The jatiluwih rice terrace, a Complete guide

The jatiluwih rice terrace in Bali, Indonesia is known for its natural beauty, that’s making it one of the most beloved destinations for a perfect Holiday Destination.the landscape comprises mountains, lacks, coconut trees and the rice fields. 

Rice terraces are synonymous with Bali and easily found everywhere in Bali. The countryside landscape is all about the beautiful rice fields adorning the hills and the mountains, offering visitors the most amazing panoramas.

Let’s find out-

  1. The jatiluwih rice terrace-
  2. How to Reach 
  3. The irrigation system of Jatiluwih rice terrace
  4. Things to do in Jatiluwih 
  5. Why we go to Jatiluwih for vacation
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

1.The jatiluwih rice terrace

Visiting the Rice terraces without a doubt one of the most amazing things to do in Bali.

Out of the many rice terraces in Bali, there is one which has been declared one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Jatiluwih rice terraces. .

Jatiluwih is derived from two words jati means real and Lucchi means good or beautiful.  Its location in the district of penebel, Tabanan regency of Bali 40 km north-west Ubud in Bali.

This rice Terrace represents the countryside of Bali at its best. It’s a lot harder to get to this place and requires time and effort to explore the region, with no tourist buses or even regular public buses commuting here.

rice field in bali

This accessibility is what keeps away the crowds, which are good in a way because you get to see the uninterrupted views of the vast rice fields.

 Situated around a height of around 700 meters above sea level, the route to jatiluwih takes you to the most stunning rice fields terraces on the Bali island.

The cool breeze and the wonderful rural ambience will leave you refreshed. When you travel to Jatiluwih, you will come across a lot of farmhouses, a little shrine to place offerings dedicated to Devi Sri, the goddess of rice and farmers engaged in harvesting or ploughing.

 The moment you reach the place, you will be amazed by the never-ending expenses of rice terraces. Spread across 16000 hectares of land.

the stunning views of rolling rice terraces with Mount Bart Cairo in the distance makes an amazing addition to the already breathtaking view.

2.How to Reach Jatiluwih-  

  1. You have to reach Bali Indonesia from your country you stay currently
  2. You have to book a car or taxi to go to Bali to Ubud (it takes around 2+ hours to reach)
  3.  Here you can book a two-wheeler or four-wheelers or any personal transportation to go Ubud to the jatiluwih rice terraces. (it takes around  1+ hours to reach there)

3.The irrigation system of Jatiluwih rice terraces –    

The jatiluwih rice terraces are irrigated by an old but very effective irrigation system, that is called subak system.

This system allows farmers to grow rice and other crops at the right time of the year.

  The Subak existence has been known for the last approximately 1000 years this Balinese traditional irrigation system exclusively controlled by Balinese farmers.

Because the specific type of geography the Balinese have applied irrigation system, under which water from highlands is brought down to the lowland. It is an effectual distribution of water in agriculture.

 jatiluwih rice terrace

the local villagers distribute and used  the water in subak irrigation system in fair and equal manner, for instance, those who may have large parcels of  farmland can be a relatively large waterway they live on self-reliance basis and need no government help

Because of this subak system, the Jatiluwih rice terrace was awarded by UNESCO in June 2012.  

The Subak is essentially a collective of farmers who all share the same water source. 

4.Things to do in Jatiluwih-  

You can do a lot of things in jatiluwih because it’s not only a rice terrace is also a world heritage site. So you have a lot of choices. You can do Rice field trekking, interacting with a local farmer and you can also enjoy the local music as well.

1) Rice field Trekking –

Rice field trekking is one of the most popular things to do. Once you arrive you will find many colour-coded trails from easy to difficult pick a trail that suits you and walk through the rice terraces.

The tracks allow you to enjoy the beauty of the rice terraces, this also offering you an up-close view of the rice fields. 

You will come across the farmers working in the field engaged in various rice harvesting processes.

Bali farmers have harvested rice for over 2000 years. The rice terraces were created using primitive tools to carve the hillsides in order to support traditional subak agriculture.

The results are the beautiful vast landscapes that graze Bali.

 jatiluwih rice terrace

Except for a few people from nearby resorts and fellow tourists, you won’t see anybody here. Plus there are even fewer people walking through the rice fields.

So it’s just you and nature! 

2) Interacting with Farmers-  

While you trail in the jatiluwih rice terraces, you will come across farmers displaying various rice species grown in the same region. Interacting with them is a great way to understand more about the irrigation system and rice cultivation.

farmars in rice fields

  Rice means life to Balinese. It has three names while still in the field it is the call paddy, in the sack its call Parris and on the plate its calls nasi. The water flows in the small canals, distributing the water in the fields. 

