Bali rice terraces

Why is Bali the best island to visit?
More than 17000 islands of Indonesia, Bali is the eyeball of this archipelago country. This paradise island contains every natural beauty. It is surrounded by stunning coral reefs and ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling. Some of the world’s most stunning beaches are in This island and also contains verdant jungles, and volcanic mountain ranges...
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Top Problems in Bali, Indonesia
Do You know India contributes over 5% of foreign visitors every year, and you might also think to go to Bali? But before deciding I want to tell some actual truth of Bali.those are the reality of Bali. Those things you can’t find on the web. The problems of Bali.  There are a lot of...
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The jatiluwih rice terrace, a Complete guide
The jatiluwih rice terrace in Bali, Indonesia is known for its natural beauty, that’s making it one of the most beloved destinations for a perfect Holiday Destination.the landscape comprises mountains, lacks, coconut trees and the rice fields.  Rice terraces are synonymous with Bali and easily found everywhere in Bali. The countryside landscape is all about...
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Most Beautiful Rice terraces in the world
The beauty of rice terraces is totally unforgettable, that’s why millions of people from all over the world spent their holiday there, The Rice terraces recharge their mind by their beauty and the environments and refresh the mind of the visitors. So if you are a nature lover, then you can consider the rice terraces...
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