10 trending travel destinations worldwide that you must visit

In the mood of planning a wonderful trip to a foreign destination? Then, here we have shortlisted a list of amazing travel destinations that you must not miss upon. In this guide, you will get to know about every key characteristic of every tourist spot that you should know before you plan a trip!

Some of us are a die-heart fan of coastal side beaches. Whereas a few find peace in the scenic beauty of mighty mountains. Or else, a few enjoy the simple lifestyles of countryside areas. 

Not the least, but sometimes we are in the mood of planning a solo traveller picnic, group picnic, family trip, boys hiking, or honeymoon. But the main goal of visiting tourist destinations is to enjoy, relax, and make the journey an awesome one.

And, what matters most is what uniqueness a particular place has!

So, without wasting time, let’s dive into our guide telling beautiful places in the world that you must visit before you die!

So, what to explore?

Photo of a camera, map, & direction map
  1. Venice, Italy
  2. Bali, Indonesia
  3. The Alps, Switzerland
  4. Kashmir, India
  5. Dubai
  6. Tokyo, Japan
  7. Hawaiian Islands
  8. Peru
  9. Spain
  10. Egypt
  11. Conclusion
  12. FAQs

1. Venice, Italy

It is the city built on waters that will surely amaze you once you visit the place. So, you just explore the canals here and have a relaxed holiday.

You can roam around Rialto bridge, Doges’ Palace, and Campanile di san marco once you arrive in the city. In conclusion, this city is one of the best travel destinations of Italy.

Photo of boat, canal, & buildings in travel destinations - Venice

Best time to roam around: April – June

Weather: Cold

Things to do: Gondola ride, Boat ride, See spots like St. Mark’s square, Canale grande, etc

Best stay: Hotel Moresco, Antiche Figure, Rosa Salva hotel

Famous cuisine: Sarde in saor, Risotto al nero di seppia, Risi e bisi pasta. 

Best restaurants: Gelato Fantasy, Wisteria Restaurant, Pako’s pizza & pasta

Shopping: wooden sculptures, carnival masks, paintings

Language: Venetian, however, a few understand Modern Italian, English, Spanish, German, & French.

Currency: Euro

2. Bali, Indonesia

It is one of the best tourist destinations for beach vacations. If you are planning your honeymoon, then Bali should be on the top of your list. Also, known as Land of Gods. So, on roaming around, you will come across both historic & modern cultures present in Bali. Also, It has naturally beautiful islands, waterfalls, rainforests, temples, volcanic mountains that one must-see. 

Photo of temple in Bali - an amazing travel destinations

Best time to visit: April – October

Weather: Rainy & dry season

Things to do: Watersports, scuba & snorkelling, river rafting & tubing, hiking & camping, visiting ancient temples, enjoy at beaches.

Best Stay: Aramanis villas, Seminyak icon, Toyabali beach bungalows

Famous cuisine: Babi Guling, Nasi Campur, Sate-skewer

Best restaurants: Cuca restaurant, Locavore hotel, Sushi bar Bali, Tagine

Shopping: handmade jewellery, handicrafts, coffee & chocolates

Language: Indonesian, Balinese, English

Currency: Rupiah

Now, Explore the most neglected but beautiful part of Bali with us! Check out our guide on North Bali.

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3. The Alps, Switzerland

If the mighty mountains attract your soul, then swiss mountains are calling you. What’s so unique about such travel destinations is the mighty mountains, larger glaciers, green landscapes, & lakes.

Photo of rivers & mountains in travel destinations - Swiss Alps

Best time to go: April to June, September to October

Weather: Moist cool, and sometimes dry sunny

Things to do: Enjoy paragliding experience, train trip, Jet Boat ride

Best Stay: The Omnia, Hotel Admiral, Hotel La Tureta

Famous cuisine: Cheese fondue, Raclette, Rosti, Swiss cheese & chocolate

Best restaurants: The swiss house, Ochsen, Vinothek 

Shopping: Visit Foxtown outlet shopping tour

Language: German, French, Italian, Romansh

Currency: Swiss franc

4. Kashmir, India

It’s very well-known as a heaven on the earth. And, it is located in northernmost India is famous for its gardens, lakes, & valleys. Also, you can visit Jammu to visit ancient temples.

Photo of green valleys & river in Kashmir

Best time to visit: March

Weather: quite pleasant

Things to do: hiking, gondola ride, skating

Best stay: houseboats

Famous cuisine: Rogan josh, Modur pulao

Best restaurants: Mughal Darbar, Cafe de Linz

Shopping: Kashmiri shawl, pashminas, Kashmiri tea, spices

Language: Kashmiri, Urdu, English, Dogri

Currency: INR

5. Dubai

Dubai Sometimes called ‘The City of Gold’. So, the travel destinations here will impress you with its modern & historic infrastructure. And, you can stroll through Dubai Creek, Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall, desert safari, Jumeirah mosque in the city.

