ans.4 Tegenungun, Tibumana, Kanto Lampo and Tukad Cepung are some of the best waterfalls near Seminyak.

Que.5 Which waterfall is best in Bali?

Ans.5 GitGit waterfall in Bali is the best in Bali. Well, beauty lies in the eyes of view; also, this becomes personal. But people love these two the most above all other waterfalls in Bali.

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