Most beautiful & highest waterfalls everyone must visit

Whether cascading down a cliff face or cheerfully trickling amongst shrubs, there is always something magical about the waterfalls.

For example, Some are dazzling with their size and scale on the other side, some are subtle in their beauty as elegant curtains of water cascade into lovely pools below.

So, the world is full of amazing waterfalls while some are now a popular tourist destination. Others lies almost unvisited in remote rainforest regions.

 Some of the most beautiful and highest waterfalls in the world.

10 Most Beautiful and Highest waterfalls in the world

  1. Iguazu Fall
  2. Angel Waterfall
  3. Niagara Falls
  4. Tugela Waterfall
  5. Victoria Waterfall
  6. GitGit Waterfall
  7. Ban Goic Falls
  8. Banyumala Waterfall
  9. Yosemite Waterfall
  10. Pu’uka’oku Waterfall
  11. Conclusion
  12. FAQs

10 Most Beautiful and Highest waterfalls in the world

1. Iguazu Fall

Made up of some 275 different cascade falls and drops Iguazu Falls on the Argentina Brazilian border is the world’s most extensive waterfall. 

Iguazu waterfall

Gorgeous falls course over Piranha plateau with the undoubted highlight being Devil’s throat Canyon.

It can be the best witness from the Brazilian sight viewing platform where you are greeted with full sheets of water a roar and a fine spray with lust rainforest lying around it the falls are interesting to look.

Visitors have the option to take boat trips along the Iguazu River or explore the nearby paths and trails.

2. Angel Waterfall

The highest waterfall in the world.

So, angel waterfalls in Venezuela certainly make for one of the most spectacular sights imaginable. 

Shooting off the summit of the tabletop mountain the falls plunged uninterrupted to the jungle below with the much of the water turning to mist before it reaches to ground hiding in its other cascade and rapids. 

Angel waterfall

Angel falls total height it is a whopping 979 meters, and due to its remote location.

Angel fall is quite hard to visit, but it’s sunning setting and aww inspiring scenery certainly make it well with the effort.

3. Niagara Falls

Lying on the border between Canada and the USA. Niagara falls one of the most famous and recognizable waterfalls on Earth. 

Bridal veil falls, Horseshoe falls, its endless walls of gushing water seemingly stretches on forever. 

However, the various observation decks around the falls offer fantastic views and panoramas

Naigara falls

You need to take a boat trip below them to grasp how beautiful and powerful they are. Niagara Falls never fails to Astound; every year, millions of people come to see its large size and beauty. 

4. Tugela Waterfall

Tugela fall having a height of 978 meters and 3110 ft is the second-highest waterfall in the world source 

Tugela Waterfall

Five-tiered jubler falls in South Africa’s KwaZulu- Natal region is the place where it is witnessed and is an easily accessible tourist spot.

One can reach there by climbing the mountain Mount-Aux sources one of the most exciting tourist spots in South Africa. 

A must-visit for people who like adventurous spot.

So, This can be an exciting sport which can be done with friends, family or even solo.

5. Victoria Waterfall

Nestled on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria falls genuinely needs to be seen to be believed. 

If you thought Niagara falls was significant.

So, Victoria falls it with its large curtain of water it’s full but tall it’s enormous with its width that scratches 1708 meters and reaching 108 meters tall.

Victoria waterfall the largest water

In these proportions that make victoria falls one of the largest waterfalls in the world. 

So, the roar that rises from the gorge below and the fine spray that hangs in the air saw the falls. 

Therefore, ‘The locals named this Smoke that Thunders’ in the local lozi language.

6. GitGit Waterfall

Definitely the most beautiful and astounding waterfall of Bali. Highest waterfallGitGit waterfall in Bali. Certainly, this is indeed the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. 

GitGit water most beautiful waterfall of bali

Bali is known for its known waterfalls.

So, Many of them are undiscovered which makes this place exciting for one who wants peace from everyday hustle.

Therefore, One can its calm place giving your heart and mind a peaceful drive. 

Moreover this is the cheapest place where you can witness this and many other waterfall in the land of heaven called Bali.

Bali packages are cheap, so if you are looking for a complete tour and you love waterfalls Bali is the place for you where you can witness this beauty.

7. Ban Goic Falls

Straddling the border between China and Vietnam Ban Goic fall is the name given to two sets of beautiful waterfalls that recline along Quay Son River.

