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As we all know that In India the most popular religion we find is of Hindus, so temples are a very common sight here in India. But Hindu temples are not so common outside India. Surprisingly we get to see Hindu temples in almost every country. There are few historical temples outside India as well which are very well known for their architecture, historical presence, grandeur, etc.

So here in this blog, we will look onto some of those special yet interesting temples which are located outside India.

What’s in it for me? 

  1. Angkor wat temple
  2. Pashupatinath Temple
  3. Murugan Temple
  4. Prambanan Temple
  5. Besakih Temple
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

1. Angkor Wat Temple:

Angokar wat temple
(Source: Livescience.com)

Angkor Wat Temple is one of the most famous Hindu temples around the world. Its the largest religious monument in the world. This Hindu religious monument is present in Cambodia. And Cambodia lies in south-east Asia. This Hindu Temple is one of the prime tourist attractions, where visitors not only from India but also from all around the world visit here and offer prayings. 

This Hindu Temple is dedicated to Hindu deity Lord Vishnu and was built by Khmer King Suryaverman II during the 12th Century, but by the end of the 12th century, this Hindu temple turned into a Buddhist temple and is now worshipped by both Buddhist as well as Hindus.

This temple is also one of the world heritage site under UNESCO. This huge temple is spread across 400 acres of land and this makes it one of the most attractive tourist spots in the world.

This temple has a lot of attractive sculptures being carved onto it and has a wonderful architecture as well.

One who is planning for a trip to Cambodia or any Hindus or Buddhist planning for a pilgrimage trip should surely consider this. If you want to know in detail the history of this temple then you can read more about Angkor Wat temple here. 

2. Pashupatinath Temple:

(Source: Livescience.com)

This Hindu temple is one of the most famous and most worshipped religious spots of Hindus. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva called the Pashupatinath. This Temple is present on the bank of River Bagmati in the valleys of Nepal, which is one of the neighboring countries of  India. This is also one of the world heritage sites under UNESCO.

This temple is an important destination for architects and art lovers and historians, as this temple has a variety of architecture involved in it such as dome style, pagoda-style, and shikhara style. Apart from this, we can even witness the variety of sculptures being carved on the walls of the temple.

Its believed by the devotees offering prayers here, that if they worship wholeheartedly all their wishes get fulfilled. It is a fact that during the earthquake on April 25th, 2015 the entire village was damaged along with the small ashrams beside the temple causing no harm to the main temple. Pilgrims must consider this Hindu temple in their travel list. If you are planning for a holiday in Nepal and want to know in detail about Pashupatinath Then you can read about it here.      

3. Murgan Temple:

 (Source: Indiatvnews.com)

This is one of the most beautiful Temple situated in New South Wales of Sydney In Australia. This Temple is visited by most of the Tamilians as the Lord Murgan is the god of Tamilians. This temple is built by Tamilians situated in Sydney and it is also popularly known as Sydney Murgan. This beautiful temple is taken care by the Hindu society situated at Sydney named “Saiva Manram”. This temple also provides great opportunities for Hindus in Australia.

If you are planning for a trip to Australia then you should surely consider this place.

4. Prambanan Temple:

(Source: indiatvnews.com)

This is one of the most beautiful and oldest temples present at java Indonesia. This temple has many other popular names as well such as Candi Prambanan and Candi  Rara Joggarang. This beautiful Hindu temple has the idols of Lord Vishnu, Shiva, and Bhrama. This is one of the largest temples present in southeast Asia. This temple is also one of the UNESCO world heritage site. One of the attractive things which we cannot see even in India can be seen here that is the idols of Bhrama, Vishnu and Shiva are all together. In India, we rarely see the idol of Bhrama but here we can see people offering prayers even to the Bhrama the Creator.

Here there are different temples are being constructed to various Hindu Gods and the temple of Shiva which is located at the center of the temple is the largest and the most attractive among all other temples. This compound has around 240 Hindu temples. Visiting this temple is equal to visiting all the Hindu gods in one place.

One traveling to Indonesia for vacation should surely consider visiting this temple along with Besakih Temple which is another best to visit historic temple in Indonesia.

5. Besakih Temple:

This is one of the most exciting temples that I have ever visited. This temple is present at the slopes of Mount Agung in eastern Bali, Indonesia. This is one of the holiest temples for Hindus in Indonesia. This temple has a great historic presence. 

This historic temple was built during the 12th Century. Ths temple will let us know about the power of Hindu rulers and about their territorial expansion. We all think that Hindusim is seen only in India but this temple will prove us wrong and try to tell us that Hindus and Hinduism were being practiced even in various parts of the world.

This temple has a very beautiful architecture it is a complex of temples built over the slopes of the mountain where twenty-three temples sit on the parallel ridges, which makes it unique among all the other temples discussed so far. It is very exciting to know that every year here atleast seventy festivals are being celebrated at this complex.

If you are on a trip to Bali then you cannot miss visiting such a historic temple. This Hindu Temple also gives you an opportunity to treaking over Mount Agung if you are an enthusiast traveler. 

This temple has so many exciting things to see and do so there is a lot to discuss this temple so if you are planning to visit Bali and want to know in detail about this temple and other exciting things to do in Bali then you can do check out our other blogs on Besakih Temple and Cheapest Island to visit.

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6. Conclusion:

After going through this article now you might have got to know about the various Hindu Temples present across the globe, their tradition, their culture, etc. You might have even noticed that in the list provided above about the top 5 must-visit temples there were two temples from Indonesia and to be more precise from Bali. So If you are a pilgrimage tourist or a person who loves nature and trekking then you must surely consider visiting Bali. In our next blogs, we will discuss how to reach these temples at Bali and things to do there.   

7. FAQs:

Que.1)Which is the largest Hindu Temple?

Ans.1) Angkor Wat Temple present in Cambodia is the Largest Temple.

Que.2) Which Hindu Temples outside India are worth a visit?

Ans.2) Besakih temple, Prambanan temple, Pashupatinath is the best 3 must-visit Hindu Temples outside India.

Que.3) Where is Besakih Temple situated?

Ans.3) It is present in Bali Indonesia.

Que.4) Which temple is present on the hilltop which is best for trekking?

Ans.4) Besakih Temple in Bali is present on Mount Agung and is one of the best places for trekking.

Que.5) Are Hindu Temples open for Public?

Ans.5) Yes, Hindu Temples are open for everybody to visit so anyone can go and visit these temples and enjoy the old historic monuments.

Que.6) Which is the oldest temple in the world?

Ans.6) Gobekli Tempe is the oldest temple in the world.

Que.7) Which country has no temple?

Ans.7) Vatican City has no temples.

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