In this blog, we will explore food in Bali. Indonesia has made-up with thousands of islands and every island has different traditional and cultural values. Bali is one of them; it’s known as the “Balinese food”.  It will add great experience in your holiday vacation memories. I am sure you would not like to miss this.

Balinese food variety comes from it’s cultural and traditional values. Some dishes are as old as their culture. Apart from this, Balinese food is very affordable that will suit your pocket as well. 

Indonesia has large number of Muslim people by population But you will surprise that Bali’s dominants by Hindu people since as you know that eating pork is not allowed in Islam so here in Bali you will see many dishes of pork. 

Here below, i have described different types of food in bali which is local & authentic food, street food and romantic dinner etc. 


  1. Authentic & local food in Bali
  2. Street food in Bali 
  3. Desserts & sweets in Bali
  4. Romantic dinner in Bali
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

1. Authentic & local food in Bali

Whenever you visit any country or place you always get to know their culture or their traditional values. Also, you taste their authentic cuisine because food expresses so much. Bali cuisine is diverse or different from other parts of Indonesia because of its spices, ingredients etc. 

Here below i have listed some popular Bali’s local dishes –


It’s famous in Indonesia as a sate or satay means spicy peanut sauce but it’s  not necessary that all dishes include peanut in Bali. This is grilled slices of mutton, beef, pork or chicken onto skewers. It is a very famous food in Indonesia so everywhere you can find this on the menu.


In Indonesia, every island has a different taste or flavor, but Bali’s state lillit mixed with coconut milk is a very famous one. Usually,it is sticked with skewers before grilling over open fire or coal. It gives you a savory, sweet and spicy flavor that will make you more hungry. 

Babi Gulling

babi gulling

Since Bali’s is predominantly hindu city or island o then it’s not surprising that most meals contain pork and eaten by local or tourists. Babi Guling dish made on a special occasion. 

I mean it’s an iconic dish of bali that you will find in ceremonies or weddings when the whole pig is prepared well or cooked for a long time. 

After that it being coated with herbs or local spices and cooked for many hours. It is served on rice with vegetables, pork sausage and most favorite crispy skin.

Nasi Goreng

nasi goreng

It is known as the “national dish of indonesia”. Nasi Goreng means fried rice. So every dish’s name has a different essence. This dish contains fried egg and dried shallots, mixed with vegetables or else you can get with chicken, beef or meat. 

You can find this meal in any place from hotel to street shop with the same flavor or taste of it.

There is one also a dish called Mie Goreng which is fried noodles. 

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2. Street Food in Bali

Street food of every country or city is very unique and mixtures with their local ingredient and traditional values so here i have also describe some popular food of street shop.

Nasi Jinggo

nasi jinggo

This is a very famous street food in Bali. In every corner of Bali’s street you can find it because it is favorite among locals and tourists. It is also considered an easy breakfast option. Most shop owners sell this in wrapped banana leaves with rice. Or else you can get it with eggs, fried noodles or chilli sauce etc.

Terang Bulan

Terang bulan


It is a unique dish or food of balinese cuisine also known as the bright moon. Some people believe that it has been invented by General Tso, a military leader of the late Qing dynasty, all over means that this dish has a rich past. It is made of coconut milk and palm margarine giving it the balinese punch. You can also find this with peanuts, sweetcorn kernels or sugar etc. 

Sweet Corn

sweet corn

It is a kind of snack when you are hanging out in amazing beaches or waterfalls. Or else while you are waiting to enjoy the sunset. These corns are grilled or roasted over open fire or coal. Before it’s getting grilled they put a good amount of sauce or butter on it. So you get the enhanced taste of spicy or sweet.

3. Desserts and Sweets in Bali

Bali’s Dessert or sweet is very famous among the local people and visitor. That’s why i suggest you to have some dessert in Bali.




This is a traditional balinese dessert like pancake but in balinese style. It is a very famous type of cake among the streets of bali. It is made from rice flour. Also they put some additional ingredients that give it a different taste or shape. In most other shops you will find this with sugar sauce to give it a savory taste that is more likely sweet and will make you more addictive. The local people of bali usually eat this in the morning.

Pisang Goreng

pisang goreng

It’s main ingredient is banana. Mostly they used banana which is pisang kepok (saba bananas). This banana has sweet-sour flavor and firm texture, so it doesn’t crumble while being fried. Other types of banana use pisang raja which has a softer texture.

Before frying, the banana is cut in batter. The batter is made of egg, sugar, wheat flour etc. it is also served with a bowl of vanilla-bean ice cream. 

Jaje Bali

It is also one of the great balinese sweet dish. This cake is made from rice flour, brown sugar sauce and shredded coconut. Mostly you will see this sweet in green or white color. It is a simple snack but gives you a memorable taste. 

4. Romantic dinner in Bali

As we know Bali is famous for their beaches, waterfalls, rainy season and most importantly romantic weather. so it is great place for honeymooners whether they stay in hotels, resort or having food at restaurant. I have given some information bout such places below.

A Candle light dinner- Nusa Dua 

a candle light dinner- Nusa Dua


This place will make your romantic dinner a magical one, it is located in a hidden cave on a private island that’s suitable with a candle-lit table for two and your personal waiter. Ocean is just near away from you so you will still enjoy the waves breaking the shoreline. Here you will have many kinds of dishes like prawn, crab, fruits of the sea and barbecue with some vegetables. This place will make your dinner memorable, joyful and soulful. 

Romantic dinner- Uluwatu

Romantic dinner uluwatu


This place has seating with your partner on a private wooden terrace. Your table will be on a cliffside that gives you stunning views of Bali’s skyline. There will be red velvet carpet under you, candle light in between you, this moment will make you free from all your worries. Your dinner will start with the welcoming of two guides by balinese culture. After that you will enjoy your five-course meal which will be memorable and tasty.

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5. Conclusion

Now you know about Balinese food which comes from many types of dishes, desserts or street food. You can have this food anywhere from five-star hotels to street shops.I recommend you to have dishes from local sources because of it’s freshness or ingredients. These dishes are based on their traditional or cultural values. If you are Muslim person then you might get halal food in Bali. Because Bali is predominantly Hindu city so you will get to see more pork contain dishes. So you need to do research or be aware when you have your meal. 

6. FAQs

Q.1 What is the national dish of Bali?

Ans.- Nasi Goreng

Q.2 What is famous food in Bali?

Ans.- Balinese food includes lawar, bebek betutu, sate lilit etc. 

Q.3 What drinks to avoid in Bali?

Ans.- it is best to avoid drinking tap water as this can often be contaminated.  Even you should brush your teeth using bottled water

Q.4 Can i eat fruits in Bali?

Ans.- you should eat fruit which has thick peel (banana, orange) otherwise fruits with thin or no peel can make you ill. 

Q.5 Do they eat dog in Bali?

Ans.- Bali law states that eating dog meat is legal but selling it to tourists under a false name is illegal. 

Q.6 Is Bali expensive to eat and drink?

Ans. The prices of food and drinks are cheaper than europe, singapore, malaysia or japan etc. 

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