Photo of architecture in Dubai

Best time to visit: November to April

Weather: warm & sunny

Things to do: Safaris tour, aquarium & underwater zoo

Best stay: Atlantis the palm, FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Famous cuisine: Hummus, Labneh, Manakish

Best restaurants: SpiceKlub, Miramin

Shopping: Chocolates, dates, jewellery

Language: Arabic, English

Currency: Dirhams

6. Tokyo, Japan

It is the capital of Japan and the world’s most populous metropolitan city. So, the places you can keep on your bucket list are Koishikawa korakuen, Hama Rikyu, Imperial Palace, and Imperial East gardens.

Photo of busy city streets in Tokyo

Best time to visit: March, April, September, November

Weather: Pleasant

Things to do: Go-kart tour

Best stay: The takeaway, Shinjuku

Famous cuisine: Edomae-zushi, Ramen

Best restaurants: Ise Sueyoshi, Tapas molecular bar

Shopping: Bulgari chocolates

Language: Japanese

Currency: Yen

7. Hawaiian Islands

Once in a lifetime, you must visit these islands situated in the north pacific ocean. So, you will come across 8 islands of which Oahu is the one that must be on your list. On this spot, you will see lava flow which is rarely seen from any travel destinations in the world.

Photo of the resort in Hawaii

Best time to visit: April, May, September, October

Weather: Semi-tropical 

Things to do: Skydiving, snorkelling

Best stay: Halekulani, Princeville resort

Famous cuisine: Kalua pork, chicken long rice

Best restaurants: Little village noodle house

Shopping: macadamia nuts, coffee

Language: Hawaiian, Ilocano, Spanish

Currency: US Dollar

8. Peru

You should visit Peru to see attractive Machu Picchu and see the land of Incas. So, you can walk through colourful mountains, Puno – the hillside port city, Mancora – summer beach destination, & Trujillo which is all about Spanish mansions & churches.

Photo of coloured mountains in Peru

Best time to visit: May, October

Weather: the dry hot climate in deserts, humid in tropical regions

Things to do: hiking

Best stay: Hotel Lexus

Famous cuisine: Ceviche, stir-fry beef

Best restaurants: Malabar, La mar

Shopping: Alpaca clothing

Language: Spanish

Currency: Nuevo sol

9. Spain

Last but not the least, you must visit Spain if you are a food lover and like trying out new dishes. And, what you must try in Spain is Paella – a rice dish. With this, you can also get into most-famous events like La Tomatina & enjoy thrilling beach parties in Ibiza.

Photo of Barcelona city resided in Spain

Best time to visit: April to June, September & October

Weather: dry summer & winter

Things to do: skydiving, scuba diving

Best stay: Barcelo Malaga, H10 Madison

Famous cuisine: Paella, Tortilla

Best restaurants: El Celler de Can Roca, tickets

Shopping: Flamenco guitars

Language: Spanish

Currency: Euro

10. Egypt

If you are planning to visit Egypt, then you must go to see Giza pyramids. So, this place is ever-known for its ancient architectures, museums, temples, tombs, and Great Sphinx. Visiting here, you will get amazed by listening to the mysteries of gigantic pyramids.

Photo of pyramids & camels in Egypt

Best time to visit: April, October

Weather: Extreme hot & cool temperatures

Things to do: visit museums, desert safari, camel ride

Best stay: Negresco hotel, The lake view

Famous cuisine: mashed fava beans, pasta

Best restaurants: Andrea El haram

Shopping: Pottery & ceramics

Language: Arabic

Currency: Egyptian pound

11. Conclusion

So, still, confused about where to go? Well, I can assure you will never regret visiting Bali if you want to experience both blue beaches & scenic mountains at one go. It is a perfect travel destinations for you.

You can book your tour packages with Balichalo.com. We will help you to plan exclusive packages for you.

12. FAQs

1) What factors should be considered while planning a trip?

Answer: Firstly, you should consider what places you would like to visit. Also, factors like weather, trip duration, price budget, and the best time to visit should be considered. 

Secondly, you must look for the online website that offers the best deal for your tour. As everything these days is going online, planning a holiday with an online travel agency is the best option.

2) What is the best travel destination for me if I love beaches?

Answer: You must plan a tour to Bali if you want to enjoy a beach vacation. The few best beaches in Bali are Lovina beach, Kuta beach, Seminyak beach, and so on. And, the clearest beach water you will get in Bali is near Menjangan Island. Also, you can try for Nusa Lembongan.

3) What is the best tourism spot to visit in May?

Answer: You can visit Norway, Croatia, Greek isles, or Bali in May. These places have the best weather at these periods. Visiting Bali, you will enjoy beaches, volcanic mountains, ancient temples, & local lifestyle.

4) What are the best travel spots to visit with friends?

Answer: You must go to Mount Batur in Bali if you are planning a boys picnic. Sunrise on the mount Batur is a must-see. You can start hiking the mountain at 2 am in the night to enjoy the scenic morning.

5) What is the most romantic tourism spot for couples?

Answer: Looking for a romantic destination for the honeymoon, you should visit Lovina beach in North Bali. It is a black sand beach where you can also spot dolphins

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