Mount Batur: A Beautiful Place for Sunrise Trekking

Mount Batur is an active volcano mountain in the world.  It is one of the sacred mountains according to Hindu Believe. It is also a beautiful sunrise trekking place. About 200 people hike Mount Batur every day. This mountain is an example of the beauty of the world. There are so many factors which attract visitors like Lake Batur, the beauty of Kintamani.

In this article, we will know something about Mount Batur.


  1. Where is Mount Batur?
  2. Mount Batur- Active volcano
  3. Lake Batur
  4. What can you do in Mount Batur?
  5. Best sights in Mount Batur
  6. FAQS

1. Where is Mount Batur?

  • Mt. Batur is located at the Kintamani village of Bali island, Indonesia. 
  • It is situated in the Bangli region of Bali. 

2. Mount Batur- Active volcano

  • Mt. Batur is a currently active volcano. It has erupted more than 26 times. The last eruption occurred from 1999 to 2000.
  • The eruption really affects Desa Batur and Ulun Danu Batur.
  • Mt. Batur is the place where tourists are coming for many adventurous activities. 
  • Not only for the adventure but also tourists are coming for the beautiful view of the active volcano. Like the Sunrise in Mt. Batur from Mt. Agung And Mt. Agang.
  • To see this beautiful scenario you have to wake up early in the morning for sunrise trekking or hiking.

3. Lake Batur

  • This lake is formed by a volcanic eruption of Mt. Batur active volcano mountain. Located in Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia.
  • The location of this lake is about 30km north from Ubud.
  • It flows from South to East of the Mt. Batur volcano.
  • The lake is about 88 meters deep. The maximum length is 2.5km and the Maximum width is 7.5km.
  • The lake is also used for farming fish.
  • The lake is classified as a “neutral-dilute” lake because there is no known underlying hydrothermal activity, and any such activity is more than quenched by the abundant rainfall.
  • In 1992 a survey of Lake Batur was conducted by scientists from Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT USA). The chemistry of the vertical structure of Lake Batur demonstrates that the lake is dilute and well-mixed.

4. What can you do in Mount Batur?

If you are a traveller then there are many more activities to do in Mt. Batur. So here is the list.

Sunrise Trekking in Mt. Batur

  • It is an experience of hiking Mt. Batur in the early morning to see the beautiful colours of Sun in the sky above Mt. Batur from Mount Agung And Mount Agang.
  • The hiking height of Mt. Batur is about 1717 meters above sea level.
  • You don’t need any guide for hiking. Because every day about 200 peoples are hiking the mountain. So you just need to reach the starting point at the right time.
  • It is safe to hike Mt. Batur because the last eruption was in 1963, till then the place is under surveillance.
  • So before starting your hiking you should check the volcano activities and weather.

What To Wear To Hike The Active Volcano Mountain

  • The temperature does not remain the same in between the hiking. So that workout wearings are the best choice for the sunrise trekking. 
  • Trekking Shoes is a must because it will help you to keep the grip on your path.
  • Also, you have to take a Jacket for cold temperature.

Mt. Batur Hot Spring

  • With the hiking adventure, you can also enjoy the nature of Mt. Batur like a hot spring bath.
  • You can enjoy the hot lake water after trekking the mountain in Toyabungkah, Batur village, Bangli Regency.
  • The place-name indicates that the hot water coming from the rock or from Mt. Batur.
  • Pekraman Batur is the village responsible for managing the lake for the visitors, later they named it Batur Natural Hot Spring.

Cycling Tour

  • Kintamani Highlands are very beautiful. It attracts travellers with its beautiful sights.
  • These lands are located on the north side of Bali.
  • Enjoying the beauty of these attractive places with Cycle is an awesome experience you can get.

Trunyan Village

  • This village will give you the traditional experience.
  • The village is located at the Mount Abang, On the shore of Lake Batur.
  • All the collection you can see of the past centuries here. Also, you should try the local food.

Visit Temples

5. Best sights in Mount Batur

  • Danau Batur
  • Pura Ulun Danu Batur
  • Les Waterfalls
  • Museum Geopark Batur

Here are some details about Mt. Batur. A beautiful example of the beauty of the world. You really should visit once in your life.

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Ques. 1) How long does it take to hike Mt. Batur?

Ans. 1) Mount Batur is about 1717 meters, so it will take two hours approximately. Also, it depends on your sporty desire to reach the summit.

Ques. 2) Is Mount Batur safe climb?

Ans. 2) Yes, it is safe. You can take a guide for trekking. And every day about 200 people hike Mt. Batur.

Ques. 3) Can you do Mount Batur without a guide?

Ans. 3) Yes, you can because it is a tourist place and every day many people trekking on Mt. Batur(About 200 people).

Ques. 4) What do you wear to Mount Batur?

Ans. 4) The temperature of Mt. Batur changes every time. So, you should take your work out outfit and a jacket. For trekking, you can take your trekking shoe.

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