Kuta Beach,


A compete guide to visit Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia. A must visit tourist spot in Bali, famous for its white sand beach & resorts

white sand beach

A must visit tourist spot to visit in Bali.

About Kuta Beach Bali

Kuta Beach in Bali is a famous tourist spot in Bali, famous for its white sand beach, resorts and shopping options. The place is filled with people and street markets.

Kuta Beach is very famous around the world and in Bali which makes it a very busy place to visit. Experience you will have on Kuta beach is different from the other places in Bali.

As the place has no ancient or traditional values of you will find the place different from other parts of Bali.


Famous For Its Natural Beauty

Most tourists who visit Kuta Beach commonly do swimming, surfing, sunbath and shopping. Local cafes and restaurants are a good place to hangout on Kuta Beach. Kuta the white sand beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing and people can be seen here taking sunbath and enjoying swimming. Kuta Beach is ideal for seeing the sunset, The beach has 5 km long coastline and can be considered as the best coastline in Bali.

The beach has fine white sand texture and beautiful view which make it a favourite spot among the international as we the local tourist. Because of its extensive popularity among the visitors the beach generally remains overcrowded & busy every time. The beach has a rush of tourist and local vendors on the beach, who can be seen selling different products to visitors every time.

Aside from being a tourist spot, Kuta Bali beach often used as a video shooting location for television series in Indonesia.


Kuta Beach History

Kuta Beach was earlier known as the fisherman village, where locals were used to doing fishing and fishing was the prime feature of the beach. In 19 th century, a trader named Mads Lange came from Denmark to establish a trading business on the beach.

Which later helped the place to established as traders point and people from outside Bali used to come here for commercial transactions. In 1970s local businessmen and investors come here to transform the place into a tourist destination.

At that time Bali was gaining popularity among the travellers around the world, which locals saw it as a good opportunity to transform the place as a tourist destination in Balli.


The beach was used to be the habitat of green turtles which is now almost extinct from the island and in the preserved species list on the Indonesian island.

Want To See Turtles

The green turtle breeding is now relocated to the coast of Tanjung Benoa in Bali. If you want to see green turtles you can visit turtle Tanjung Benoa island in Bali.

Key Attractions Of Kuta Beach Bali

Sunset View

Kuta Beach Is Famous For Its Stunning Sunset Views In Bali, Indonesia.

One of the main attractions points of Bali are its stunning beaches in which Kuta Beach is very famous among travelers. Bali holiday is incomplete without visiting the white sand beach. The beach is famous for stunning sunset views in Bali.

The Beach gets crowded in afternoon when everyone on beach tries to find a good spot to sit and enjoy the sunset. You can take some beverages from stalls and enjoy the view from beach. 

Timing for Sunset on a clear day is around 6:00 Pm. Try to reach at beach early so you can get a perfect spot to enjoy the view.

Sunset View

Surfing on beach

Kuta Beach, An Ideal Place For Professional Surfing In Bali, Indonesia.

Kuta beach is an ideal place for professional surfers. Many surfers try their skills on waves, you can easily find people taking surfing lessons on the beach.

You can rent surfboards from shops on beach the rent of board depends on the size & quality of board. Average rent for a surfboard is about 150000 IDR for two hours.

If you are a novice and don’t know how to surf, you will easily find a trainer on the beach who can teach you to basics about surfing.

Best time to surf on Kuta beach is fro May to September month when generally weather stays dry.

Shoreline Wall

Big white walls along the coastline of Kuta beach with Balinese architecture.

Big white walls along the coastline of Kuta beach with Balinese architecture is also a key attraction to the place. The wall was built by the local administration in 2011 to block sand from blown away to restaurants & cafe built on opposite side fo Kuta Beach Bali.

Some people consider these walls are blocking the view of Kuta beach, but some people find it as useful because the sand is not going to the road or restaurant. To maintain the cleanest of Kuta beach, small vendors are not allowed to sell food on the beach.

Travellers who visit Kuta beach are backpackers and family from all around the world, and most are coming from Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and India.

Shoreline Wall

How to reach

Kuta Beach is located very close to Ngurah Rai International airport in Bali. It will take 20 minutes to reach the Kuta beach from Ngurah Rai Airport.

You can hire a private cab or take a rented scooter to reach here.

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Things to keep in mind before visiting Kuta Beach

Safekeep your valuable things?

Try not to bring your valuable things on the beach such as jewellery, watches, etc. Chances are there you might lose them on beach.

unpredictable Sea Current

Don’t swim across the warning flags on beach because the sea current near the flags locations is unpredictable.

Mind the trafic rules

Always wear a helmet while riding the scooter and try not to drink and drive as traffic rules in Bali are strict.

Money exchange scam!

Money exchange scam! Be aware of this, if you see a money changer shop offers a significantly high exchange rate, don’t bite the bait.

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