Seminyak Bali: A must-visit destination

Seminyak, a beautiful place in Bali. In this blog, I will be explaining all about Seminyak Bali, in which you will be getting knowledge of why and how this place is best for tourism especially for couples for a honeymoon.

So Seminyak Bali lies alongside his neighbors Kuta and Legian. It is one of the crowded regions in Bali. Most of the people who travel Bali Surely come to this place because of its famous attractions.

What is there for you in it-

  1. Famous attractions of Seminyak Bali
  2. Exploring the Seminyak beach
  3. The best things which you can do in Seminyak Bali
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ

1.Famous attractions of Seminyak Bali

There are various attractions in Seminyak which I will be discussing here one by one.

Nyaman Gallery

It is one of the best places who take some interest in art and want to feel the art from inside. The great art of Indonesian people and other places of Bali has been situated there in the gallery.

Maximum pieces of art are there for sale so you can pick 1-2 homes and it will be one of the things from which you will be able to remind that what place you have visited.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

If you are a great diver then you can showcase your skills and get PADI certified. And you also can consider a trip to adventure Scuba Diving Bali.

In it, you can also learn to dive and when you become better in it, then you can enjoy it. It is one of the dramatic attraction who has come for a honeymoon.

Admire Pura Petitenget

It is one of the real attractions in Seminyak Bali in the form of a famous temple.

Petitenget means “magic box” and it is a reference to a magic box owned by a priest called Nirartha.

Ku De Ta

Seminyak Bali

It is one of the popular places which displays some great views along the ocean. It is referred to as a large beachfront bar.

There are a variety of cocktails available and it will be a great experience along with the scenery around.

Jalan Laksmana

Seminyak Bali

It is like a shopping haven in Bali which is situated on one of the main roads of Seminyak. Here you will get items of big Brands be it clothes, local ornaments, etc. And a lot of items for new couples. All and all it will be a great exposure in terms of shopping.

Theatre Art Gallery

As the name suggests, Indonesian puppets called wayang that is used for performing traditional Balinese shows. A wide range of puppets you will be getting there to saw out.

2.Exploring the Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Bali

It is one of the popular beaches in Bali and it stands out from its neighboring beaches from the likes of Legian and Kuta in form of crowd it attracts. It offers a splendid coast of dark to golden sands and the sunsets around the coasts are simply awesome.

The coast is popular with many attractions like there are many fashionable scenes present there with designer boutiques along the main street roads. One also get beautiful dining exposure and nightlife experience. The beach attracts many new couples as there are various attractions a new couple can experience during a honeymoon.

There are various luxury spas and dining outlets near the coasts which you will enjoy. Jalan Dhyana Purna features a broad row of bars- with a gay scene and excellent dancers. This beach comprises of 3 adjacent coastal trips.

Seminyak outshines because of its most prized resorts. Surfing is very advanced and horseback riding is simply awesome. And one thing you shouldn’t miss are sunsets, these are views of life one should always capture them.

Alongside Seminyak beach, there is also one more beach known as double six Beach. It is also one of the beaches to be watched out before you leave Bali. The most popular thing about this beach is white sands and a range of restaurants and bars around which a couple can enjoy.

3.The best things which you can do in Seminyak Bali

There are several things which you can enjoy in Seminyak which I will under one by one-    

  • Have a pool day-: Perhaps anywhere else in Bali, Seminyak offers accommodations fit to every budget, whether you are searching for luxury private beach villas, budget hotel with glowing courtyard, or looking for special breakfast or dinner and much more. Many restaurants/hotels also offer swimming accesses with a small fee.
  • Nightlife Experience-: The experience of a night in Seminyak is simply awesome. The dance trivia, music show goes around with several bars.
  • It helps in captivating your mind and soul. It will give you a Pleasant experience.
  • A Spa Treatment-: One of the biggest perks of Seminyak Bali is that they have many opportunities to sit back and relax. And most of the spas are open until 11 pm, in which you can get less crowd at night hours. And during the night it will be a good experience that after taking a spa you can go to bed.
  • Delicious meals-: When it comes to the section of meals, Seminyak offers great meals at affordable prices. You will get every cuisine ranging from Indonesian to Mexican to Indian to Chinese. Whether you want veg or non-veg you will get here.


So, I have explained all of the experience which you can take and must take when visiting Seminyak Bali. There are various experiences which you will get only after visiting here. This place is also one of the best destinations for a honeymoon because there are various attractions which the new couple will enjoy. In last I would say that one must visit Seminyak once in a life, it will be one of the great experiences of your lifetime.

Also, look out for famous destinations for spending your honeymoon- Top 5 destination for spending out your honeymoon.

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Now, I will be taking some questions which a new tourist will have before visiting any destination for tourism.

1. What time I should choose to visit Seminyak?

There is no such time to visit Bali, But I tell you the busiest time is around new Year and Christmas. If you want there must not be overcrowded then you know when not to go. Otherwise, you can go anytime, as the weather here is almost constant throughout the year. The hottest month here is between May to September.

2. Is honeymoon in Seminyak Bali is costlier?

No, It is not that much costlier if you compare to several other countries. You can get all stay and dining packages very cheaply. But still, you need some amount of traveling, shopping, and other things. So, I would still first make your budget for traveling and then plan your honeymoon. In last, I still say everything in Seminyak Bali is very cheap as compare to other big countries and the exposure you are getting throughout.

3. Can I swim in Seminyak Beach?

No Seminyak Beach is not for swimming, you can enjoy around other things. There are various things which you can do around it.

4. What is the main shopping street in Seminyak Bali?

Jalan Raya Seminyak is famous for shopping which has around 2 km stretch.

5. How far is Seminyak from Bali Airport?

It is around 10.5 km. It can be covered within 30-45 minutes depending on traffic.

So, I think I have answered all questions and explain all about Seminyak in detail. In last, I would say that one must visit Seminyak once in his/her life, it will be a great experience.

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