Vacation in Bali

The Island of the Gods received well-deserved international recognition in the 1920s when the Royal Dutch Steam Packet brought a handful of tourists here to learn about local arts and crafts.

Soon, artists such as Charlie Chaplin and Miguel Cobarrubias began roaming the island’s shores, portraying Bali as a newly discovered cultural center.

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  1. Why choose a vacation in Bali?
  2. When is the best Time to visit Bali?
  3. How long do you need to really enjoy Bali?
  4. How is the visa obtained?
  5. FAQs

More recently, the place has become known as the enthusiastic scene on which all sorts of startups play

and this is partly due to innovative workspaces such as Hubud (“Hub-in-Ubud”) designed to provide shelter for incessant overflow.

of 21st Century Explorers

Of the 17,000 islands that lend a hand to be called “Indonesia”, Bali is the only one that has managed to preserve its Hinduism while the rest of the country has adopted Islam.

In the 1970s, just two decades after Indonesia gained independence from the Netherlands, the government began investing in freshly booming tourism.

What is more surprising is that this whole industry has failed to deprive the island of its authentic charm, which most visitors attribute to Balinese hospitality and the relaxed atmosphere that permeates the air.

In fact, tourism seems to merge with family life (expressed through Hindu ritual practices, ceremonies, and dances) like two pieces of melting metal.

The best thing would be to know exactly what kind of experience you expect from Bali before you start planning a vacation in Bali.

Could it be paragliding over coral-stained beaches or rock climbing in the northern jungles that would anoint your soul?

Or maybe a few rounds of shopping and specialty tastings in the southern part would make your vacation a land full of milk and honey?

Luckily, the small size of the island leaves you room to experience almost everything Bali has in your bag, in just a few weeks.

1) Why choose a vacation in Bali?

The sunny island of Bali attracts tourists from all over the world.

Bali’s advantageous geographical location, its lush tropical nature, eternal summer, warm ocean, and excellent service have made the island a very popular holiday destination.

Bali is located in Indonesia, washed by the Indian Ocean in the south and the Pacific Ocean in the north. In Bali,

you will find resorts for every taste, there are calm seas, they are good for a traditional beach holiday, and there are places with constant waves, which is more suitable for windsurfing fans.

By the way, if you first go to Bali for windsurfing, then you should know that there is a special level of ultraviolet radiation.

And this often leads to poor health, and you will have to cross out several days from the rest, which, you see, is a shame.

Therefore, it is better to prevent the problem, in

particular: put on a hydromassage, and, of course, apply sunscreens with a high

degree of protection against UV rays, SPF 40, and higher. It is best to apply zinc

Windsurfing is a popular water activity in Bali, and if you follow all the

precautions it will bring you a lot of positives. This, of course, is not all of Bali’s

entertainment and every tourist will find something to their liking. Fans of excursions will also be satisfied with their rest here because the history of Bali is very

interesting and has left many attractions. There are temples, caves, waterfalls,

2) Picturesque lagoons

But those wishing to get acquainted with the history of Bali

should first visit the museums of the island. For example, the Craft and Ethnographic Center at the Puri Lukisan Museum in Ubud.

Here you can learn a lot about the past of the island, about the life and culture of the first settlers.

The main attractions of Bali include the Pura-Besakih temple complex, the sacred “forest of monkeys”, the unusual “Royal

Temple” surrounded by water, mysterious rock temples. Bali’s sights such as the “island of turtles”, the royal tomb of Gunung Kawi, and the monastery with a

Sacred sources in Tampaksiring are no less interesting.

An unforgettable experience is left by the “cave of bats“.

In general, listing all the sights of Bali is a rather tedious task, it is better to see all this with your own eyes.

Fortunately, a lot of excursions are organized here, and there are natural routes and architectural ones. You will see a variety of

temples, waterfalls, craters of extinct volcanoes, lakes, botanical gardens, exotic birds and animals. In a word, do not think that vacation in Indonesian Bali is

limited only to the beach and the ocean.

By the way, you should definitely visit the souvenir shops and shops in Bali, where you can buy not only souvenirs but a lot of other original things, as well as jewelry.

If you are going shopping on your own, it is better to purchase a map of the island in advance. They usually show the location of Bali’s shops and other important tourist and administrative sites. The island also offers various wellness treatments in local SPA centers

We highly recommend taking a flower bath!

3) When is the best time to visit Bali?

As in any tropical island, there are two seasons in Bali: rainy and dry. The rainy season starts in November and lasts until March.

There are years when it rains daily – a few hours / days, in fact – but there are also years when it doesn’t rain for weeks, during this period. We, for example, spent November 2018, in full and it rained in 3 days out of 30, for a few minutes.

4)How long do you need to really enjoy Bali?

I would say that it takes three weeks, but two is enough if the job does not allow you such a long leave.

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5)How is the visa obtained?

The visa is free and is obtained from the airport – VOA – and offers you the right to stay in Bali / Indonesia – 30 days.

Careful! If you stay an extra day, you pay a fine of 700,000 rupees/person

  There is also the option of a visa for two months, meaning that you will pay at the airport – at a special counter – the amount of $ 35 / person and then, you will make three visits to the Immigration office in Denpasar for a series of formalities and taxes.

But we will write about it separately.

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6) FAQs

1. How many airports does Bali have?

There is only one airport in Bali i.e. Denpasar Ngurah International Airport. The airport has two terminals designated to domestic and international flights. The airport has all the modern facilities to provide convenience and comfort to passengers.

  What’s the exchange rate in Indonesia?
The most popular exchange rate in Indonesia is the USD to IDR rate. The national currency of Bali is the Indonesian Rupiah (Rp). If you want an estimate of INR to IDR exchange rate

You should know that the value of INR 1 stands against 206 RP.

How many days are enough for a Bali trip?

To really enjoy your vacation in Bali you would need to spend at least 6-10 days at 3-4 days is more like a business trip can’t do much.

Does Bali have Uber?

Yes, Uber is available in Bali. But it is mostly functioning in the areas of Kuta and Seminyak.

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