Is Bali safe for couples ? Common Scams in Bali.

Going to travel? Lets us consider the most asked question Is Bali safe for couples, Common Scams in Bali? Lets try to answer this question in details in this amazing informative article.

So lets find out how tourist, solo travelers get scammed by the local people who stay near the famous location and target the new comers in Bali.

Here are some common scams in Bali which people should take care of.

Lets discuss Is Bali safe for couples ? Common Scams in Bali-

  1. Scams related to tourists.
  2. Rough cab driver. 
  3. Fake Taxi or Cab Drivers.
  4. Foreign Exchange Currency Scams.
  5. More Fees at tourist spots.
  6. Advance Parking Fees.
  7. Rental Bike and Car Scams.
  8. Conclusion.
  9. FAQ.

There are many scams which are being faced by tourists and couples are- money scam, parking scam, extra charges in hotels, extra taxi fare, extra commission by travel agent or fake hotel confirmation. stay safe

2. Rough cab driver – 

Bali’s open transport framework is constrained. You’ll be depending a ton on taxis and rideshare drivers for appearing or giving travel administrations. 

Ridesharing administrations, for example, Grab (Southeast Asia’s response to Uber) are actually illegal in numerous spots, for example, Ubud.

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Yet, that doesn’t keep them from being the most ideal alternative for getting around.

The neighborhood taxi mafia gives the drivers a lot of dangers and inconvenience, in order to stay please keep reading the article Is Bali safe for couples, Common Scams in Bali which we made for you

rental scooter frauds - Is Bali safe for couples ? Common Scams in Bali.

Sadly, not all Grab drivers are straightforward. Not at all like Uber, you’ll be paying the driver in real money. Numerous drivers have made a propensity for requesting extra cash, as much as a triple, what you were cited in the application. 

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In the wake of hanging tight for the doled out driver, a few vacationers simply select to pay the extra.

Doing so propagates this irritating trick in Bali. You’ll either need to haggle with the rebel driver or look out for another driver to show up (who will likely attempt the equivalent).

3. Fake Taxi or Cab Drivers – 

As is frequently the situation somewhere else in Southeast Asia, the cab drivers in Bali have aced the craft of hustling sightseers. Be that as it may, the taxi organizations in Bali take the brassiness to the following level. 

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One taxi bunch remains solitary as the most dependable and legitimate on the island: the Blue Bird Group taxis. Drivers conspicuously show ID and expeditiously use meters with no quick talking. 

bike parking frauds - Is Bali safe for couples ? Common Scams in Bali.

They regularly dress in a more expert way than the neighbourhood taxi mafia drivers do. Decide to utilize Blue Bird taxis at whatever point they are a choice. 

The less legitimate taxi organizations (there are many) think about Blue Bird’s sparkling notoriety. They endeavour to impersonate Blue Bird to trick explorers.

A large portion of the taxicabs in Bali have painted a sky-blue shading now. Some even have a comparable however extraordinary blue feathered creature logo on their “taxi” sign. 

Information related to Is Bali safe for couples ? Common Scams in Bali.

Be careful with fake cab drivers from different organizations that place “Blue Bird Group” stickers on windshields to confound vacationers. They aren’t genuine articles. 

Notwithstanding the taxi organization you use, guarantee the driver consents to utilize the meter. Know that a few meters on the island have been adjusted to run quicker as you sit in island traffic, regularly at a stop. 

parking frauds - Is Bali safe for couples ? Common Scams in Bali.

To guarantee you get a Blue Bird taxi, have the lodging call one for you. You can likewise download the official Blue Bird application (it works a lot of equivalent to Uber and Lyft).

 Be that as it may, be careful—there are phony Blue Bird applications out there, as well!

4. Foreign Exchange Currency Scams

Signs for “legitimate” cash trades line the streets in Kuta, Legian, and other famous vacationer zones. The publicized rates on these signs are now and then higher than the current worldwide rate—in support of yourself! 

Many gloat no commission or expenses. Try not to accept you’re going to make a benefit by trading monetary standards in Bali. You aren’t exchanging the Forex and will without a doubt come out on the base. 

currency exchange frauds - Is Bali safe for couples ? Common Scams in Bali.

The staff at these booths are master at skilful deception. They may include cash before you yet at the same time figure out how to drop a 50,000-rupiah note behind the work area without you taking note. 

At times harmed or invalid banknotes are given to travellers. Investigate the cash you’re given before leaving. 

Utilizing the ATMs will for the most part land you a superior rate in any case. Not at all like the over are the top ATM charges ($6 or more) in Thailand, the ATM expenses in Indonesia are still sensible. Many bank ATMs have no expense by any means. 

Detail information of Is Bali safe for couples ? Common Scams in Bali.

You’ll despite everything, need to pay universal exchange charges to your bank, however, these can be as low as 1% with some credit associations. 