This place is the only place in the world that has three annual rice harvest. Aside from being a producer of white rice and red rice, this area also produces other garden crops such as coffee, coconuts, bananas..

Balinese also believe that Devi Sri the goddess of rice must be honoured, therefore there are shrines set up in every field to honour her.

3) Enjoy the Local music

When you trail around the field, you can also enjoy those natural beauties music along with the local music. There are a lot of varieties of local music, but the traditional melody is the best and suitable option for you because the melody suits the beauty of nature. 

Enjoy the local music of bali

The traditional melody is the song of the local people and when you listen to the music, you can actually relate the music with the balinese and the nature. 

The local music was played with  instruments like Ceng Ceng,Genggong, Gong,Pereret,Rindik, Suling,Gamelan clam .

The artist blends serene ambience of the place with those instruments.

 4) Cycling tour

You can enjoy cycling tours in jatiluwih rice terrace. because sometimes you can’t cover the whole rice field on foot in one day or if you want to try to do that, then you will become very tired. That’s why some visitors visit there by cycle. 

You can get a cycle tour at a very reasonable rate and also can tour throughout the rice field.

cycling in natural beauty

It has become quite popular these days because of social media posts and photographs.

You can go almost everywhere in the rice field by cycling and can enjoy the beauty of nature while cycling.

5.  Lunch with an amazing view

You can also enjoy an amazing view while at lunch. This area is very rural and nothing but farmer families and a few numbers of mountains resorts and eateries light along the main roads after exploring the beautiful rice terraces, you can enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the restaurants with spectacular rice terrace panoramic view right in front of you.

amazing view

It’s a very big area, so if you want to tour throughout the whole area you should go in the morning time. The whole day is enough to visit most of the beautiful places.

5) Why we go to Jatiluwih for vacation

  It has a lot of benefits that make the jatiluwih rice terrace amazing destination for a holiday. So let’s jump on the comparison table.

    Other  Places The Jatiluwih 
1.Can’t enjoy rice terraces1.enjoy  the rice terraces
2.Can’t see Historical techniques
In real
2.Real-world implementation of Subak technics of history
3.Tough to manoeuvre3.Easy to Manoeuvre
4.Can’t enjoy tracking rice traces and mountains on the same go.4.Can enjoy tracking of rice traces and mountains on the same go.
5.Can’t Witness local music 5.Can Witness local music
6. Cant enjoy the beauty of sunset in the rice field6. Can enjoy the beauty of sunset in the rice field
7.Not Family-friendly7. Family-friendly
8.Very crowded8.Just you and nature( few people)
9.Full of garbage9. Clean and clear
10.High Price10.Pocket friendly

6) Conclusion-

In the end, I Can assure you if you want to see the natural beauty of nature and enjoy a beautiful vacation with your loved one then The Jatiluwih is the best in Bali and If you want to buy a perfect package for you, then you can consider our trip packages.

I can assure you our packages are one of the best. It is not only cost-effective but also very premium in quality.

So what are you waiting for? Go and book our packages and enjoy the real world view of life there, So best of luck for your trip.

7) FAQ-

Que.1) IS Jatiluwih an expensive trip? 

Ans.1) No, it’s totally opposite. You can enjoy the jatiluwih rice terrace at a very reasonable rate that can actually blog your mind.

Que.2) How to go to the jatiluwih rice terrace?

Ans.2)First, you have to reach Bali, then you have to book private transport to go to Bali to Jatiluwih rice terrace directly or you can go via Ubud.

Que.3) IS the Jatiluwih rice terrace really a beautiful place?

Ans.3)Yes, but it totally depends on you how you judge a place. If you judge a place by its natural beauty, then I must say it is the best option in the market.

Que.4) Is the Subak technique really applicable in the present?

Ans.4) Yes, the Subak technics is still applying in the present, it’s not a myth.though its a historical technics but still applying in present because of his effectiveness

Que.5) Why do the local people worship Davis Sri?

Ans.5) Davi Sri is the goddess of rice. That’s why local people believe that if they can get blessings from the goddess Devi Sri, they can produce huge rice every year.

Que.6) How am I able to know the lifestyle of the farmer who lives here?

Ans.6)When you tour through the rice field, you can interact with the local people that is not possible in other touring destinations. And that actually helps you to know the real lifestyle of them and their culture.

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