Months of Planning, sometimes years of planning, and you have finally tied the knot.  After completing all the rituals of marriage and madness of marriage- finding a venue, getting your dresses, give out cards to relatives, manage invites during, and much more. After completing all this work the last thing which a couple wants planning for looking out the best destinations for honeymoon.

And after handling all the marriage one doesn’t want to make a plan for the honeymoon as one is fed up with marriage.

So, For spending a great honeymoon, I have put a handy list of the best destination for honeymoon around the world, where you and your partner can finally leave everything behind and celebrate each other’s love.

What you will be getting in this blog-

  1. Bali
  2. Mauritius
  3. Paris
  4. Fiji
  5. Spain
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ


Bali as a best destinations for honeymoon

Bali is one of the best destinations for honeymoon for maximum couples as it has many things that a new couple can enjoy and are looking for. One of the reason for it that choice of hotels and resorts are endless here. There are many beach hut accommodations to posh hotels and high-class villas. Here you can also get separate private villas at unbeatable prices.

One thing which sets Bali apart that there are limitless options for leisure activities and places to visit. For sporting one can indulge in-:

  • Mountain hiking
  • Water rafting
  • Swimming and much more

For the couple who is culturally inclined, they can indulge in-

  • Temple visits
  • Great variety of cultural/traditional performances in music and dance.
  • Witness various artists

One great thing in Bali is there in the sunset. It acknowledges one of the best sunset ones has ever seen which makes a couple of evening super romantic.

And here Climate is also sensational.

A couple who is photogenic will find several places for shooting out great photographs.

Bali is also famous as a food paradise. Other than its own unique and very tasty cuisine, you can find a variety of food options starting from Indian, Chinese, German, Vietnamese, and many more which we one even cannot count.

Any new couple looks for a destination that has several options for shopping, so Bali even ticks out this point also. There are countless shops concerning every kind of taste and budget. Whether one looking for luxury goods, local handicrafts, clothes, Country specific goods, and much more.

After summing up the above points I can assure you Bali will be one of the great places for one to visit. And new couples must come here for spending their honeymoon in such a great place.

And If some will ask where is the best place in Bali to go out. I will suggest Seminyak. It is one of the great places in Bali which one should visit.


Mauritius as a best destinations for honeymoon

Mauritius is also one of the best destinations for honeymoon and it comes 2nd in my list. It belongs to the Indian Ocean which is one of the finest destinations for honeymoon.

The best time for a honeymoon is after March and before December for a honeymoon in which the weather is awesome and you will be able to enjoy the beach sports. This island is one of the best shopping paradises, especially for couples. Some of the places bazaars are very popular like Grand Bale Bazaar, Quatre Bones, and so on. And they have also many local products like dresses are very good, local handicrafts and much more.

The food is also very good, you get many tastes on the same island. Make sure you experience street food as well as a candle-night dinner. There are also some top hotels like Oberoi which offer you a private romantic dinner with your loved one.

There is one of the famous island located in Mauritius named Ile Aux Cerfs, located east of the coast. It is famous for its treasure. You can relax on a beach, prepare for a barbeque with your partner and have lots of fun.

If a couple going to Mauritius during summers and not do a skydive then you will miss a lot. Heading to the northeast of the island there you will get a place for skydiving and I make sure it will be an experience for a lifetime.

The clear blue waters of the beautiful Tamarin bay allow you to swim with the dolphins, Giving around 2-3 hours spending with dolphins with a minimal fee.

So, I would suggest Mauritius as a destination for a honeymoon.


Paris as a best destinations for honeymoon

It is also one of the best destinations for honeymoon. It comes 3rd in my list.

The prolific destinations of Paris are excellent and can make your honeymoon more dramatic.

There are several places in Paris which have been liked by new couples which I will list under-:

  • Temple of Love
  • The Louvre
  • Luxembourg Garden
  • Disneyland
  • Ile Saint Louis.