Also, the multiple layers and drops of the falls make astounding, and the lush vegetation, majestic mountains complete the picture-perfect scene

Ban Goic waterfall with cascading view

Long shut off due to various border disputes, the falls are now a popular tourist destination.

This horde the visitors take boat trips below the cascade, coating themself in a fine mist of spray. 

8. Banyumala Waterfall

One of the most stunning waterfalls in Bonney that will take your heart away, the Banyumala waterfall

However, It is also called twin waterfall because of two parallel waterfalls.

Gracing the northern part of Bonney the Banyumala waterfall.

So, it is located in the Wanagiri Sukasada in Buleleng regency around 57km away from Ubud. 

However, this place is interesting for young couples for honeymoon and the way reaching towards it is a bit adventurous.

With a 20minutes steep stairs will take you to the waterfall from the ticket counter. 

All efforts will make you feel mesmerizing just when you reach the view of the waterfall. 

Banyumala waterfall- the twin waterfall

Flanked by the greenery, the un-interrupting cascading water coming down to the pool. 

Will lure you to take a dip in the round pool which is measured to have a depth of up to 2 meters. Crystal clear water is safe for swimming. 

9. Yosemite Waterfall

So, it is located in the National park of the same name Yosemite falls in California is one of the most famous and picture-perfect waterfalls in the world

Yosemite waterfall in california

Made up of upper and lower falls with the middle Cascades between the waterfall drops a colossal 739 meters the side of Yosemite Valley. 

Makes it the tallest waterfall in the whole United States. While its spellbinding beauty can be enjoyed from many different parts of the park, it is worth hiking to the top for incomparable views out over the valley and the Sierra  Nevada Mountains beyond. 

10. Pu’uka’oku Waterfall  

Located in Hawaii Pu’uka’oku surprises us with its 2756 feet it does not lack the reason that it is the second-highest waterfall in the United States. 

However, the waterfall has something particular, and that is the water does not fall in freefall no ladies and gentleman most of the water slides along the entire cliff whose basalt is almost vertical simply incredible this waterfall is located on an inaccessible cliff, so the best way to appreciate its beauty is by flying over its surrounding. 

Pu’uka’oku Waterfall in Hawaii

Tour companies are there that offer boat rides around the coastline bordering the waterfall.

It should be noted that either by boat or by plane, the climatic conditions are required both for the safety of travellers and to appreciate the waterfall. 

However, it is the wind that causes the fall of the water to rise slightly, something almost unreal.

Unfortunately, that view is difficult to appreciate in general. 

No transport is available with that climate, the best time to make a trip and see the whole thing is between November and march flow is better due to the rainy season. 


In conclusion, there are a lot more beautiful and high waterfalls in the world but what they say beauty lies in the height of the viewer.

Moreover, there are waterfalls which are at a proper height. Still, as a traveller, you desire. These ten waterfalls will make you feel happy with their cascades and the sound of water falling into the pool of water.


Que1. Where is the highest waterfall in the world?

Ans 1 The highest waterfall is Angel fall located in Venezuela, in Canaima national park, which is in the Bolivar state of southeastern Venezuela.

It was named after James angel who was the first aviator to fly over fall. Angel falls hold the record for the highest waterfall(3212 ft, 979 meters) and also for uninterrupted water drop(2648 ft) which means nothing comes in between the cascade.  

Que2. The highest waterfall in India?

Ans 2 The Kunchikal falls with 1493 ft height is located near Agumbe in Shimoga a district in Karnataka is not only the highest water in India, but it is the second-highest waterfall in Asia. 
Agumbe valley receives very hefty rainfall all year round, and the valley also has some crazy wild animals. 

Que3. The highest waterfall in South America?

Ans 3 Angel fall with 979 meters is the highest waterfall in South America located in Venezuela, a county of South America. 
Though the most significant waterfall is the Iguazu falls situated in the Argentina-brazil border.
The most famous viewpoint is called ‘The Devil’s Throat’. The waterfall is a famous tourist spot and can be reached easily, to get the astounding view of the fall.  

Que4. The highest waterfall in the United States?

Ans 4 Yosemite falls in Sierra Nevada of California with a height of 2425 ft, or 738meters is the highest waterfall of North America. The fall is at its peak in the late spring of the year.

Que5. Where are the two highest waterfalls in Europe?

Ans 5 Mongefossen waterfall with 2536 fr and 773 meters in height is the highest waterfall in Europe located in Rauma, Norway. 
Kjelfossen is the second highest waterfall in Europe with a height of 2313ft and 705 meters located in Vestland country near the village of Gudvangen in Norway.

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