temples in Indonesia

Temples of Bali: 5 temples of significance to visit in Bali
Ok Dude I can understand that you are planning for a honeymoon. And you might find odd talking about culture and Temples of BALI. But we are Indians dude and Indians have a weakness that is emotion. We are friendly and also adjustable in any circumstance. We like to feel at home in every place....
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Temple in Indonesia
The Bat cave temple is also known as the Pura Goa Lawha temple in Indonesia. It is located in the Pesinggahan, Dawan district, bordering the Klungkung and Karangasem regencies. Moreover, the construction of the temple is made within a complex structure with bats inhabiting the cave. The temple is believed to be established in the...
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Besakih Temple: The Mother Of All Temples At Bali
Besakih Temple also known as Bali’s Mother Temple is a house of around 86 small shrines which are located on the south-west slopes of Mount Agung. At least seventy celebrations take place here at this wonderful place. This temple is also considered the holiest and the largest temple in Bali. As this temple is located...
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When and How to visit the Blangsinga waterfall? Know before you go
As we all know that In India the most popular religion we find is of Hindus, so temples are a very common sight here in India. But Hindu temples are not so common outside India. Surprisingly we get to see Hindu temples in almost every country. There are few historical temples outside India as well...
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