Sidemen valley, Bali

Sideman Valley is located at Karangasem regency in East Bali. The place is famous for its natural beauty, rice fields & agriculture.


Sidemen Valley a must-visit place for you in Bali,

About Sidemen Valley, Bali

Are you planning to see the authentic side of Bali tradition? Then Sidemen Valley is a must-visit place for you in Bali, Indonesia. The valley will amaze you with its stunning scenery, natural atmosphere & local charm. The place is like a hidden gem in Bali. The place is  recommended to visit if you are fond of natural beauty.

Sidemen Valley is an ideal place to relax and enjoy natural wonders. You will find many magnificent places in the valley to visit like, Mount Agung, Telaga Waja river, Beach town Candidasa, ancient village of Tenganan & many more.

After your visit, you will fell in love with the natural beauty of the valley.

Famous For Its Natural Beauty

Sideman Valley is located at Karangasem regency in East Bali. Valley is like a secret spot where you will find many hidden gems of Bali with very low footfalls. The place is famous for its natural beauty, stunning rice fields & agriculture.

The main attractions of the place are Mount Agung – the tallest mountain in Bali, Candidasa the beach town, Telaga Waja river, ancient village of Tenganan, Tirta Gangga water place and more.

Sidemen valley has many hills and paddy rice fields. Rice in this village is a rich crop inundated by Subak. Subak is the conventional way of watering the fields by the Balinese people. The main religion followed in the region is Hinduism. You will find many Hindu temples in this region.

People of this region are skilled in Hindu theologies and tradition Bali craftsmanship. Craftsmen of the Sidemen valley are known for their work. The textile work is carried out in the valley is very famous for its smooth fabric, which called as “Ikat & Songket”.

The valley is rich in rice farming which is one of the main occupations for locals. Most of the land in valley is used for rice farming with Subak technique. Subak is the conventional way of watering the fields by the Balinese people.

The Sideman Valley is known for the craftsman work of Songket and Endek. In this technique, the fabric is weaved by gold & silver threads along with cotton in a conventional Balinese way. Commonly these Songkets are booked for the visitors to wear and purchase.

The valley of Sidemen is also popular in Bali for the production of Arak and is also famous for Tile factory of Sadus. The region is also rich in music and cultures. A conventional artist group of music namely Genjek is also there from the eastern part of Bali. This group mainly sings songs related to departed love affairs and sadness.

Key Attraction of Sidemen Valley

Walk Through Rice Fields

The place has stunning views & scenery.

You can go for a walk in rice field as you will find it everywhere in the valley. The are is filled with greenery. While strolling around the village you will get plenty of opportunities to take good pictures. The place has stunning views & scenery.

Sidemen valley is a perfect place to go for hiking around the summit of the volcano Gunung Agung or can visit different ethnic spots in valley. If you are used to hiking you can go for a six-hour hike from Sidemen to Padangbai.

Rafting is another good option if you are not fond of hiking and want some adventure through your stay in the valley. Most of the rafting adventure begins off at the close village of Rendang. You can raft down to the Telega waja watercourse which starts from the Mount Agung.

Walk Through Rice Fields

Day Trip

Sidemen Valley The Stepping Stone To Explore, East Bali

Sidemen valley is a stepping stone to explore East Bali and there different day trips with different things to do in the area. Visiting Beach villages is among the best option to see the traditional village of Bali and enjoy the ethenic side of Bali.

At Sidemen, you’ll be able to still find some good places where local create fine textile known as the ikat and songket. you will see some home there welcoming you with ikat demo written on the home.

Youll able to get the view to the rare type of art and also will be able to glance the cultural activities in ancient Balinese performing arts, music and carving.

Local Cuisines

You Can’t Resist The Local Cuisines

The valley is not filled with fancy restaurant & cafes but you can try the local cuisines at local restaurants which are generally attached with homes. Where you will find people welcoming you to taste some ethenic Bali cuisines.

Most of the food ingredients in these restaurants are made domestically by restaurant owners and you will get fresh food every time you eat here.

When in Sidemen you can have lunch at Warung Organic, located by nice Mountian views and villa resorts. Here you will have a direct view of garden and rice fields which make it an excellent lunch option.

You can’t resist having the locally handcrafted cake at Warung Melita or you can go for delicious Indonesian food like Gado Gado and can enjoy Nasi Goreng on request.

Local Cuisines

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How to reach

Sidemen valley is one among those hidden-away in Bali. The valley is located at 90 minutes drive from Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport. You can reach here by renting a taxi or by taking a private cab.

The road from ‘Semarapura’ to ‘Duda’ through ‘Sidemen’ and ‘Iseh’ with panoramic views of rice paddy is among of the most beautiful scenarios in Bali. This could be a good way to reach valley.

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