Nightlife in Bali: Four Places where you can be at night

Nightlife is the soul of any city. There is a relative increase in nightlife in Bali because of the increase in tourists. This tourist culture brought hippie culture in Bali and this is making Bali a party place.

Bali at the present time is turning into a world-class destination for nightlife. Nightlife has its own enjoyment. Lights, a lot of people, Pubs, drinks, dance, a lot of enjoyment in a cool environment make night time most enjoyable.

From electrifying music, rave parties, lively pubs to the happening beach parties, you have so much to look out for in Bali. You can follow guides.

The best part is Bali has no enforced opening and closing times for clubs and discos. They allow them to stay open till late, with the music sometimes still playing at sunrise.

Although the real parties and action happen after midnight, going out might start early, with happy hours

It is available in many restaurants, bars, and clubs, and sunset drinks are a daily pastime, whether in a luxurious beachside lounge in Seminyak or on a bench by the waves in Kuta.

In this blog, we will discuss the four most fascinating places for enjoying the nightlife in Bali. If you are planning to enjoy the nightlife of Bali then you should choose one of these three places.


  1. uta Not To Miss Place For Nightlife
  2. Seminyak Best Nightlife in Bali
  3. Sanur Feel the Magic After Dark
  4. Bali Safari and Marine Park
  5. Safety First
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Question

1.Kuta Not To Miss Place For Nightlife

Kuta nightlife

Kuta is the place to be if you want to party heartily. The action begins roughly at 10 pm but really gets going around 11 pm and lasts until dawn every night.

Don’t forget your sunglasses, you’ll probably need them. Plenty of clubs and bars have their own unique style, although many are more alike than not.

Kuta tends to pull in a younger, wilder crowd with megaclubs, ultra-cheap drinks, musical focus, and mainstream dance music.

Cultural Performances

One of the highlights of being in Kuta is the multitude of cultural performances on offer at many of the four-star hotels and restaurants.

If your interest is in traditional dance performance with their theme night buffets, then Kuta Paradiso Hotel should be your destination. Firstly do check the days on which they offer that.

nightlife in bali puppet show

Similarly, Puppet performances (wayang kulit) can be seen in Banjar Buni, Jl. Raya Kuta, mostly Monday and Thursday night at 8 pm.


Bars and pubs are one of the best ways to enjoy the nightlife in Bali. You can find all types of bars cheap to costly. The best way will be enjoying rooftop bars.

bars clubs

Enjoy the open starlit sky count all those stars in a breezy setting with great cocktails. There’s surely no better way to have a blissful evening than these party places in Bali.

Just imagine a beautiful beach and the sun is setting and you are having a drink. Yes, this is what you get at beach clubs in Bali.

Beach clubs in Bali spice up the splendid sunny coastlines by day and host perfect evenings essentially for nightlife in Bali for singles. If you’re a beach bum, this is where you ought to be.

2.Seminyak Best Nightlife in Bali

When you talk about nightlife in Bali then Seminyak is another hot spot where you should be. Seminyak has its fair share of fun like Kuta.

Seminyak is for party lovers that are also hardcore party lovers. It typically attracts a hipper, more refined group of clubbers. You will just fall in love with the crowd over here. They are all young.

3.Sanur Feel the Magic After Dark

If you feel like seeing magic just go to Sanur after sunset. The last light of the day burns with a soft brilliance.You can see rosy glow reflection by cloud and seas. Feels like music is flowing through your ears.

Gamelan music echoes on the sea breeze from groups honing their skills. Traditional dance performances are to be seen in a number of restaurants and hotels.

4.Bali Safari and Marine Park

bali safari

You want to experience the wild side of Bali’s nightlife so Safari & Marine Park is for you. No no don’t worry complete safety is taken over there.With night safari your wild part just comes out, as there is excitement, fun, adventure, and thrills .

You will be perfectly safe in a cage as you spend the evening journey through The African Savannah. Needless to say, it is a must-have experience in Bali on your next holiday.

This safari is one of the most amazing things to do while experiencing nightlife in Bali.

5. Safety First

Remember with enjoyment nightlife always brings some bad aspects. so it’s always necessary that you are aware of the adverse part also.

Bali is a safe haven. But this doesn’t mean crime doesn’t happen. Crime happens like theft, murder, and rape like in any other country in the world.

Stay away from drugs and excessive drinking. Bali is a peaceful place, but going “down that road” in Bali increases the chances drastically to end up mugged, hurt or in deep trouble. And suddenly Bali can show a side that is far off paradise.


Bali is definitely a place to enjoy at night . There is so much tourism thriving on the island that it is impossible for this place to not have nightlife.

This place has bars and clubs where you can party. Bali is one of the places where you will find a juxtaposition of religion and nightlife together.

You can visit temples and know about the religious side of Bali and in the night, you can crash bars and pubs where you can dance and drink all night long. If you want to go party, Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, and Legian areas are perfect for awesome nightlife.

7.Frequently Asked Question

Ques 1. What are the best places for nightlife in bali?

Ans 1. Sanur, Kutu and Seminyak are the three best places for nightlife in Bali.

Ques 2. Are girls safe at night?

Ans 2. Girls are definitely safe in Bali.However keep safety yourself also.

Ques 3. How are clubs in Bali?

Ans 3. Some of Bali’s clubs are rowdy and wild, some are hip and contemporary, and others more elegant and sophisticated.

Ques 4. Where can i Find Live Music?

Ans 4. Live music is available in Kuta, Sanur, and Denpasar, and tends to draw also a local crowd.

Ques 5. At what time nightlife of bali begins?

Ans 5. Nightlife in bali begins around 7pm but actual nightlife begins around 11pm. Nightlife in bali continue till early morning.

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