10 Great Watersports Destination in the world

Nothing can be better than a sea-side destination when it comes to holidays. A seashore destination accompanied by watersports is undoubtedly an icing on a cake. A watersports destination is both a source of refreshment from our basic life chores and an adventurous holiday full of discoveries. 

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There are a variety of adventurous watersports waiting for you all around the globe. However, we have shortened the list to provide you with the 10 best water sports destinations in the world.

Here’s the list of the places you need to visit to keep your adventurous juices flowing.



Australia is an island country (continent) surrounded by water from all sides. This is the reason the whole of the continent is placed in the list rather than some cities. Hence, Australia can be your perfect Holiday destination providing you with nearly all sorts of watersports in the world.

Scuba Diving and Wakeboarding are the famous watersports of this place. However, you can also have the benefit of trying other activities such as parasailing, surfing, boating and so on.

The best Scuba Diving spot is in Brisbane, Queensland. The place is much more than being the location of the Great Barrier Reef. This spot has fantastic wrecks, reefs and marine life which has the potential of making your dive a memorable one. 

The best places to dive in Queensland are Flinders Reef. It is the only true coral reef near Brisbane. You can witness over 150 different species of fishes during your scuba diving. Also, this reef has around 112 coral species.

The second one to visit here is the Curtin Artificial Reef. If you like sharing your diving space with gropers, then this can be your perfect spot. A lot of gropers, barracuda and stingrays can be seen here. Both these places are situated at the bay of Moreton.

Then comes Lake Navarino and Blackwood River. These two water bodies are ideal for wakeboarding. 

Lake Navarino is located near the town of Perth. It is Australia’s best-kept secret. 

Blackwood River is the largest river in south-west Australia. This place is best if you are looking for an easygoing, calm wakeboarding experience.



Bali in Indonesia is the dream destination of every person in the world. Its long waterline and beautiful landscape promise you the best kind of water activities you can ever get. 

Bali has the most watersports available on the list. From calmly boating to exploring kayaking, you can have it all. The underwater of Bali is like an underground emporium.

For exploring underwater, scuba divers should visit Menjangan Islands, Tanjung Benoa and Sanur for most discoveries. There is an underground museum, full of exciting wonders waiting for you beneath those blue water lines. Sea walking is also available for you to have a deeper interaction with Bali’s amazing marine life.

You should also visit Gili Islands to witness the most unique and exciting underwater activity .i.e. Subwing.

Besides exploring the underwater life, Bali also offers a large variety of overwater activities including Kayaking, Windsurfing, Jet Skiing, Flying fishing, and the list doesn’t end. 

In short words, Bali is a watersports hub having all the extreme watersports in the world. Therefore, if you are a sucker for water activities, then you should definitely visit Bali.


The best watersports of this place undoubtedly lies in the coastline of the place, also known as The Golden Coast. California has various watersports activities as well as destinations. 

Power Boating at San Diego Bay attracts boaters from all over the world. It is situated in the downtown of San Diego. Yachts and cruises are also available here on a rental basis. This place is ideal for fishing, boating, or simply relaxing on your cruise.

Apart from this, there is Carlsbad Lagoon providing first-rate kayaking experience. Kayakers have described this place as a paradise. This place will send you to a different world through its breathtaking views. Carlsbad is said to have the largest and most frequent jumping fish views. 

Besides these two activities, wakeboarding and paddleboarding are worth trying in California.



The Canary Islands of Spain is definitely worth your visit. Each part of this group of islands has different exciting surprises waiting for you.

Besides Canary, there are two other gems of Spain to provide you with the best beach experience. They are Ibiza Beach Destination and Majorca Beach Destination.

Not to forget, Canary Island has the best Surfing destination in entire Europe. Playa de Famara in Famara is the part in Canary Island giving you the best surfing experience. Different surf schools are also situated here to train your surfing. Surf Camping can also be done to enhance your water sports experience.

Along with Surfing, Canary Island is also perfect for kayakers. Lanzarote is particularly famous for kayaking. This place is also perfect for your accommodation on the island. Having a scenic view of your stay would be amazing. Wouldn’t it be? Also, the cool breeze and the calm place is perfect for the nature lover kayaker in you.

Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca should not be missed if you are visiting this place for a fun-filled holiday. These two places have almost everything which the water sports sucker in you will desire. From parascending, jet skiing to banana boating, flyboarding and so much more.


 The other United States watersports gem is in Florida. Florida is the leading Jet skiing and Scuba diving destinations in the world. From warm water gulfs like the Gulf of Mexico, spring-fed rivers to ample freshwater lakes and many more.

The most popular and amazing water activity in Florida is Jet skiing in Miami. Apart from Jet skiing, you can also try tubing here, which is the most fun-filled as well as easy towed sport present here.

