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Here we have discussed the best 15 water activities in Bali you can do with friends and family.

Bali Islands and beaches are the best places for water activities.

These water activities in Bali are full of excitement, thrill, enjoyment. If you are visiting Bali, then you can not miss these water activities in Bali.

If you don’t know swimming, still you can do these water activities in Bali only one or two events need swimming.

The Best time for water activities in Bali is April to September is the best time for these water activities and visiting Bali because the climate conditions are perfect.

Here is the list of 15 Awesome water activities in Bali you can do with friends and family.

  1. Rolling Donut Ride
  2. Snorkelling
  3. Flying Fish
  4. Parasailing
  5. River Rafting
  6. Underwater scooter ride
  7. Water Flyboard
  8. Jet Ski
  9. Banana Boat Ride
  10. Water Tubing
  11. Glass Bottom
  12. Xo- Xtreme
  13. Scuba Diving
  14. Subwing
  15. Kite Surfing

1.Rolling Donut Ride:

It is a round shape boat that is pulled with a speed boat furthermore is a donut shape that has a capacity of a maximum of five people and a minimum of two people at a time.

Donut Boat has a unique shape, so the sitting arrangement is different. Two people are made to sit in front while the rest 3 are at the back. To balance the donut boat equal weight, people are made to sit on a boat.

Generally, you are given a life jacket for safety, and the instructor will provide you with some instructions.

This is a thrilling activity you will get an amazing new experience.

It is a 15 minutes ride. Therefore it is the best activity to do in Bali with family and friends.

The best beaches for rolling donut rides are Tanjung Benoa and Sanur Beach Bali.


Snorkelling bali, Snorkelling tour

Source Awaylands

If you want to experience the life of sea animals, then you must try this activity in Bali

The instructor provided you with some equipment such as snorkel, frog legs, wetsuits, etc.

You are taken underwater between fishes and water plants; however, you can touch these fishes without providing any harm and experience the life of underwater animals. This experience is totally different from any other activity, so you must try it once.

If you don’t know how to swim, no problem, you can still do this, no training is required. The only thing is that you should know how to breathe with your mouth. It might be looking tough, but it is easy.

The time duration is 1hr.

Best Beaches in Bali for snorkelling Nusa Dua, Tulamben.

3.Flying Fish:

It is the most amazing ride in Bali, and people are crazy about it. A rubber boat is pulled by a speed boat and a good speed, as a result, which makes the rubber boat fly. It is the most loved ride in Bali, and it is unique, two people can ride at a time.

All safety equipment is provided. It is a thrilling ride, and if you are a person who loves to do adventurous things, then he /she should try it.

Tanjung Benoa Beach is best for flying fish water activity.


Parasailing Bali, Parasailing boat ride

Source Itnari

You are tied in a specialized parachute which is connected to a rope and then to a boat. You are flying at a good amount of height, you get to see the whole view of your beach, and that is amazing.

There are two types of parasailing. First, one is for a single person, and another is for two people.

 Tanjung Benoa Beach is best for parasailing water activity.

5.River Rafting:

River rafting in Bali, Ayung river rafting bali

Source TheBrownTraveller

It is a family/group sport so you must try it, the flow of water and sights you will see at rafting is just amazing, It is of thrill, and sometimes you might get scared because of small waterfalls.

Telaga Waja and Ayung River Ubud are the best rivers for rafting.

6. Underwater scooter Ride:

This is perfect for people who don’t know swimming and simultaneously are afraid of going underwater. Then you must try this scooter ride. You are made to sit on this scooter. Although it looks difficult and scary it is not. simultaneously it is comfortable, and you can experience the life of fishes more closely and can feel similar to fishes.

 It’s a 25-minute ride, and all equipment is provided.

7.Water Flyboard:

Water Flyboard Bali

Source: WaterSportsBali

 It is a new sport, but it has activity in Bali, it looks dangerous, but it is not.

 A trainer is with you who controls the movements, simultaneously helps you perform the stunts. However, this ride makes you feel like you’re flying above the water. It is a 15-minute activity. You fly above the 10m from the water.

The best beach to experience water flyboard is Tanjung Benoa Beach.

8.Jet Ski: 

jet ski, jet ski ride water sports Bali,

Image Credit

If you love to ride bikes/cars, then you will love to ride jet skiing. It is all-time favorite water sports in Bali, and you need to wait in queue for a good time in the peak season (May to September). This water activity is full of thrill however, you get to experience the speed over water. It is a 15-minute ride. You cannot ride jet skiing without an instructor because traffic and the beach are dense.

Tanjung Beach Bali is the best beach for Jet skiing.

9. Banana Boat Ride:

Banana Boat ride, Banana boat activity in Bali

Source: Picnicwale

Have you ever thought about riding a banana? It is a rubber boat in banana shape, which is pulled by a speed boat. It is a funny activity best done with friends and family.

10.Water Tubing:

Source: Airhead

 If you are scared of rafting, then you should try this less scary than rafting full of thrill, it is easier to do. You are made to sit in a rubber tube. You don’t need a group of people for this ride.

Ayung river is the best beach for water tubing.

11.Glass-Bottomed Ride: 

Source Trailerlife

If you want to see fishes but don’t want to enter into the sea, then you can try out this ride. It is a specially designed boat where you can sit on top, and in the middle, there is a V-shaped glass through which you can see all the fishes and experience marine life without getting wet and going inside water.

Best Beaches for Glass-Bottomed ride is Saur Beach.

12. Xo-Xtreme:

Source: Hayneedle

It is a new water sport in which three people can go at a time. The shape of the rubber boat is oval+circle. It is pulled by a speed boat. If you love thrilling water activities, then you should try this one.

Tanjung Benoa Beach.

Under water Activities in Bali

13.Scuba Diving:

It is not the same as snorkelling. It is totally different from snorkelling, in scuba diving, Moreover, you are allowed to swim deep inside the water, which is not possible in snorkelling. You can see the fishes and water plants which are deep inside the sea. So the experience of scuba diving is totally different from snorkelling.

Best places for scuba diving Nusa Penida, Menjangan

14.Subwing: New and unique water sports in Bali it lets you swim inside water without any efforts. These are boards that are pulled by a powerful boat but at a low speed. so that you can experience marine life. It’s a 25-minute ride. For this ride, you should know swimming.

Gili Islands is the best place for the sub wing.


It is a fusion of many water activities it is not popular in Bali because it requires skill no instructor is with you on the ride you need to manage your kite and surfboard according to the speed of the wind so if you want to take your water activities to experience to a next level, then you can try this ride. It is mandatory that you know how to swim.

Want to Know About Tanjung Benoa Beach.

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Q1. Which is the best place for water activities in Bali?

A1. Tanjung Benoa beach is the best beach for water activities in Bali. It is located in the southeast of Bali Island and very close to Nusa Dua beach.

Q2. Best water sport activities in Bali

A2. These are the best sports activities in Bali Rolling Donut Ride
Rolling Donut Ride, Snorkelling, Flying Fish, Parasailing, River Rafting, Underwater scooter ride. 

Q3. Where to do water activities in Bali?

A3. Tanjung is the best because you will get all the water activities in one place.

Q4. Is it safe to do Water Activities in Bali?

A4. Yes, it is safe, all the instructors and managing staff is well trained and they provide proper equipment.

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