In the event that you choose to trade cash, do as such at a genuine bank office—not in a shop.  

Tip: Most ATMs in Bali apportion categories of 100,000, yet a couple of will give 50,000-rupiah banknotes. Search for machines with “50,000” stickers on the front; littler categories are simpler to utilize.

5. More Fees at tourist spots – 

The passageways to mainstream sanctuaries and photogenic spots are a gauntlet of tricksters wanting to block you (and your cash) before you enter. 

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Here and there people will remain close to Hindu sanctuaries to request entrance cash. The individual approaching you for cash may not be related to the sanctuary. Continuously go ahead to check whether there’s an official ticket window clench hand. 

is it safe to travel to Bali now

Once in a while, you’ll be bothered to pay a manual for a stroll with you around the sanctuary grounds. On the off chance that anybody hooks on at the passageway or inside, they’ll unavoidably request a “gift” later. 

The photogenic sanctuaries close to Mount Batur and Pura Besakih are mainstream places for this trick in Bali. While in transit to Mount Batur, you will have just paid a moderately high extra charge (per individual and for the vehicle) just to crash into the Kintamani locale.

keep reading more about Is Bali safe for couples ? Common Scams in Bali.

These are men who fundamentally willingly volunteered to remain in the street and request cash to continue. Income is not spent to improve the zone. 

Men should wear a sarong before entering. Dress unassumingly. Numerous ladies will attempt to sell or lease you a sarong when one is in reality allowed to acquire at the passageway. 

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The way to maintain a distance from a great deal of the tricks around mainstream sights is to stroll advance and view what feels “official.” Don’t accept what individuals lingering close to passageways let you know.

6. Advance Parking Fees – 

With such huge numbers of vehicles on the streets, leaving in Bali can be serious. Once more, this trick in Bali, for the most part, occurs at the doors of famous vacationer places. 

A guide to Indonesia which says and explains Is Bali safe for couples Common Scams in Bali.

Neighbourhood go-getters will set up a seat or even improvised booth at places that commonly have free stopping. 

a travel guide to Indonesia- is bali really safe

One such spot is the monster parking area for Goa Gajah, the Elephant Cave. Somewhere else this happens is along the street at the Tegallalang rice porches only north of Ubud. 

Your lone choice is to stop somewhere else. For more keep reading the article Is Bali safe for couples ? Common Scams in Bali to get more exposure.

Standing firm and declining to pay implies gambling an opportunity your bike will “inadvertently” get thumped over.

7. Rental Bike and Car Scams – 

Despite the fact that motorbike rental tricks are an issue all through Southeast Asia, they happen much of the time in Bali and neighboring Lombok. 

People attempt to lease their own motorbikes to explorers; you’ll turn down various offers each day. 

Illegal parking scam in bali - Is Bali safe for couples ? Common Scams in Bali.

These casual rentals are loaded with possible issues. The direct outcome imaginable is that the proprietor utilizes an extra key to take back the motorbike. You’ll need to pay for the bike. 

Different con artists may censure you for existing scratches or harm and request that you make fixes. 

This article explains in deep regarding the Is bali safe for couples Common Scams in Bali which people should stay from.

Abstain from leasing from hawkers in the city. Stick to leasing bikes from legitimate bike rental shops

8. Conclusion

This article has concluded all the important points related to common scams in Bali and everything related to staying alert in Bali while travelling.

We have tried to explain everything related to Is Bali safe for couples ? Common Scams in Bali, because we are ought to provide well explained information for our users.

Also you can take travel insurance.

9. FAQ

Q1. What should I avoid in Bali? Here are the Top 7 Things Not To Do In Bali-

1.Don’t roam for 30 minutes at the markets with no intention of buying. 
2. Don’t spend all your time in Kuta.
4. Don’t look up when you are walking.
5. Don’t leave your drinks unattended.
6. Don’t just eat Western food
7. Don’t go for less than one week.

Q2.  Is Bali safe for couples or for single travellers?

Ans 2. Yes, Bali is very safe to travel as your honeymoon trip and you can travel to this destination during any month of the year as this destination is just amazing to travel with your loved ones.

Q3. What is illegal in Bali?

Ans 3. Bali’s drug laws are really strict and should not be taken for granted.  You can be arrested and can get charges for imprisonment for possession or death penalty if you’ve been got arrested of trafficking in drugs.

Q4. Are there any travel warnings for Bali?

Ans4. Extensive restrictions on domestic travel within Indonesia on all forms of land, sea and air transport remain in place until early June.

We advise you: Do not travel to Indonesia, including Bali.

Q5. How to survive and stay alert from scams in Bali?

Ans 5. Be alert and ask review from others. Take advice from others along with taking precautions so you don’t
blindly trust anyone.

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