Different ways to Travel in Bali

Bali is a fairly big island, and visiting different places requires different ways to travel in Bali.

Bali has amazing locations, and to enjoy them, specific types of vehicles are required to reach the destination. 

If someone is thinking of traveling between popular cities like Ubud, Kata, Legian, and Seminyak, they might need a particular type of transportation.

There are various ways to travel around the island, which makes traveling thrilling and adventurous.

People can travel on foot around the island to know the locality and native peoples.

For long distances, one can explore by renting a motorbike, booking a cab, or traveling in Bemo.

People not being dependent on the hotel for transportation can have plenty of options to travel around the island.

The traveler must ensure to prepare themselves against miscreants such as snatchers, robbers, and the likes.

While traveling around in local transportation, take measures to prevent from being scammed by anyone.

We will know more about

  1. Walking
  2. Bus
  3. Bemos 
  4. Boat
  5. Taxi
  6. Car rentals
  7. Renting Motorcycle
  8. FUEL
  9. Highlight on ways to travel in Bali                                            
  10. FAQs


It is very efficient, and often the best way to learn about the place by reaching spots not accessible by a vehicle.

Traveling on foot helps to interact and understand the local people, along with their culture.

Walking is advantageous as the roads are undeveloped, making traveling on foot more manageable and convenient.

Tour guides are available to explore the countryside, including Mount Batur and the villages of Ubud.

Although walking will be limited and disadvantageous sometimes, as it will be exhausting and time-consuming.

The traveler on foot must be beware of the roads as they can be lost in a new place.

Walking on streets of Bali help to learn and experience the rich inherit culture of bali
Walking on the street of Bali

2. Bus

The buses are not used as common transportation, as it is usually used for traveling a long distance.

It is not used unless someone is traveling to the other side of the island.

Public Bus

Larger minibus and full-size buses travel long-distance, particularly on routes linking Denpasar, Singaraja, and Gilimanuk.

The public buses operate on the same terminal as that of beemos.

There are drawbacks because the bus will not leave its depot until it is full, which can be frustrating if the traveler has less time.

The bus for long ways has one terminal in each town as it is the most comfortable way to travel between towns.

Buses are cheaper comparatively, as base fare varies from IDR 10000 (51 INR) and keeps increasing depending on the destination.

Public bus of Bali which government provides
Bali Public Bus

Trans-Sarbagita Bus

Trans-Sarbagita bus is a con-air bus linking major cities and having at least one terminal in each city.

The bus route includes stoppages in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, South Nusa Dua, and Ubud.

The bus uses the standard pricing method from one stop to another.

Traveling on the bus with friends and family makes it more exciting.

Trans-Sarbagita Bus of Bali

Tourist Bus

Tourist buses are a more reasonable and economical way to travel. It is certainly available in tourist area spots.

The bus passenger size ranges from 8 to 20, which is less than the local bus and bemos.

The service of the bus is not as quick as the rental car, but it is more convenient than local buses and bemos.

The traveler can buy the ticket from Kura-Kura ticket booths or onboard the bus itself.

The bus also provides free wi-fi to its passengers, so the trip doesn’t become boring.

Meanwhile, buses leave every 20 minutes to two hours, with schedules that can be checked on their app.

Tourist bus which is booked befor hand
  Tourist Bus

3. Bemos 

It is like a minibus or a van with a row of low seats down each side and which carry about 12 people in very cramped conditions.

It was widely liked when first launched. The popularity deteriorated with time when travelers had to travel in congested conditions. Also, some of them frequently overcharged fares.

There had been several complaints when the driver didn’t return the change of the fare. Bemos runs on a settled route guided by the local government.

Always try to negotiate as they often over-charges visitors.

Bemo is not used as a general transit because it is slow and cramped.

The base fare of Beemos is IDR 5000 (25 INR). When traveling in empty bemo, ensure by confirming that you are not chartering it.

Bemos is like a mini van which is used for transporation.

4. Boat

The boat is usually used to travel to different islands, which are located near to Bali.

Moreover, there are several other boats and water conveyances which are used for water sport and entertainment near the beaches. The boat is certainly used to travel to different islands located near Bali.

Fast boats are used to link the places of Bali, Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, and the Gili Islands.

The visitors to these places have increased rapidly after the opening of water transit, which makes the journey more enthusiastic.

Water transits have increased subsequently with many options from the docks.

But there is a concern related to safety regulations as crews do not follow any guidelines leading to an increase in the number of accidents.

Crews on the boat are often inexperienced, and sometimes the boat is unequipped with essential gears in case of any uncertainty.

Conditions of some boats are unfit for traveling, but they will be forced to travel on that boat.

The islands are within proximity and can be seen from one another. But the water between them tends to be dangerous sometimes.