For Underwater discoveries, Crystal River has the greatest potential. With the height of 100ft, it is an internationally acclaimed scuba diving spot. The water here is very calm, fresh and clear.

You can also have the luxury of swimming with the friendly mammal, manatees in this river. Crystal River is the only place in Florida to make this possible. You can find this mammal in the warm regions of the river like that of Three Sisters spring and Homosassa spring.



When we talk about the best tourist destinations in the world, one place is always affixed by Greece. 

Undoubtedly it has very scenic landscapes and views attracting people from all over the world. But also, Greece is not behind when it comes to water sports. This place has a number of islands providing us with the advantage of adventurous water activities.

Greece has numerous places like Horizon watersports, where you can have the advantage of doing kayaking, parasailing and windsurfing at one go. If you are a sucker for jet skiing and boating, then Greece has something for you too. The waters of Falassarna are waiting for the amazing jet skier you are.

New Marki Beach is full of amazing discoveries. Thus providing you with the best Scuba diving experience ever.


Texas is a perfect water sports destination for every water activity out there. Whether you like jet skiing, diving, boating, swimming or snorkelling. You will always find a perfect lake waiting for your expedition.

Lake Amistad provides the perfect spot for fishing and boating whereas lakes like Lake Travis are ideal for kayaking and jet skiing. 

One of the largest lakes in North Texas, Lake Lewisville should be in your list as it is all in one water activity destination. You can jet ski, sail, sailboard, water ski, or simply swim.

There are around seven thousand lakes in Texas awaiting your exploration. From the number of lakes, imagine how much water activities you can get in this wonderland.


Portugal shares its boundaries with Spain. Hence just like its neighbouring country, Portugal is a true watersports destination in Europe. You can get all your extreme water activities to wish list completed here. 

Each place is almost perfect for every water activity. Lisbon and Algarve provide the best possible surfing, body and wakeboarding, jet skiing, sea kayaking, parasailing, kneeboarding and much more.

If you love watching Dolphins and want more than just a glimpse of them, then Madeira is your place. In Madeira, you can literally swim with these beautiful creatures. 

Well if you want to dive with sharks, that’s also possible in the Azores region of beautiful Portugal.

New sorts of water sports are always making around here in Portugal.



One of the top places is always booked by Japan when talking about beautiful places in the world. Its scenic views are spellbinding, aren’t they? Well, if you want to explore the adventurous side of the country, then make sure to hit the islands of Japan.

It’s on the island of Japan you can get one of the world’s best water activities spots.

In the Ogasawara ocean, you have the best snorkelling experience. For scuba diving, Japan has Izu Oceanic Park. You can get the first-rate diving spots here. Then comes the place, usually referred to as the ‘Mecca of Divers’, Osezaki.

For surfing, you can visit Tokushima, which is Japan’s surfing paradise. There are various surf schools set up here to guide and train you in surfing.


Singapore is all famous for being a business hub and a metropolis. But the real attraction remains to its coastal areas, the water sports activities provide the excitement in the humid and serious environment of this beautiful country.

For a thrilling experience, wakeboarding is a must-try in Singapore wake park. You can also try jet skiing in Singapore. Several schools have been set up to provide you training. Some of them also offer free meals. 

Singapore doesn’t witness huge monstrous waves, but the island of Sentosa is quite ideal for surfing. 

For team sport you, your family and friends can enjoy Dragon boating. 

If you want to simply relax in the cold breeze of Singapore, you need to try out sailing at Marina Bay.


These are the 10 best places providing you with the best water sports activities in the world.

Well, not to forget there is as many water sports present as there is water on this planet. The water sports mentioned here are the most famous and thrilling watersports present in the place.

12. Frequently Asked Questions

Que. 1) What things do we need to carry for water sports activities on our own?

Ans. 1) Tourists or locals do not necessarily need to carry any tools or things required for performing water activity on their own. There are various shops providing the vehicle, tools, suits etc. However, if you have tools, you can surely take them with you.

Que. 2) Is there any training/help provided for performing the activity?

Ans. 2) Yes, there are various schools and individual trainers provided in almost all the water sports destinations in the world.

Que. 3) Do I need to buy the tools/suits or things provided to me at the centre?

Ans. 3) No, you do not need to buy all the required materials. Almost every shop provides tools/suits or any other things on a rental basis.

Que. 4) Which place among these is the best for every water sport?

Ans. 4) One place cannot be ideal for every water sport because of the climatic differences. However, in Bali, you can enjoy most of the water sports.

Que. 5) What is the best time of the year for water sports?

Ans. 5)The dry seasons are the best to visit the above-mentioned places for watersports. The wind speed during this season is very favourable of different watersports.

Que. 6) What else can be done in these destinations besides watersports?

Ans. 6) Not only are these destinations ideal for adventurous water sports but also they have breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, sightseeing, resorts and much more.

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