One of the famous places in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. It is one of the greatest places you would have ever seen. Make sure you go during the evening, It lits beautifully. It will be one of the greatest romantic scenes you ever will enjoy.

If you talk about shopping then you are one of the best places for shopping, whatever you can think, you can take it from Paris to your home. And local items are also best I assure.

And if you talk about your stay there are the world’s best hotels are here like the Shangri-La Hotel.

So in the last, I would say it would be Pleasant destination for a honeymoon if anyone is planning about.


Fiji as a best destinations for honeymoon

Fiji is also one of the best destinations for honeymoon in the world. It comes 4th in my list.

It is one of those countries in which temperature remains almost constant throughout the year and has pleasant weather. But still, if someone is looking for the best time for new couples, it should be between June- September as the weather is best at this time.

The few reasons because of which I choose Fiji are-:

  • Pleasant Climate
  • A happy country
  • Unparalleled Beauty
  • Beautiful Hospitality

The things which a new couple will enjoy during a honeymoon are-:

In the last, I would say a honeymoon in Fiji is a dream for all in all seasons. The Beaches simply here are awesome. You will feel a great atmosphere here. If you thinking for traveling here then it will be a good decision of yours which will give you some life experiences.


Spain as a best destinations for honeymoon

Spain is also of the best destinations for honeymoon. It comes 5th in my List.

It is the county where you will see a gorgeous array of beaches, good landscapes, excellent cuisine, and culture all around the country. So it can be a good destination for you and your partner if you are seeing as a place of destination for a honeymoon.

There are many destinations that one can visit during the honeymoon that are canary islands where most couples do visit. It has good weather all year round, making an ideal location for the new couple.

There are various cities like Barcelona, Toledo in cities to visit out for.

In Barcelona one will get a great dining scene, with lots of beaches around it will feel excellent with your partner, especially at night when some songs are going on.

In Toledo, you will get experience fantastic sunsets, ancient architecture, and restaurants.

So all in All you will get a fine exposure for a honeymoon here in Spain, there are also many places in Spain at which you will also get so my life experiences. A new couple can decide to visit Spain for their honeymoon. It will be one of Pleasant experience for them.


So, I have listed out the top 5 destinations all around the world which a new couple can choose for their honeymoon. I have chosen all the destinations according to the experiences of a new couple and based on several other factors. But I will say that Bali will always be the best destinations for honeymoon as the experience which you get here, one will not get anywhere especially Seminyak Bali.

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Now, I would be taking some questions which generally a new couple has or may have thought about before planning for a honeymoon.

1. Which places will be Price-efficient as the best destinations for honeymoon?

Bali will be the price efficient place for a honeymoon as you will get here affordable packages for hotels, beaches, and much more. Other places which I have mentioned are very costly as compare to Bali.

2. Which country will be best for a honeymoon from the top 5?

You can choose any country/region for your honeymoon according to the points which I have listed above but if you ask from me. I will say Bali as I have met with many new couples they said we have visited many places but what we have experienced in Bali is not anywhere else.

3. We are shopping geeks then which place will be best for honeymoon?

All regions which I have discussed above are best for shopping, all have many local products as well as outside products which you can buy out. I would say all places are best for shopping, and you will not be dissatisfied anywhere you go for the destination as a honeymoon.

4. Which is better  Bali or Mauritius?

Both of them are better at their side likewise Mauritius provides you a great combo of beauty and culture, where Bali provides you great views of beaches and resorts area. Bali provides you a great experience with a low budget where Mauritius provides you that in a high budget.

5. If I choose Paris as my destination for a honeymoon, how much budget will be required for it?

The minimum budget for Paris for a couple for around a week will be around 2,00,000 to 2,50,000 INR. It is very high if you compare with other destination on the list.

So, I think I have listed top places for a honeymoon to my best with all the comparisons going around and solved all queries for a new couple.

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