Top Problems in Bali, Indonesia

Do You know India contributes over 5% of foreign visitors every year, and you might also think to go to Bali? But before deciding I want to tell some actual truth of Bali.those are the reality of Bali. Those things you can’t find on the web. The problems of Bali. 

There are a lot of problems in Bali, but if you plan a holiday, then what are the areas where you should concern, what are the problems you should care about. So let’s get started.

Let’s find out–

  1. Garbage problems –  
  2. Transportation Problems
  3. Destroying the rice field – 
  4. How you can contribute to solving the problems– 
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ

 1.Garbage problems –   

Bali has developed massive garbage problems, the island doesn’t have a garbage processing system. Most of the garbage is just thrown into the river. Yeah, it’s right and because of that, the garbage’s going to stay in the river for most of the time.

 But when the rainy season comes all the traces are being washed to the sea and on some time, it will show up on the beaches again.

This is an actual picture of Bali and one of the most problematic areas of Bali.

Garbage Problems in Bali

 How the beaches are looking today is horrendous and if you want to go to drive in Bali, you will see more garbage like things underwater than fish and the other sea animals. That’s a fact.

As a result, a lot of sea animals left the bali island because the garbage was mainly plastic.

it’s become like a nightmare for them and the garbage has become like man made fish in the water.

But it is a very big problem because besides the fishes and other animals, it also harms the men as well. So we have to improve the situation as soon as possible. Because most of the garbage is thrown away by the visitors, so we have to be careful and not throw garbage everywhere. 

We have to keep them in a dustbin, not in the beaches, in the dustbin. Beside that, we have to keep social awareness among people.

If we think we will improve the situation and take necessary steps, then one day will come when Bali becomes like earlier, neat and clean, full of the beauty of nature.

2.Transportation Problems-

Bali has no public transportations system whatsoever. So if you want to go to some places to another place then you have to book some personal car, taxi, bike. And that’s cost a little more. You can’t depend on public transport in Bali. 

You have to book a personal transportation system in Bali. so never depend on public transport in Bali. 

On the other hand, if you book personal transport in Bali to travel in Bali though you have to face some more difficulties in transport, and that is traffic, yes the traffic in Bali became like Indian traffic day by day.

 Transportation Problems

 Most of the street is not made to handle this kind of traffic and most of the street is not having a double lane. Let’s talk about an example, it will clear your doubts about how the traffic of Bali changes every year.

If you travel ubud to Seminyak, it would take less than  30 minutes in 2012. But now if you want to go on the same trip today, it will take more than two hours. 

So when you visit Bali you think you can easily go around the island but you are wrong because you can’t judge the travelling time between two places by judging the distance between two places.

You have to be careful about the traffic and according to the traffic you have to plan your trip and this situation is not going to be any better soon.  Because the local government isn’t doing anything 

 It became worse and worse. Because every year more and more tourists come every year and because of that it creates a massive transportation problem in Bali. 

Rice field

Because a big percent of Bali people’s income comes from tourists, if we take an initiative to raise the voice then the local people will also assist us and our joint venture can create pressure on the local Govt. Then hopefully they might start to improve the situation and build improved roads and promote public transport.  

ON the other hand, in 2016 there nearly 16 million people visited the island and the growth rate is currently more than 10% in a year. 

At the end of the day,  it’s a tiny island. There is not enough space for that many people.  

3.Destroying the rice field –

The rice field is also a very popular and one of the most beautiful attractions of Bali. Every year millions of people are coming here. There are seven rice terraces in Bali.

  • Tegallalang Rice Terrace
  • Jatiluwih Rice Terrace
  • Belimbing Rice Terraces
  • Dayang Rice Terraces
  • Tiying Gading Rice Terraces
  • Rice Terrace Munduk
  • Rice Terraces, Lemaya

But Jatiluwih Rice terraces are the most beautiful among all of them. There you can find an ultimate combination of natural beauty that blows your mind and fills your mind full of peace. If you are a nature lover then you should consider this place.

 Destroying the rice field

But those beautiful rice fields are going away. Because most Bali people think oh! every year a massive number of tourists come every year.

That’s why we should build a hotel on my rice file and the hotel will give more revenue than the rice field. So it also rises like a problem of Bali

So they are building a house on their rice field and also the foreign investors are coming to Bali and buying a big junk of rice field and making a hotel by destroying the rice field. The best example of this example you can find in Changu. 

Rice field

Just a few years ago changu was known as a place where you can see some beautiful rice fields and also enjoy the sun sets on there, but now everything has gone and big hotels come on that place.

But still, The Jatiluwih Rice traces still manages his charm and beauty in spite of those difficulties.

So if you want to visit a popper rice field in Bali, then go for The Jatiluwih Rice terraces.

4.How you can contribute to solving the problems 

  1. We have to manage our garbage because visitors are the main causes of garbage and we have to manage our garbage and put them in the dustbin.
  2. create social awareness among local people, awareness among people and government and show and make them understand how the Road and cleaning of garbage will improve their income and attract more people towards Bali.
  3. We have to make the local people and foreign investors understand that The rice field is also an attraction, then they and the local government are also building the infrastructure that will make your travel experience smooth.


At The end, I Can tell you one thing, currently every visiting place is suffering the same kind of problems.its not a big problem having this kind of problem in such a tourist place.

In some extinct Bali is a much better option if you want to visit sea and mountain on the same tour. a lot of high-cost places and famous places have more problems than Bali. 

The problems of Bali are easily improvable and also they are currently improving.  you also have to share awareness among local people and local government to improve their problematic areas.

So don’t worry I can assure you Bali is the best place if you want to plane an amazing vacation in the budget


Que.1)What are the best Rice fields in Bali?

Ans.1) In my opinion, Jatiluwih Rice Terrace is the most beautiful rice field in Bali. Wish attracts a huge number of visitors every year. And also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Que.2) How can we solve transportation problems?

Ans.2) Frankly speaking, it is not in our hand it totally depends on the hand of local government, but we spread awareness among local people and other visitors that also creates pressure on the government.

Que.3) If Bali has so many problems then why should we go to Bali.

 Ans.3) Every destination has some problems in it though Bali has some problems. They are easily improvable and also they are currently improving.

Que.4) Why is Bali so popular in Asia?

 Ans.4) Because Bali has an immersive natural beauty like beaches, mountains, amazing rice terrace, river. In a word a full bucket of natural beauty. That’s why Bali is very Popular.

Que.5) What is the main income source of Bali people?

Ans.5) The Balinese are mainly depended on Farming. On the other hand, some of them now depend on the tourists as well for their income

Que.6) What is the reason behind the growth of yearly visitors in Bali? 

Ans.6) The main reason behind it is the social networking sites. That’s why the visitors of Bali are increasing day by Day. Also the Balinese and the local government is working hand to hand to improve the experiences of the visitors

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