Water conditions are not pleasant because the frequent turbulence in the water makes it unsafe for the visitors.

Travelers must ensure it’s safety while traveling through waterways as no one else will.

Boats is used to travel different island of Bali
   Boats are used for traveling

5. Taxi

Hiring a taxi is the same as the other places where you hail for a taxi and get on and off you reach your destination.

Except for Ubud, taxi is legal and accessible everywhere in Bali.

Due to some threats to the taxi driver, the government has made taxis illegal in those particular areas.

Blue Bird taxis are popular and also known as Bali taxi, which can be booked using an app. They are easily distinguished from other taxis.

Garb is also an app-based taxi that acquired Uber in 2017 and can be availed easily at fair rates.

Most frequent unfair means that the taxi drivers practice is broken meter and taking a longer route to reach a destination to exploit the customer. 

In conclusion, app-based taxis are reasonable and they are unable to exploit the customers as the local taxis.

Blue taxi has a good reputation, and they know limited English, which helps to interact easily.

The majority of travelers prefer app taxis because of their reputation. 

Due to this, they had received threats and became vulnerable in some areas leading them to be illegal in some parts of Bali.

Blue cab in Bali is refered as a Bali cab
   Bali Cab

6. Car rentals  

If a person can afford a rental car, it will be very convenient as the person can choose the driver. 

Moreover, renting a car saves a lot of time as it helps visitors to enjoy the place to the fullest.

If the visitors are planning to drive, the visitor must carry their international driver’s permit(IDP). The person should also carry your country’s license to issue an IDP.

If a driver is found without any IDP, the person might get a fine of IDR 50000 (256 INR).

If the rental car company is reputable, they will let you drive on the streets of Bali.

The condition of the road is however not safe, and barely anyone follows the rules, making it challenging for foreigners to drive.

It is preferable to rent a car with a driver as they have the experience of the road.

Renting a car is not cheap because it includes both the driver and the car fess, making it expensive.

It is a great way to travel in Bali by making an itinerary alongside friends and families.

The driving style is the same as that of Indian style, which is a right-hand driver position. The daily rates of the car start around IDR 300000 (1500 INR).

Cars are available on rents in Bali
 Car Rental Shops

7. Renting Motorcycle

Riding on a bike to experience the locations of Bali is the most breathtaking way to enjoy the beauty of Bali. 

The visitors must endorse their license with IDP so they can issue a driving license in Bali.

If a person is caught without an IDP, the person will be fined IDR 200000 (1050 INR).

Riding a bike in Bali sounds adventurous, but it is also dangerous as the island is notorious for its road safety.

The roads are filled with people who do not care much about road safety rules. Additionally, many ride rashly putting everyone in danger.

To sum up, the person can enjoy riding in the street of Bali if he/she is a skillful rider.

Bike is  also available on rents in Bali
  Bike Rental Shops

8. Fuel      

If a visitor decides to rent a bike or a car, they must be aware of the price of fuel and the availability of fuel stations.

The local term for fuel is Bensin (petrol) by the government-owned Pertamina company.

The cost of the fuel is very cheap IDR 8000 per liter (41 INR) as the government subsidizes the fuel. 

The fuel station is available in every town leading to hassle-free refueling. 

Traditional petrol pump
Bali petrol pump

9. Highlight on ways to travel in Bali

Bali provides various mediums to travel around the island.

The cost of the transits is also affordable making it a popular way to experience the location.

If the traveler is renting any vehicle then make a clear statement with the rental shop as later they don’t fall in a scam.

Avoid taxis that have broken meters as they charge an extra fare for the trip.

Always try to use GPS while traveling as the local cab driver uses a longer route for the destination.

App cabs are more preferable over local cabs because of their good reputation.

If the visitor is planning to rent a vehicle, always prepare your international drivers to permit IDP or else the person will be fined.

10. FAQs

Qestion 1. What is the best way to travel in Bali?

Ans 1.  The best way to travel in Bali is the scooter for 10-15 km. If needed, convenience gets a car as it is suitable for long-distance also.

Question 2.What is the cost of hiring the driver?

Ans 2. Hiring a driver is roughly 500,000rp to 800,000rp for the day.

Question 3.Are taxis in Bali expensive?

Ans 3.  Airport taxi is pre-paid pre-paid at the taxi counter in front, with rates ranging from IDR 100,000 (512-INR) for Kuta in South Bali, to IDR 850,000 (4359-INR) for fares to Tulamben in faraway East Bali.

Question 4. Which taxis to use in Bali?

Ans 4.  Bluebird Taxis are the only taxis worth getting in Bali. Of the various companies in Bali, Bluebird has the best reputation and consistent quality of drivers. The taxis in Bali are universally blue, so check for the Bluebird branding on the side of the car.

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