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Nusa Island is a tropical island with the true beauty of Balinese Culture. The island is consist of three islands named Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida islands

nusa penida island

A must visit beaches in Bali.

About Nusa Penida Island, Bali

Nusa Island is a tropical island with the true beauty of Balinese Culture and natural beauty. The island is consist of three islands named Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida islands.

Nusa Lembongan island is at a 30-minutes distance by the boat from Bali’s Sanur. The place is more natural and less crowded.

The island is a true paradise and has become famous among the travellers and visiter who visit Bali.
The island has many gorgeous beaches and diving spots.

The most visited of the islands is Nusa Lembongan followed by Nusa Penida, but if you are planning for a day trip at Nusa Island you can visit the Nusa Ceninage which is the smallest island among the three.

Key attractions of the island are its stunning beaches, sea views. favourite activities among the tourists are surfing, diving, snorkelling, and trekking in the forest area.

If you are looking to avoid the crowded place in Bali you can visit Nusa Island. here you can do many adventure activities.

however, then the Nusa Islands is also a perfect place to relax and get away from the crowds on Bali, and you can easily spend a week here taking a sunbath on the beautiful beaches and enjoying the peace.



Things You Can Do in Nusa Islands


Sunbath AT Mushroom Beach – Nusa Penida Bali, Indonesia.

Mushroom beach on Nusa Lembongan island is the first place you will see on your arrival at the island. You will also notice lots of boats here in the sea.

Beach here is perfect to relax and for sunbath. You can also do swimming, snorkelling or diving here.

If you want you can relax in the big wooden huts here built along the beachside while enjoying the beach view.


Crystal Beach

Crystal bay a sandy beach on the north coast of island.

Crystal bay is also a stunning place in Nusa Penida and is made up of a long strip of sandy beach on the north coast of the island.

The water here is crystal clear, people come here for diving as well as snorkelling.

People have spotted sharks and string rays here in sea. The place is also one of the most-visited parts of the island.

You will easily find some cafes and shops here selling drinks and basic amenities here.


Tembeling Forest Rich Flora & Fauna.

You will find a tembeling forest on Nusa Penida island that is crossing the virgin rainforest, is a good place to visit on the Nusa Penida Island.

The forest is rich in flora and fauna with the habitat of some colourful birds in it. If you are fond of natural beauty you will love the place.

The forest is a good place to take a break from the beaches and enjoy the wildlife. You will find many waterfalls with limpid pools that are perfect for cooling off in.


Cruise club

Beach Club Cruise The Best Experience Of Cruise in Bali

Nusa Lembongan is famous for its beach club and the best way to experience this is to take a Beach Club Cruise.

Once you are on the cruise you will be able to take sunbathe on the golden strip of sand in front of the clear turquoise waters of Nusa Lembongan Bay.

Here you will get private use of beach club as well as food and drinks provided on cruise. This is the most luxurious way available to experience the Nusa Lembongan island.

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Pura Penataran Temple

Pura Penataran Temple

Pura Penataran is one of most important Hindu temple situated on Nusa Penida Island.

The gods of the temple are believed to guard people of island against illness, disease & death, and people also come here to turn away bad luck & evil spirits.

The temple is built very beautifully and can be marked as the key highlight of the Nusa Penida island. Temple itself stands out against the rest of the island and you should not chance to miss it if you are planning to visit Nusa Penida Island.

Pura Penataran Temple

National Park

Friends of the National Park Foundation & Bird Sanctuary

Friends National Park and Bird sanctuary are situated on the Nusa Penida Island. Where you can see different species of birds in their natural habitat.

Friends of the National Park is taking steps and is responsible for maintaining the natural environment on Nusa Penida Island.

You will love the place if you like watching birds and greenery.

Dream Beach

Dream Beach

Dream Beach is generally described as one of the most stunning beaches in Indonesia which is high praise indeed.

The name itself describes the beauty of the island with a long strip of white sand beach and stunning sea views.

you will find some good resorts & cafe on island which allows you to enjoy a longer vacation here chilling on the beach and cafes.

You can enjoy paddle boating here along the beach in crystal clear water where you can easily see different fishes and sea creature without going very far in the sea.

Do take some caution while in water because the Dream Beach has hight current and water level here changes very quickly.

Dream Beach

Broken Beach

Broken Beach known as The Broken Sea

Broken Beach, also known as Broken Sea, local knows it as Pasih Uwug in Nusa Penida.

Water has now spilt over from the sea into the cave and you can hike along the cliffs to look down over this amazing natural view.

You may even see a stingray swimming through the water, this is one of the most amazing natural attractions in all of Indonesia.

underwatere Dive

Dive at Temple Point

Temple point is a great place for diving and exploring the underwater wonder at Nusa Penida Island. Here you will find some amazing and mesmerising view of underwater world in Nusa Penida.

If you don’t want to dive then swimming and snorkelling are the other best option for you. You can reach the location from Crystal Bay. Here you will find a range of ancient Buddha statues carving on stones and other beautiful images too.

The place still has a beautiful underwater experience that you won’t find at other places around the world.

underwater Dive

Cliff Jump

Mahana Point Cliff Jump

If you are looking for some thrill and adventure during your visit at Nusa Ceningan, you can try cliff jump from Mahana Point.

The place is built with a wooden platform on a cliff at the edge of Sea where you can jump directly into sea from height.

Here are some different levels to test your courage and how brave you are.

Goa Giri Putri

Goa Giri Putri

Goa Giri Putri is a famous cave temple which is built under the earth on Nusa Penida island. The temple is considered a pilgrimage site in this part of Island and you will need to wear a sarong to enter temple.

To reach here you can climb down the stair which leads to the main chamber of the temple. A meditation area is also built within the cave where you can meditate after having prayers.

As you would imagine this is an extremely magical place and is made even more beautiful thanks to the eerie rock formations like stalagmites and stalactites that line the inside of the cave.


Goa Giri Putri

Best Time to Visit

It is recommended to visit Nusa Island during the wet season which starts from April to October.

During the offseason or can say wet season which generally remains during January & February. Island receives heavy rainfall and high tides so it is not recommended to visit the island during this time of year.

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