Best Hotels in Kuta Bali.

Finding a hotels in Kuta Bali is not easy when there are 100+ options.

We have find out the best hotels in Kuta Bali. Also with premier room.

Things You Will Get to know.

List of best eight hotels in Kuta Bali:

  1. Sheraton Kuta Bali
  2. The Anvaya beach resort Bali
  3. Grand Inna Kuta
  4. Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel
  5. Kuta Seaview Boutique Resort
  6. Hardrock Hotel Bali
  7. Bali Garden Beach Resort.
  8. The Kana Kuta Hotel 
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ

5 Star Hotels in Kuta Bali.

1.Sheraton Kuta

It is centrally located resort, the distance between Kuta beach and resort is 80m it’s a walking distance you can see reach out quickly to Kuta beach.

The resort has an outdoor pool, computer workstation and in fact, they have a Sheraton fitness for gym lovers.

All rooms of the resort have a private balcony as well as from where you can watch the Indian Ocean.

Sheraton in Bali,


Generally, Hotel rooms are of different colors but you will get to see white color more in your room. The resort has a feast restaurant for dining where you will get ten countries’ cuisine.

If you want to eat some Italian food, then you can go for Bene Italian Restaurant and yes they have a special kids menu which comes with all activities and games for your children, It is also connected to Beachwalk Mall which is a shopping mall. It is one of the best hotels in Kuta Bali.

2.Hard Rock Hotel Bali: 

Hotel Hard Rock Bali

Source Hard Rock

As the name of the hotel is Hardrock, so you will get vibes of rocking music. It offers luxury rooms and suites which have a private pool. You can also choose a private dinner point

Dinner Points are

  • Sunset Point
  • Pool Cabana
  • Garden court Yard.

It has six dining restaurants all with different timings and entertainment. They have some entertainment programs also, but it is closed due to pandemic.

The best part of the hotel is that they have a night club that is open from 8:30 pm to midnight, and the most important nearby beach is Kuta beach is at a distance of 150m only from the hotel.

3.The Anvaya Beach Resort: 

Anvaya Resort Bali,

Source Anvaya Resort

distance from Kuta beach to Anvaya resort is 5.5Km which takes around 15 minutes to reach Kuta beach.

Still, Anvaya resort has a private beach which is less crowded so that you can spend a good family time relax and enjoy on private beach resort has made a swing where you can click some good pictures and have fun. Staying at the anvaya is just amazing.

Moreover, you can dine at kunyit restaurant which has Balinese and Indonesian speciality food.

In fact, the whole resort has by green trees and plants all around, which makes you feel that you are closer to nature.

4.Kuta Seaview Boutique Resort:

Kuta Seaview Hotel,

Source Au Hotels

 It is also known as Kuta Seaview hotel so don’t get confused by name it is a decent hotel which focused on there guest safety and they follow the guidelines of public health authorities of Indonesia and hotel organisations, distance from the hotel to Kuta beach is 300m.

It has an Italian dine and lounge name Rosso where you can find yourself with some entertainment, it is a pool bar where you can enjoy drinks, and another pool is surrounded by chairs and big sofas all room facilities are available.

5.Grand Inna Kuta:

grand Inna Kuta

Source: Kuta Resorts

 Kuta beach is just 2.5Km away from Grand Inna Kuta. Although it has other restaurants, still Breeze Resto, restaurants best for food lovers because of its delicious food taste. It has a three swimming pool and a kids pool. A kelp pool bar and snacks as the name suggest the pool besides bar where you can enjoy snacks and drinks here you can chill and relax.

6.Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel:

Discovery hotel in Kuta Bali,

Source: Kuta Resort

 It is built on 7 ha tropical gardens which offer a great view of the Indian Ocean, It has a shopping center name Discovery Mall where you can shop, for accommodation it offers rooms, villas, suites for dining the pond restaurants which food along the poolside, the hotel also provides theme buffet and cultural performance on selected nights, It has a sunset bar where you can enjoy the sunset and enjoy the drinks. It is a spacious hotel.

7.Bali Garden Beach Resort:

Bali Garden Resort,

Source Foursquare

It is 4.8km away from Kuta beach. It offers a superior room, deluxe room, family room, Garden villa, moreover, it has many facilities, it has a meeting room, spa, however, it has four pools.

  1. Beach Pool View
  2. Main pool
  3. Spa pool
  4. Pool Bar

The hotel has positive vibes, and it makes you feel that you are in Bali because of the architecture of the hotel.

8.The Kana Kuta Hotel: 

The Kunna Kuta Hotel

Source Indonesiatourismguides

It is a family-friendly hotel which is around 3.5Km away from Kuta beach,
In fact Galeria shopping center is the nearest shopping center which is 5 minutes away from the hotel where you can shop, it has guestrooms, two restaurants is Star Anise restaurants and second is Seleriana restaurants, and it has two pools

1.Pool Bar where you can enjoy drinks

2. Swimming Pool adjacent to Selriva restaurant. It also has a fitness centre and a kids corner.


Resort and Hotels in Kuta Bali are descent.

If you want to experience a luxury life, then you can choose Sheraton hotel in Kuta Bali.

This Hotel which has resort vibes and a family hotel, then you can go with The Kana Kuta Hotel.

Anvaya Beach Resort is a decent resort with greenery all around if you want to feel nature all around you can go with it.

Want to do some yoga and cooking on your holidays then you can go to Grand Inn Kuta because it has these two classes.

Hard Rock Hotel is best for people who love to go for night clubs and want entertainment.

Want a Hotel Package at affordable prices.


Q1. Which popular attractions are close to Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort?

A1. Kuta Beach 80m away, Waterbom Bali, Bali Sea Turtle Society, Uluwatu Temple.

Q2. Does The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali have a restaurant on-site?

A2. Yes Avanya has restaurant on-site Sands Restaurants, Kunyit Restaurants

Q3. Which popular attractions are close to Grand Inna Kuta?

A3. Panwa Beach is .3km away from Grand Inna Kuta, Bali sea turtle society.

Q4. Which popular attractions are close to Hard Rock Hotel Bali?

Beach Walk, Cineplex Bali, and Pandawa Beach(.4km) are some nearby attractions.

Q5. What are the Resort and hotels in Kuta Bali?

A5. These are the best seven Resort and hotels in Kuta Bali
 Sheraton Kuta Bali,  The Anvaya beach resort Bali,  Grand Inna Kuta, Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel Kuta Seaview Boutique Resort, Hardrock Hotel Bali, Bali Garden Beach Resort.

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