Complete travel guide on Gili Meno Island

Gili Meno island is a place that has breathtaking beauty. Here you can connect to nature through many fun activities like snorkeling, underwater diving, turtle spotting, and watch splendid sunset.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Best Things to do on Gili Meno
  2. Best Restaurant on Gili Meno
  3. Places to stay on Gili Meno
  4. Gili Meno Nightlife
  5. Snorkeling Tour
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

1. Best Things to do on Gili Meno Island

(A) Turtle spotting 

Turtle spotting in Gili Meno Island

Gili Meno island has a turtle sanctuary that provides conservation of endangered turtles. By this, they are increasing turtle counts. This sanctuary remains open for visitors from morning 8 am to the evening at 9 pm.

They first collect the turtle eggs from seashores and keeps in a suitable environment so that they grew up into young turtles and then they release them into the sea.

Besides sanctuary, you can also watch turtles by diving into seawater this gives a never forgetting experience to you to watch turtles swimming in clear water.

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(B) Watch breathtaking sunsets

This place gives you a chance to watch the beautiful view of the sun setting. During sunset, the color of the sky becomes so attractive that you just want to see it for a very long period of time.

(C) Birds watching at Gili Meno island Bird park

Birds watching at Gili Meno Bird park
Source authentic-Indonesia

Gili Meno Bird Park is a place where you can find more than dozen of species of birds. These species include Betet, Nuri, and Flamingo. Besides these, there are several more species including ospreys, Nicobar pigeons, rainbow pendants, wild turkey, and many more.

(D) Cycling

Cycling is one of the best options to explore Gili Meno Island. While cycling you can watch many beauties of nature. You can also watch cows, chicken, and local houses while traveling through your cycle. Cycling is an appropriate way to travel around this mini island.

(E) Asin lake and Mangrove forest

Asin lake and Mangrove forest
Source authentic-Indonesia

You can explore nature by roaming around mangrove forests and Asin lake. Here mangrove forests surround the Asin lake where you can different birds living in their natural habitats. 

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2. Best Restaurant on Gili Meno

(A) Mahamaya Restaurant 

Mahamaya Restaurant in gili meno island
Source Tripadvisor

Mahamaya restaurant is ready to serve you from 7 am. The refreshing drinks of this restaurant give you a fresh mood. Here you can also experience the sunset while taking your classic cocktail.

(B) Good heart Restaurant 

This restaurant is situated in the North-West region of the island. This restaurant gives you varieties of seafood and refreshing drinks. This is a very good place to take food by watching the turtles.

(C) We’ Be cafe

We’ Be cafe in gili meno
Source Tripadvisor

Here in this restaurant hold your refreshing drinks and watch the sunset. The staff here is very friendly, they take care of your all necessities. Here beside Indonesian food pizza and barbeque meat is also very popular.

(D) Rust Warung

Rust Warung
Source Tripadvisor

This restaurant is famous for providing varieties of seafood. With affordable prices and good food, this place is a must-visit for you.

(E) Meno Mojo

This restaurant is located on the island beach. The location of this restaurant gives you the best views of the region

This restaurant serves your best Asian and international cuisine, seafood is a must-try in this restaurant. This restaurant also provides live music which gives you non forgetting experience. 

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3. Places to stay on Gili Meno island

(A) Avai Villa resort

Avai Villa resort

This resort situated in Gili Meno island is a very stylish and stunning place to stay where you find a pool and sea view. There is a restaurant for enjoying the meal.

You can reach here easily Because it is just 31 km away from Lombok airport. There is a facility to swim, sunbathe, and several other places to visit like Makam Batu Layar, Sunset point, and many more.

(B) Crusoe Beach House

Crusoe beach is a staying place which has a swimming pool. You can rent a boat to experience the sea.

There are several other things which you can do by living here such as diving and snorkeling. You can also dine at nearby cafe shops and restaurants.

(C) Kura Kura Resort

Kura Kura Resort
Source london.wtm

Kura Kura resort is located in the center of Gili Meno which is just a kilometer away from the beach. Your activities like snorkeling, cycling, and you can also visit nearby places like the art market, sunset point, Gili Trawangan harbor, and many more.

(D) Adi’s Modern Villa

This villa is a good place to stay in Gili Meno. Facilities in this villa are very good and cover all your basic necessities. You can perform different activities during your stay and also can dine in nearby places.

4. Gili Meno Nightlife

(A) Jungle bar

Jungle bar in bali
Source anaussietravels

This is a popular place to hang out after it gets dark. It is famous for its electric tunes. Sometimes cultural bands and singers also performed here.

(B) Diana cafe

This place is open until when you are getting fun. This is a comfortable place where you listen to the guitar and interact with other visitors.

(C) Sunset Gecko

Sunset Gecko is a famous bar-restaurant located on best quality snorkeling beaches in the northwest of Gili Meno. Here enjoy yourself with gazebos, lounges, and dining tables which are placed on the beach giving you a suitable atmosphere.

5. Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling Tour in gili meno island
Source viator

In Gili Meno island, you can book a snorkeling trip. Snorkeling trip is a chance for you to explore the wonders of coral reefs around Gili Meno. It is an easy, affordable, and fun way to experience diverse marine life. 

There are more than 18 different snorkeling sites around Gili Meno. The trip providers have all the safety gears so you do not have to fear regarding safety issues.

Snorkeling does not require hours of training. While snorkeling you experience a different world that is full of life, colors, and shapes and sizes. Here the water is clear which makes you feel that you are swimming in a huge aquarium.

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6. Conclusion

If you are searching for where you can calm yourself and wants to a closer look of nature then Gili Meno is an option for you. In Gili Meno island, there are plenty of villas and resorts which provide all the necessary facilities. 

There are also various stunning restaurants that provide delicious foods including seafood, International, and national cuisines. There are many adventurous activities in which you can take part these are snorkeling, diving, swimming, and many more.

Besides restaurants, you can also visit for turtle spotting and sunset watching which gives you long-lasting memories.

7. FAQ

Que. 1) How to go to Gili Meno Island from Bali?

Ans. 1) There is plenty of boats which you can take to reach Gili Meno from Bali.

Que. 2) Is Gili Meno worth visiting?

Ans. 2) Yes, it is worthy to visit Gili Meno. You can experience different activities like swimming, diving, snorkeling, turtle spotting, sunset viewing, and many more things to do.

Que. 3) Which is the best restaurant and bars in Gili Meno?

Ans. 3) There are several good restaurants in Gili Meno these are Mahamaya restaurant, Good heart restaurant, We’ Be cafe, Rust Warung restaurant, Diana Cafe, Jungle Bar, Sunset Gecko.

Que. 4) Where is Gili Meno?

Ans. 4) Gili Meno is one of the small three islands of The Gili Islands which is located in West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia.

Que. 5) How to get to Gili Meno from Lombok?

Ans. 5) Public ferry and fast boats are available which you can take from Lombok to reach Gili Meno.

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