Best Places To Stay In Bali

Are you traveling to Bali and need some recommendations on where to stay?

 In this article, we review the best places to stay in Bali with complete information on each area and city. 

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Bali is not a large island; however, it has a lot of interesting and diverse places where the traveler can stay.

To help you choose a location that suits you, and we have created this ranking of the best areas to stay in Bali.



Known for its beautiful and peaceful beaches, Seminyak is the most famous Balinese luxury resort.

The best places to stay in Bali Although the beach in this area can be greyish in some parts, it is still wonderful for sunbathing and bathing.

Its sunsets are legendary.

most enjoy it having a cocktail in one of the bars or clubs located on the sand. Here are luxurious five-star resorts, secluded villas, and premium beach clubs. The best restaurants in Bali are found in this area,

especially in Jalan Lakshmana Street and Kayu Aya, which offer cuisine from almost all countries.

Seminyak is also a shopping paradise and you can find designer boutiques and brand stores.

Its nightlife stands out, with some of the most famous clubs on the island such as Potato Head and Ku De Ta.

On Camplung Tanduk street you will find a lot of cool bars, located next to each other.

The type of nightlife here is refined and is far from the type of atmosphere that exists in Kuta or Legian.

This area is synonymous with luxury, so if you want to stay in Seminyak you will have to spend a little more money, however, it is also possible to find some offer and stay for very little money in a hostel or in private homes.

The best of Seminyak is that the beaches are less crowded with tourists than in Kuta and it has an excellent nightlife.

There is plenty of accommodation on offer, making it easy to come up with a hotel or villa that meets your expectations.

You should be aware that traffic jams are common during the high season (approximately from June to December) and that some of the things to visit are spaced, so walking is often necessary.

This is, from our point of view, the best place to stay in Bali, at least if you go with the intention of enjoying the beach and the Balinese night.this is the Best places to stay in Bali



Most tourists who travel to Bali decide to split the trip in 2 stay a few days on the beach and stay somewhere inland.

If this is your case, we recommend you choose Ubud as accommodation in the interior.

This small town is the cultural heart of Bali and is worth staying for at least 5 days.

It offers a lot of things to explore and its location is great for visiting nearby temples, volcanoes, and lakes.

Ubud also will allow you to relax, as it is a very quiet place compared to the bustle of the coastal areas (and less hot).

It can also function as a base for the entire trip, as the beaches are not too far away.

There are many restaurants of all kinds and prices.

However, we encourage you to try one of Ubud’s delicious vegan restaurants, as this is one of the best places in Asia to “eat meatlessly”.

Although it may seem boring, it is not.

In Ubud you can visit local flea markets, museums, art galleries, fashion shops, or even attend a traditional Balinese dance performance at the Taman Saraswati temple.

In addition, it is a perfect place for day trips to the sacred temples and springs of Tirta Empul, to the crater of Bratan, visit the Elephant Safari Park, the Monkey Forest, the Tegallalang rice terraces or rock temples at Gunung Kaw.

Outdoor activities such as rafting, hiking, and bike tours are easy to come by. The accommodation in Ubud is abundant and prices are generally cheap.

If you stay in Ubud, we recommend you take advantage to book somewhere good, since you can get very good deals on luxury or semi-luxury hotels.

best places to stay in Bali What is the worst? Its streets are narrow and traffic congestions are common.

If you intend to party, here you will have a difficult time, since the nightlife is quite scarce.



Kuta is the most famous beach in Bali.

best places to stay in Bali What was once a fishing village has become a mecca for surfing

And young people who travel to enjoy its beautiful beach and lively party nights.

Among the most typical options are the nightclubs on Jalan Legian Street. These discotheques often have several rooms and performances by international DJs.

There are also numerous bars where you can have drinks at a very affordable price,and

each of which competes fiercely offering special cocktails, barbecues, or free drinks for the girls.

If you travel to Bali to practice water sports, enjoy the beautiful sunsets, and especially the nightclubs, you will not need to move beyond Kuta.

However, with unrelenting traffic, crowds of tourists, street vendors, and loud music, it is not the best place to rest.

Kuta is the preferred area for younger tourists and backpackers, as it is the most affordable place to stay and settle in Bali.

It is also very close to the airport, making it very easy to access. If you travel as a family and you want to do it in a cheap place, we recommend avoiding Kuta.



Located between Seminyak and Kuta, best places to stay in Bali Legian offers a combination of the best-known beach areas of Bali.

Hotels are still quite cheap (they are not as cheap as in Kuta.and

but you can find very good accommodation deals) and here, unlike Kuta, you can find them facing the sea.

Legian is the next beach north of Kuta, and it is less crowded, making it possible to find a quiet space to relax.

Here the beach may get grayer, however, Legian is worth a stay if you are looking for a cheap and easily accessible place without being in the thick of Kuta.

It is a very touristy place, so you will find everything: restaurants, discos, bars and shops of all kinds.



Although the Bali airport is called Denpasar, the best places to stay in Bali that does not mean that it is located right here in the provincial capital of Bali, in fact, it is closer to Kuta.

It is not very common among tourists traveling to Bali to stay in Denpasar. In fact, it would only make sense for those travelers who wish to have a closer experience with the life of the Balinese capital, which offers visitors a more realistic and not touristy vision.

Accommodation options are presented as a new budget and modern city style hotels, which are actually intended for business travelers. However, it is also possible to stay in old hotels that can give your trip a historical, almost nostalgic sense.

The best? Denpasar is centrally located, convenient for exploring the other tourist areas in southern Bali. The accommodation in Denpasar is quite economical, ideal for backpackers, or people traveling on a budget super – tight.

There are a lot of pure Indonesian shops and restaurants.

However, you should keep in mind that it is a city ​​with incessant traffic, there are few pedestrian areas and the points of interest in tourism are widely dispersed.

6) FAQ

1. Where to stay cheaper in Bali

Traditionally, most budget areas are Kuta and Legian. There are both expensive five-star hotels and a lot of very budget hotels and hostels from $ 5 per night. Sanur, Nusa Dua, Seminyak is expensive zones.

2. Does Bali have Uber?

Yes, Uber is available in Bali. But it is mostly functioning in the areas of Kuta and Seminyak.

3.  Can I visit Bali Safari & Marine Park? What is special about it?

Safari & Marine Park is one of its kind animal theme parks in Bali where you can visit with your kids and family.
It is an open zoo where you can witness endangered and rare species of animals walking freely in a forested area.
Marine Park, another section of the park, is where aquatic animals like dolphins and sea lions put up entertaining shows for the spectators.

4. Is Phuket or Bali better?

Bali is one of the top-rated travel destinations in the world and is known for spirituality, wellness and tranquillity; while Phuket is Thailand’s best-kept secret, boasting miles of beautiful beaches, rainforests and cultural sites.

5. What is the cheapest way to get to Bali?

Flights from Bangkok and Singapore to Bali are often the cheapest. Air Asia and other budget airlines offer extremely cheap flights from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, via the new low-cost carrier terminal KLIA2.

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